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  1. Draft day thread

    ? Are you 10 years old?
  2. Draft day thread

    Riverview FLA, in the theater, the previes starting in 15 minutes
  3. Draft day thread

    I wouldn't either. I just know that a lot of people aren't as high on him as I am (or, well, they're a lot higher on JJJ and Bamba than I am).
  4. Draft day thread

    That makes sense. 4 is a reach for Carter, maybe, to some people; but he works for Memphis.
  5. Draft day thread

    Real thought: Who the hell is Memphis getting if Doncic goes 3 (which is probably going to happen, one way or another)? Bamba and JJJ have basically already said they don't want to play there. Could they go Trae and ***** this whole Doncic trade up?
  6. Draft day thread

    Vuc/Bazemore money works. Is Vuc more valuable to Atlanta than Matthews? They would pay less money than they would for Matthews. Interesting...
  7. Draft day thread

    Trading Dipo is not going to be easy to get over (as far as sports bungles go, anyway). I know it isn't for me, anyway. We had him. We had our All-Star. Damnit, man! Stop bringing down the board!
  8. Draft day thread

    We can beat that, right? Damnit, Matthews is expiring! #6, Evan, and OKC pick? I don't think that's too much. Can Vuc/Bazemore work?
  9. Draft day thread

    Yeah, I think this is a playoff team with Dipo last year (at least, if he made the same strides). Think of this, also: If we had Dipo the year before, would we have been drafting in the Donovan Mitchell range? Imagine Dipo/Mitchell/Gordan as our core. Okay, that's enough what if. It hurts my soul. Hurah for Luka, all in guys!!!!
  10. Draft day thread

    Bite your tongue, heathen!!!! You'll bring the basketball gods down on us!
  11. Draft day thread

    What the actual Hell is happening. You're the one who told me those colors weren't right in the first place. This board has gone completely out of control!! Dogs and cats living together! Mass hysteria!!!
  12. Draft day thread

    then come on, boys and girls! There isn't much time! Down-vote away!!!
  13. Draft day thread

    smh... you, sir, are no fun at all.
  14. Draft day thread

  15. Draft day thread

    I'm uncomfortable with that tie! It's too close to Sacramento's blue! Damn you colors!!!