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  1. J-Mac

    Trade Thread

    I DSJ for Bamba straight up a bad idea? I mean DSJ was also a top pick and Birch has been doing good at backup
  2. Damn that look good
  3. J-Mac

    Trade Thread

    I think it more has to do with the contract, the Mavs probably do like Evan but they don't want to give up nothing more than DSJ
  4. Shout out to briscoe guy is looking more comfortable out there and is helping the 2nd unit look some what decent. Just needs to control his fouling
  5. Hopefully this is a sign that we will be better at home in 2019
  6. So we went from blowing leads to making comebacks
  7. Wooooooow they really gave him that call!!!!
  8. Tonight was my first time ever going to an NBA game and I'm definitely glad we won so I was able to talk smack to those annoying Celtics fans. But my opinion maybe I'm wrong but if Bamba was playing instead of Birch we lose that game
  9. J-Mac

    2019 NBA Draft Thread

    Cam sounds like our type of guy
  10. J-Mac

    Magic @ Kings

    Issac is a streaky shooter, at a point in college he shot 21% from 3 in December and 17% in March. When he's on he's on but when he's off.....jeez
  11. J-Mac

    Magic @ Kings

    Honestly some of the players just lack trust in themselves and their teammates. I know when I play if I'm taking it in and anytime I kick out it results in a miss, I rather just go up myself. Which I think is the reason ball movement stops and shots are forced
  12. J-Mac

    Magic @ Kings

    We basically don't have a back up and I'm pretty he'll be better than Grant once he comes back