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    ^ we need to draft the top 3 there LOL
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    I could see Brunson having a Meer like career. Maybe not an all-star but a solid player. I’ve read Carter could end up like Beverly. At this point, I’d be fine with a solid two way pg, which we haven’t had in years.
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    He's arguably the least knowledgeable commentator in NBA broadcasts.
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    Have to give credit when it's due this man LeBron put it all on the court and almost stole one in GS
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    He literally has a popped blood vessel in his eye... the haters are out of control
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    The blood pooling in his eye is clearly fake, too...
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    I'll do it tomorrow when I get back to the computer
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    Soul, look at it this way. . . I have been disparaged by too many detractors on this board for too long. One way of looking at this is . . . And just like LJ is pushing his brand. . .Well here is mine. . .
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    AG is one I would keep. His work in the off season shows how determined he is to be great. Idk if he’ll get there but he will improve. Now for vuc and Evan they have peaked and we need to move them at all costs. Even if we have to take back a bad contract as long as it only two years. Their mindsets have to be eliminated from this teams culture.
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    if Durant was a magic player we wouldn't be in the finals if LeBron was we'd be where he is right now
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