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  1. Justin Jaudon

    2019-2020 Official Trade Ideas Thread

    No. I do not think Elton Brand is Vlade Divac.
  2. Justin Jaudon

    Magic Vs Thunder - Wednesday, January 22nd @ 7:00 PM

    I would love this trade, but I am not convinced management is willing to move on from Fournier for what amounts to depth. It would be the right move, in my opinion. But I'll believe Fournier is traded for depth when I see it.
  3. Justin Jaudon

    Magic Vs Thunder - Wednesday, January 22nd @ 7:00 PM

    Here's the thing with trading Vucevic. I don't know what his value is. Neither does anyone else who isn't an NBA GM. Some of them probably don't. But here's the thing: We've proven at this point that he can play good enough defense that you can build a good defense with him in the lineup. We weren't sure of that before Clifford. That doesn't mean he's a positive defensive player. But he was on a team last year that had only two good defenders in the lineup and still was a good defensive team. That means you don't have to surround him with all-world defenders like the Celtics did with Isaiah Thomas, just to have a decent defense. You just need the right system when he's on the floor. So it's reasonable there's more interest in Vuc than there once was. Before last year, and really before this year, Vuc was not a reliable 3-point threat. Last year he was solid, but not at enough volume to be sure. Now he's shooting nearly five 3's a game, and hitting at a solid percentage. More value, even though his overall shooting #s are down, because he opens up what you can do with him on offense. How many C's in the league can operate at range, at mid-range, and down low, all with solid efficiency? Again, more value than before. Vuc's rebounding is very good. You can rely on him to be your only major defensive rebounder and it'll be fine. Surprisingly, this wasn't a sure thing even two years ago. The reason is that he was coming off a very mediocre rebounding year, only a year removed from an abysmal rebounding year during the Skiles season. Now, those years look more like anomalies, with two more solid rebounding seasons. He's not Drummond, but no one is Drummond. More value than any other time we were shopping him (I don't believe we were really shopping him at the deadline last year). On the other hand, his contract is pretty big. It goes down year-to-year, which is a major plus. I love that the current management group seems to love to do that, because it makes players' contracts look more tradeable. But $28 million for a C is a bunch of money. That contract will look solid if he's still playing this well in a year and a half. But I think it will be hard to sell a team on a questionable defensive C even at $26 million unless he's playing at last year's insane offensive efficiency. He's soft. Everyone in the league knows he's soft. Marc Gasol exposed that for everyone to see last year in the playoffs. If someone didn't know before that, they know now. So until he can prove that he can score on Gasol, he's going to be labeled soft. On the plus side, all he has to do is go off in one of our remaining Toronto games. The only one left this year (hopefully) is the final game of the season. Put up big numbers against Toronto, that will go a long way for his reputation. Any speculation on what his value is by us fans is just that: speculation. And that's fine. The Celtics have been rumored for years to like him. There's plenty of reasons he would fit well with their situation. I think he would be more valuable to them than Gordon Hayward, all things considered. The Kings make all kinds of crazy moves, and they've been rumored before to like him. There is an argument that if he had value, he would have been traded when he was making much less. There is an argument that he had less value back then. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Lastly, I don't think Vuc is a guy we HAVE to trade. Even if he plays out his contract, that basically just means Bamba didn't work out. Sucks, but Vuc is not a bad C. He's not holding us back. Him and Fournier together, though. We all know that duo needs to be broken up for the young guys to thrive. I still don't like the Idea of trading Gordon before we see what he is without Euroball.
  4. Justin Jaudon

    2019-2020 Official Trade Ideas Thread

    I'll elaborate. Offensively, I've seen enough that I love Malik Beasley. He's a good shooter who can run. Doesn't give us the ball-handling and passing that Fournier does, but his spot up shooting is good, and he can get up and down the floor. I think that's exactly what we should be looking for long-term in a SG. As long as he is solid defensively, and cheap long-term, I'd love to get Beasley. I've seen enough to know he's not a terrible defender, but I wasn't really watching closely enough to adequately judge him there. I think Beasley and Hernangomez for DJ and our 2020 1st would work, but I'm not sure they'd do it.
  5. Justin Jaudon

