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  1. Justin Jaudon

    2020 Official Playoffs Thread

    Pretty much this. Every time I find myself respecting 'Bron's game and how dominant he can be, it doesn't take long to get turned off by his victim mentality on and off the court. He cries to the refs more than any player I've ever watched. He has complained pretty much his entire career since "The Decision" that some people dare to dislike some of the career choices he's made. He's made a career out of throwing his teammates under the bus. Now he's complaining about not getting MVP over a guy who put up (certainly arguably) better numbers on a team that won more games in the regular season, without anyone in Anthony Davis' league backing him up. This is a man who's been virtually worshiped since he was 14 years old, and he's now 35 complaining that people aren't worshiping him enough.
  2. Justin Jaudon

    2020 Official Off-Season Thread

    I've wanted Billy Donovan in Orlando for a while, have been vocal about it. I doubt they'll fire Clifford yet, though. Maybe after another year. Hopefully Billy D takes the season off. I doubt it, but...
  3. Justin Jaudon

    2020 Official Playoffs Thread

    I've been saying for years that Fournier is a prototype sixth man. He's decent enough on defense, and good enough to punish a second unit. And occasionally he'll just go off. But a top-three scoring option needs to be reliable. Fournier is not reliable. He's the kind of guy who can go crazy for a few weeks when he's feeling it, but then drop off a cliff whenever a team game-plan's for him. He just needed to be a decent second option in this last series. Vuc was sucking up a ton of attention, and Fournier had a great opportunity to show up. But he couldn't. He needs to be a sixth man on a good team. Crazy thing is I generally like the guy. He's a good basketball player, and he seems like a good teammate. He just isn't what we need him to be.
  4. Damn it, Soul. I know you gotta do what you gotta do, but I hate to see people who clearly are big fans booted because they can't be mature. Makes me sad. Oh well, I tried.
  5. People calling for you to be banned, you immediately start name-calling. Don't get me wrong, I understand the angry response; it's just... maybe take the fact that people want you banned as a call to review how you come off to the other posters on the board, not double down on the same kind of heated response that has people irritated in the first place.
  6. Justin Jaudon

    2020 Official Playoffs Thread

    The whole 'Luka should have been the #1 pick' thing is weird to me. A lot of guys on here didn't want Luka and were happy when the Mavericks blew that up. A couple people wanted Trey Young - and he is much better than most of us thought he could be. Deandre Ayton looks to be a very good player, probably a future All-Star. There was basically no chance he wouldn't be that guy. Without the benefit of hindsight, Ayton was a good pick, and he is working out so far. It's kinda like saying Denver and Toronto were stupid for drafting Carmello and Bosh over Wade, because Wade was an All-time great and those other two were just perennial All-Stars. It's very much like '84, as someone said; but nobody thinks Houston regrets drafting Hakeem. Houston made the right call, and they got an All-time great Center out of it. They just didn't get the GOAT. But nobody thought Michael would be the GOAT. The Blazers are the ones who screwed up. Bowie was a solid player before he got hurt, but Jordan clearly should have been the #2 pick. Jordan and Clyde could totally have been just as good as Jordan and Pippen, and probably faster. Phoenix won't be kicking themselves for not drafting Luka. At least, they shouldn't be. They picked a good player. The Kings, like the Blazers, should be kicking themselves forever, though. But no one was thinking Luka at #1 on draft night. People thought maybe Ayton wasn't the guy, I don't remember anyone suggesting Luka at #1.
  7. Justin Jaudon

