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  1. J-Mac

    2019-2020 Official Regular Season Thread

    Saw Fultz post this, if his midrange goes to a elite level I wonder what kind of success he would have in todays game
  2. Don't foul we might miss ours
  3. T Ross is something else he can heat up so fast, but can also go 0-6 the next few minutes
  4. Ennis needs to work on his close outs, that's twice hes fouled on the three
  5. If we don't end the game with mcw I'll be highly upset
  6. T ross has cooled down
  7. We a whole different team when ag not in foul trouble
  8. Like I said foul trouble, I'm not putting that -21 just on him
  9. Ag being in foul trouble hurt us that half
  10. Starters aren't bringing it right now
  11. J-Mac

    2019-2020 Official Regular Season Thread

    We have put up good numbers without Fournier, the ball movement has been nice. And mcw and iwundu are better defenders, who knows how the game would've turned out if evan guarded harden yesterday
  12. It's a different feeling when you go back home, DJ hooping right now
  13. That was such a bad idea going small ball, Houston shouldn't have made that trade
  14. How magic are making every shot, and one mentioned that they are speechless the rockets have been struggling against mediocre teams lately. It confused me when they were upset when ross hit the three since ross is known to be a shooter. But when MCW hit his they lost it and said he couldn't make those when he played for them lmao. There's more but yeah these announcers are definitely throwing jabs
  15. Lol these Houston reporters are salty