    2019-2020 Official Trade Ideas Thread

    Haven't seen enough of Beasley. How is his defense, especially team defense (We already have a perimeter lockdown guy with Gordon)?
  6. Justin Jaudon

    2019-2020 Official Trade Ideas Thread

    This is why I was asking people's opinion on 3&D guys at SG we could acquire reasonably. The problem I have with a Hield trade, as much as I like the guy, is that he hurts our defense, while not giving us a huge bump on the offensive end. Fournier is not a terrific defender. But he is a solid TEAM defender, which I haven't seen any evidence that Hield is. It seems like the 3&D Shooting Guard is going away, to some degree. I don't see a lot of young ones out there. I think Mikal Bridges can play SG, but 1) he hasn't proven the 3 part of 3&D, and 2) he hasn't played a lot of SG in the NBA; mostly SF. Josh Richardson is good, but is he really good enough at the 3, and how would we get him? Where's a young Wes Matthews when we need him?
  7. Justin Jaudon

    2019-2020 Official Trade Ideas Thread

    I am starting to think we trade Fournier, if anyone, so: My opinion, as Fultz improves offensively, as well as Isaac eventually, we ideally need a 3&D SG. At least, that's the direction I want to go in. So who are reasonable targets as starting 3&D SGs?
  8. Justin Jaudon

    Magic at Warriors - Saturday, January 18th @ 8:30 PM

    I have never understood the whole, "Fournier is selfish" thing. I don't get that from him at all. He's aggressive, sure. But a lot of guys are aggressive. He's never really played with a guy who's demonstratively better than him on offense, so why wouldn't he be aggressive as a scorer. Especially at the end of games. Dude seems very much like a guy who wants to win. He's going to be very valuable to some team with a top-tear scorer as a second or third option. Imagine this dude in Dallas, just occasionally taking pressure off of Luka and staggering his minutes so he can run the bench unit the way Gordon did for us last year. As many of us have been saying for years, the problem isn't Fournier, it's that Fournier is being asked to do more than he should be.
  9. Justin Jaudon

    2019-2020 Official Regular Season Thread

    Yep. All the signs are positive in that direction. But that's all we have so far. Signs. He can shoot well from 15 feet. His FT shooting is solid. He shot well from three before the injuries. But his shot from deep still looks like garbage right now. So yeah, signs are good. But if signs were everything, Joe Alexander... well, people would actually remember who Joe Alexander is.
  10. Justin Jaudon

    Magic at Clippers - Thursday, January 16th @ 1:30 PM

    I hate our defensive scheme against Kawhi. The plan seems to be to let him take as many mid-range jumpers as he wants. Normally that's fine, but he is so good from that spot.
  11. Justin Jaudon

    2019-2020 Official Regular Season Thread

    I actually don't mind criticism of AG. No reason for it tonight, but he is inconsistent. Problem is that Murphy seems to legitimately believe that Aaron Gordon is not a starter level player. So I don't take his criticism of AG seriously, because it goes way too far.
  12. Justin Jaudon

    Magic at Lakers - Wednesday, January 15th @ 10:30 PM

    From what I remember, he started the game well, then sucked for a while, then ended with a huge play. He was inconsistent, but his good start helped get that big lead and put the Lakers on their heels. Not a great game from Vuc, by any stretch. But no reason to **** on him. He took good shots and played hard. He missed a lot of shots in the middle of the game.
  13. Justin Jaudon

    2019-2020 Official Regular Season Thread

    To be clear, 'hater' in this context isn't about emotion. My point is that Murphy has never liked Gordon, has always looked at him negatively, and seems to refuse to see any positive in him. Don't need emotion for 'hate' in this context, so maybe contempt is a better word.
  14. Justin Jaudon

    2019-2020 Official Regular Season Thread

    Murphy has talked garbage about Gordon for a long time. Nothing new. No reason to really respond beyond "hey, don't take this too seriously, anybody; this dude's a hater" The rest of his opinions I'll give respect to, but dude legitimately is a Gordon hater.