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  1. If we loss most would have blamed Vuch, but I would've blamed AG and partially Cliff. For a stretch it felt like Chris duhon was on the floor 4 on 5. AG has to be aggressive he was so quick to pass with Parsons guarding him, and when he was open.
  2. Evan cursed on live tv lmao
  3. Sooooooooooo stressful.......I'm going to bed
  4. Valencunes is make Vuch his son
  5. Screw Dorsey!!!!!! He was talking a lot of trash earlier now he missed like 5 of his last shots
  6. Why I feel like someone is going to fumble a pass please let me be wrong
  7. AG has to shoot that if not then put Issac in
  8. Mcw and Ross is the reason for this run, they are playing with effort...DJ too