    2020 Official Playoffs Thread

    You're probably right. Luka is a generational talent. I think he's going to be top-5 all-time player if he stays healthy and they can build a good team around him. I don't actually think any amount of bad culture could kill Luka, just like the Bulls horrible culture couldn't kill Jordan. I guess I over-spoke to make a point. Still, the point stands. He's battling a Clippers team that's a legit contender starting a second-round pick PG, a mid-round pick PF on his sixth team, a second-round pick Center, two sixth man of the year candidates - neither of whom they drafted, but both of whom were second-round picks - and two stars drafted... 10th and 15th in their drafts. Sure they built that team in part on years of bad culture getting them guys like Blake Griffin, and top picks like Eric Gordon turned into Chris Paul. But that didn't mean anything until Doc Rivers - and, probably, a little bit Chris Paul - changed the culture. And they still have had to turn over the entire team - including Griffin, who came up in that bad culture - to be real contenders. The reason that series is tied now isn't just because Luka is a generational talent. That is a big part, sure. But how huge is it that Dallas never really tanked. They tanked for half a season after they realized they weren't going to make the playoffs, and they lucked into the 5th, not 1st 2nd or 3rd, pick in the draft, where they traded down with another team who over-valued another really good guard in Trey Young. Dallas already had the culture, the coach, everything ready. They just didn't have the players yet. And even Luka didn't get them to the playoffs his rookie year. There's a reason LeBron didn't make the playoffs his first two years in the league, despite being a top-5 all-time player. There's a reason he had to go to Miami to get a championship. Culture. Give me three more years of riding Vuc to the 8th seed before one more year of trying desperately to suck bad enough to maybe pick a guy who can get us into the big picture in a few years. If Vuc keeps getting us to the 8th seed, maybe some playoff team will trade us young talent in a couple years to get themselves over the top, like with OKC/LACLIPS. Maybe Boston will see how he's playing well against Milwaukee and think they need him to top Giannis and crew; maybe that Memphis pick comes in a deal for him, and it turns into the next Donovan Mitchell; maybe Langford comes in a package and makes a huge impact. Maybe we draft a star this draft with our own mid-round pick. Maybe Chuma is a monster. But give me those maybe's over, "maybe, if we suck bad enough, the guy we pick will be a generational talent."
  8. Justin Jaudon

    2020 Official Playoffs Thread

    Oh the stress of the ping pong ball game. This is why I absolutely hate 'tanking'. We tried to lose games, as an organization. But we didn't lose enough - by one game the year Luka came up - and we didn't move up in the draft during the entire process. Despite that, we drafted a star in Oladipo, and we traded him before he blossomed. We traded for a future All-Star in Tobias, and we gave him up for nothing. And neither of those things seemed completely crazy at the time, because those guys weren't supposed to be stars. You can have all the lottery luck, get the star player, but if you don't have a good culture, it doesn't matter. I question just how good Luka would be in Orlando. Surely he'd be good, but I doubt he'd be this good. The problem in Orlando has not been the players, it has been the culture of the team, created by coveting the likes of Luka in the draft, rather than trying to find Giannis or Mitchell while competing the best we can. The culture of this team IS changing, though, that's clear. I think we need a better coach, honestly, for the final change. Cliff has done a good job, but he's been basically what we expected Skiles to be years ago - the transition coach who shook off the expectation of losing. Maybe he can do better than I expect, but we'll see. I still keep hoping OKC will get stupid and fire Billy Donovan. My point is that I get the idea of this team being stagnant, going nowhere. But I don't think that means we should return to the 'tanking' process. The Heat were stagnant, going nowhere. Now I think Milwaukee better win a championship or Miami's going to steal Giannis. OKC was supposed to rebuild after they realized they couldn't compete in the West with Russ and Paul George. Indiana is competitive with a hurt star and a bunch of guys no one wanted - a second-round pick, a guy Phoenix gave them for cash, a guy who was traded twice in his first two years as a throw-in, and a guy who couldn't run right. Minnesota had two first picks in the draft - technically three if you count Bennett. Now they have a dominant first pick Center and an All-Star Guard. And they haven't made the playoffs yet. Phoenix might finally have something, but we'll see; they still ain't made the playoffs yet, and Golden State is coming back into the picture out West, as is Memphis. And the poster-boys for the "Process" going right, the 76ers... we lasted longer in the playoffs than they did. See, I don't want to imagine having Luka. I'd rather imagine having the organizational mentality of the Nuggets or the Bucks or the Rockets or the Pacers or the Heat. Or, hell, the Raptors. And I actually think we're getting back there. This is already a rebuild, guys. Except we aren't rebuilding the team, we're rebuilding the culture. And if you ask me, we're doing it right. Finally. Go Magic! And yeah, Luka's a beast...
  9. Justin Jaudon

    2019-2020 Official Regular Season Thread

    Ross has a higher eFG% this year than any year of Louis Williams, and all but 2 years of Jamal Crawford. He's basically just our version of those guys, but without quite as ridiculous a green light.
  10. Justin Jaudon

    2019-2020 Official Regular Season Thread

    So ownership isn't involved enough? Obviously something was going on between Martins/Skiles/Hennigan. That's kind of documented information. But what you seem to be saying is that the non-basketball guys (Martins and ownership) should have stepped in and overrode Hennigan on those trades? Or they shouldn't have hired Skiles? I'm of the opinion that it wasn't the Skiles/Hennigan season that was the real death knell, but the Vogel/Hennigan off-season. Skiles, from what I could see, just understood that Hennigan was garbage and wanted nothing to do with it.
  11. Justin Jaudon

