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  1. 2018 Watch the Playoffs thread

    Yeah, he's got to learn to handle the double-teams and defensive schemes designed specifically to stop him. He's a great regular season player, but he needs a couple more years of this before he's ready to dominate playoff time. I still believe he'll get there. And that last layup blocked did look like a goaltend to me.
  2. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    I'm with Trae where I was with Mario. I'd be happy if we drafted him, but he's not the guy I'm excited about. He is, like Mario was, a high risk/high reward pick at 5 or 6 (for different reasons, though; with Mario, there wasn't enough tape on him to be sure of who he really was, while, with Trae, there isn't enough surety that what he did well in college will work as well in the pros). If everyone else was excited about him like they were with Mario, I could talk myself into excitement. I understand the pros, if all goes well. Every indication is that he's an elite-level passer, he moves well with the ball, can drive despite his size, and he's an impressive high-volume shooter from outside (though too streaky to be considered elite). But he's also a terrible defender, and small. Offensively, there's no reason not to love his game, though he's probably overrated as a pure shooter. Defensively, he's Isaiah Thomas bad, which is a problem. The hope if we draft him is that he doesn't have to be that bad on D. He could be just bad, with a bit of effort and some coaching (or maybe not, who knows). If he doesn't get better on defense, he will have to be last year's Isaiah Thomas good on offense to be effective (and that overall effectiveness is still limited by the terrible D). It's also a problem that his best case scenario doesn't really have an analog in the modern NBA. Who out there is an elite passer and high volume shooter at PG? Chris Paul. That's it. And Paul is not really very high volume as a shooter. In order to be Chris Paul on offense, Trae would have to cut down considerably on the bad decisions, too. And Chris Paul is considerably stronger. Defensively, Trae is just never going to be Chris Paul. But Trae may benefit greatly from not dominating the ball so much. Maybe his shooting %s go back up into the 40's from deep when he's able to play off-ball more, get more set-up 3's. Maybe not. He's an enigma, and one who seems much more likely to be a better passing Trey Burke than Steph Curry.
  3. Vogel is gone - Who should be our next coach?

    Richmond, Virginia has terrific BBQ. Eaten BBQ from a lot of places, and Richmond is one of the most consistently good BBQ towns. I'd put RVA up against almost anywhere. Oddly, though, the best I've ever had was in this hole-in-the-wall joint in Jacksonville called Gator BBQ.
  4. Hornets @ Magic Friday, April 6 @ 7 P.M.

    Meh. As long as we keep losing, I don't mind Memphis winning. Maybe they'll win their way into a tie with us. (I know, I know, not likely).
  5. Hornets @ Magic Friday, April 6 @ 7 P.M.