    2019-2020 Official Regular Season Thread

    Vander Weide was incredibly successful until he cracked during a messy divorce from the owner's daughter (talk about stressful situations). Martins is - by all reports - excellent at his actual job, and he isn't doing any more than that anymore. Weisbrod, yes, was a joke, and a terrible mistake by the ownership. They also didn't let that mistake linger, making him step down after one year.
  12. Justin Jaudon

    2019-2020 Official Regular Season Thread

    There's no indication Martins has anything to do with basketball decisions anymore. I can agree that they let Martins get too involved for a few years. He's a good businessman, clearly. But they seemed to learn that it wasn't working out, thus moving to a Pres. of Basketball Ops and GM structure. We can argue that the current PBO and GM are not great, but those hires were in no way nepotism. And speaking of hiring using nepotism, this is an unreasonable assessment of our team ownership long-term, as it's hard to find any organization that doesn't have some level of Nepotism, especially outside of the major cities. Let's look at the coaching hires. Nepotism can be seen in at most 4 Coaching Hires: Brian Hill's return, Vaughn's hiring (dubious, but sure), Skiles, and Clifford (dubious). Vaughn and Clifford don't really smell like nepotism to me, all things considered. Vaughn was clearly a Hennigan hire, especially considering how they handled Skiles' hiring. Clifford as an idea fit what Orlando clearly wanted to do. Defensive coach, built good defenses around not great defensive centers in the past, etc. Call it nepotism if you like, but it looks more like fit to me. So 4 out of 13 coaches had previous ties to the team/ownership. Let's compare that to the Lakers' last 13 hires. Pat Riley, Magic Johnson, Kurt Rambis, Byron Scott, and Luke Walton all former players. huh. How 'bout the Celtics, maybe: Bill Russell and Dave Cowens were player-coaches, nepotism at its apex; Tom Heinsohn, Tom Sanders, K.C. Jones, Chris Ford, M.L. Carr were all former players; Rodgers was a former assistant. huh... holy ****, the Spurs are not exactly rampant with nepotism (aside from John Lucas), except that they had their GM fire a really successful coach to insert himself as the HC. Looks like nepotism is just a thing even really successful organizations do from time to time. Sometimes it works out great. Popovic took nepotism to its final form, but he's the GOAT coach or close to it. Riley, damn near all the Celtics coaches. hmm... maybe nepotism isn't necessarily a problem.
  13. Justin Jaudon

    2019-2020 Official Regular Season Thread

    This is absurd. The Devos family's only function within the team really is to sign checks. They do that quite well, considering we have the fifth highest payroll in the league.
  14. Justin Jaudon

    2019-2020 Official Regular Season Thread

    I've said it before, I'll say it again. We need to hand the team over to Gordon and Fultz. What this team has done with Gordon this year really reminds me of what they did with Oladipo. Dipo looked inefficient in Orlando for two reasons: 1) he wasn't quite ready, 2) the offense was never really designed to his strengths. The second thing there is the problem. Dipo had the makings of a really good mid-range player who could turn that into offense in other areas, but we rarely let him operate from mid-range, because analytics said it's bad offense. Our offense back then was designed for drive-and-kicks, Vuc & THarris down low, and open 3's. Only Vuc had a green light from mid-range most of the time. That's not a bad offensive focus, except that we ignored our 2nd pick in the draft's strengths to fit a system. Gordon has shown he can take advantage of mismatches, he's great on cuts to the rim, and he's a solid passer. Yet how often do we see the design to get him mismatches. We should be letting him run pick and rolls up top to get him on a smaller guy way more often. Fultz and Gordon 2-man-game should be way more of a focus, as Fultz is good at creating chaos off of a pick which would create roll lanes for Gordon. Instead, we have Gordon coming off of screens for 3's like he's TRoss or just being the bailout guy when the offense can't get anything else. The things Gordon does well are highly efficient basketball, even if that's not often enough what he's asked to do. The things Vuc and Fournier and TRoss do well are not efficient basketball. Gordon is the only guy on the team who plays with intensity every night (and MCW, but that's another story). Gordon is the only real 2-way player on the team right now. Yet our offense is still designed around guard/center ball screens to get open 3's and hoping Vuc can abuse his man one-on-one. So Gordon is the third or fourth option at any given time. He's going to leave, and someone (probably Golden State) is going to love him like we wouldn't.
  15. Justin Jaudon

    2019-2020 Official Regular Season Thread

    Also Aaron is clearly the only one not terrified of Toronto.