    Knicks winning. Grizzlies winning. Hawks winning. Mavericks in OT. Us losing. Nice night so far...
  6. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    You talk about Philly and L.A., while completely missing why they're doing better than us. It isn't that they out-tanked us. It's just not that simple. L.A. got very lucky with the lottery. They've had three no.2 picks in a row, and moved UP in the draft for two of those. But if you look deeper into comparing our rebuilds, we've had the same number of top-5 picks, the same number of top-7 picks, and more top-10 picks. They're better (though I think not as much as some would like to think) for two reasons. 1) The draft lottery is designed to be risky and unpredictable, which means it's often unfair. L.A. moved UP in the draft twice. We didn't even once, throughout our longer rebuild. We moved DOWN three times. That's why I hate tanking. It guarantees you nothing but a top 4th or 5th pick (or even 6th), even if you're in the bottom 3 teams in the league. 2) L.A. hasn't mismanaged their team nearly as bad as Orlando has. L.A. made some bad choices, sure. They took on some bad contracts. But those haven't really hurt them. And they didn't trade away their best prospect, plus another lottery pick, for nothing. When they did trade a prospect, it was the right one, like if we'd sent Hezonja to OKC rather than Dipo. They didn't trade away picks because they thought "the draft flattened out" either. They drafted well, with no real busts and two good post-lottery picks in Clarkson and Kuzma. They traded well in shedding bad contracts and opening up Cap space for potential FA or just re-signing the guys they have. They've managed their team fairly well, though not perfectly. Philly is riding the most horrendous tanking ever (so bad it prompted rule changes). But mostly, they got lucky (if you can call it that) by drafting two guys with top-3 picks who were actually injured (not fake injured, like you seem to want us to do now) for half their rebuild. Also they drafted a legitimate bust in the first 3 picks, in Okafor, and other busts. That allowed them to continue to be really, really bad until those two actual good players came back. On top of that, those players seem to be way above average for their already high draft positions. Embiid (who we could have drafted if we hadn't, again, been moved down a spot in the lottery) seems very much to be a generational talent. Simmons is at least a future All-Star, and probably a future superstar. Every other high pick they've made has been a total bust, with the exception of Dario Saric, who's just pretty good (and also, they got by robbing us in the Elf trade). Carter-Williams? Bust. Nerlens? Bust. Stauskas? Bust (though they somehow turned that bust into something via trade). Fultz, the freeking no. 1 pick in the draft? So far, bust. And they basically got rid of any player who wasn't going to be either a bum or a star. When it looked like Nerlens might be a solid pro, they jettisoned him. Above all, they were patient, and they didn't make any huge mistakes. We didn't fail at tanking. We're not failing at tanking now. We just aren't that bad a team; we're winning games behind great performances from G-Leaguers. If it weren't for injuries, we'd probably be looking at as many as ten more wins, tying us with the Lakers' record. The new management group came into the season evaluating, and they've continued to do that. They've already made some huge mistakes, sure; but those mistakes weren't 'not tanking hard enough.' You tell me to choose which one I want. But that's a false dilemma. We don't have to be Philly or the Lakers, and we didn't have to be this. We could be Indiana, who's right there with Philly in the standings. Their best player is a guy we drafted at the beginning of this rebuild. We could be Utah. They're on the verge of getting home court advantage in the West with a group of guys almost anyone could have had. Please. Stop pretending that we aren't tanking. We are.
  7. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Again, short of murdering the players, I'm not sure what more the team could do to tank. I suppose they could find the alien basketball thing from Space Jam...
  8. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    To the Allen Iverson point: He was lucky to make it to the finals when he did. Terrible Eastern Conference that also let in the Knicks without Ewing and the Nets twice in that era. Seriously, regardless of era, he was overrated. His efficiency didn't measure up to other guys of his time. He defended absurdly well for a guy his size, though. Basically, Iverson was just Kyrie's handles with the rest of Monte Ellis' offense, and Avery Bradley's defense, and smaller than all those guys.
  9. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Yep. We should do everything possible to make sure we lose. We should hold out all players who are even a little hurt. We should give starter minutes to G-League guys. We should have a strategy of hack-a-McDermott, and pay the referees to call lots of fouls on us, even when we don't. The coaches should implement the 3 seconds or less offensive strategy, chucking shots from anywhere up to 60 ft. We should have the players' hands chopped off if they score more than one basket. We have to lose, even if we have to commit mass murder of our own players.That's just clearly good sound franchise strategy at this point.
  10. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    I am not sure what you want the team to do. We're holding out players with even minimal injuries. We're 'evaluating some of our G-League talent', giving them a lot of minutes. Do you want the players to intentionally lose games? If so, I hope you also want to trade away or release every single one of them; because any player who would throw a game for any reason is not someone we should want in a Magic uniform. Do you think the coach should actively try to lose? If so, I hope you're thinking we'll fire him immediately after. Of course, that would be awkward, if he then told the league that management told him to lose games. Might cost us more than we want to lose. Real players don't tank. Real coaches don't tank. GM's tank. They put together bad teams, they dictate extreme caution with any injury, they dictate 'evaluation of young talent'. We're fans, so it's okay to have the mindset that we should have scored 72. But they are players and coaches, and if they had that mindset they would be fans like us soon enough.
  11. Who’s our point guard of the future?

    I wonder if Trey Burke should be a possibility. I know, I know. He's not a good defender, his play hasn't really translated to winning in NY, and he's producing in very limited minutes. But pickings are thin in the youngish PG market. He's still just 25, and he seems to have at least the offensive side of the ball figured out. To the point if he could sustain what he's done this season over starter minutes he'd be considered an All-Star calliber offensive player. I suppose my thinking is that if we get a good defender at SG (like, say, Mikal Bridges) and at C, his defense would be less of a problem. At that point, is he at least worth taking a chance on?
  12. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    I think the notion of tanking has been affected by the Sixers' "Process". Tanking to start a rebuild is not a bad idea. Tanking as a franchise strategy is foolishness most of the time. I think we probably did the right thing in tanking for two years after the Dwightmare. We got 2 top-4 picks and another top-10. Only one of those turned out to be a bust (Elf). Year 3 I think we still did the right thing. We basically said, "Okay, we're still going to be bad, probably top-ten bad. But let's see what we have and try to start developing a culture with the young, top-10 talent we have." We were a bit worse than expected, so we fired the coach (still probably the right move). I think even year 4 we started off right. Sort of. We hired a tough, hard-nosed coach, to build a culture of accountability and hard work. But the GM trusted his own ego too much (refusing to replace Elf), the coach flaked out, and things went off the rails. The GM panicked, the culture turned toxic, and the new coach probably never had a chance of salvaging what was there. So now we're back to tanking again. But tanking in this situation is different. We already have a couple good young players. We may only need to truly tank this season's end to get things back on track, depending on the pick we get. If we get Doncic or Ayton, I could see that being enough, if that player is clearly a future All-Star. We'd still have holes to fill, but the building blocks would possibly be there (if Gordon also takes another step forward and Isaac can get healthy). At that point, we're back to year 3 of the last rebuild, with 3 top-10 picks. We can turn it loose and see what we have. But we have to be rid of Vuc and probably Fournier for that to make sense. We need to have youth and flexibility, together. Year 3 this past rebuild we made one major mistake. We started relying too much on Vuc for offense. He was somewhat efficient and capable of a fairly high volume, so it made a little sense. But it clearly killed what little defense he had. We should have continued to focus on Oladipo (we basically abandoned him as a franchise after his second year, which is just absurd). We can't go into next season with Vuc still in place as a starter, taking a lot of the offensive load. We probably can't go into next season with Fournier in place as a starter, either. Those guys have plateaued, showing that they are probably best used as 6th men on a good team. So we need to trade them as such. Vuc should be easy, if we don't ask much in return. Fournier will be harder. He's paid like a starter. We might need to find a team that needs a good scoring SG/SF to take the next step. Not sure who that would be. But that's how I think we should view this rebuild. Not as a franchise strategy, but as a hard reset. If we don't get a top 4 pick, maybe we tank another year. But that should be it. This should not be a protracted rebuild this time.
  13. Brooklyn Nets @ Magic Wednesday, 3/28 @ 7:00 p.m.

    That's encouraging. I've said for a while I thought Payton was a bigger problem for our defense than Vuc. That said, I'm still with everyone else that Vuc needs to either recognize that his skill-set is one made for the modern-day NBA bench, or he needs to go. I think if we could have found a center that was a defensive beast and made them split time 24 min and 24 min, Vuc in Orlando could have worked out. But when we tried that, Vuc whined about the prospect of a benching and Biyombo turned out to be not good enough to make a difference. We need to move on from a lot more than Vuc. I like Fournier, but I'm not sure he'll ever agree to being the sixth man he should be, either. And as long as both are here, they have too much of a voice in the locker room, too much power over the team's culture.
  14. Brooklyn Nets @ Magic Wednesday, 3/28 @ 7:00 p.m.

    I'm not trying to say that Vuc is a good defender, or even an an average one. I'm suggesting that others have managed to muster decent defense with Vuc as a starter. Vuc clearly is a problem, and he was a problem for Skiles, as you say. I'm just saying that we should recognize that there have been probably a lot more problems with our defense than just him. Maybe getting rid of Payton and Vuc together will be enough. I hope so. But I'm not convinced this will do it. Frank Vogel may be almost as much of a problem.
  15. Brooklyn Nets @ Magic Wednesday, 3/28 @ 7:00 p.m.

    Interesting tidbit for everyone who thinks Vuc is our only problem on D. In the Skiles year, we were a decent defensive team with Vuc starting 60 games, playing 31 min a game (and Fournier starting over 70, for that matter). In Vaughn's second year, we were a decent defensive team with Vuc starting 57 games and playing 31 min a game. Perhaps there's more to it than Vuc.