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  1. Magic vs Utah

    just to be clear, though, those two Centers who couldn't hit FTs led us to our only two finals appearances.
  2. Magic vs Utah

    so agree with you on Dipo. I remember when they traded him being really pissed, and people tried to tell me how it was the right decision, and Oladipo wasn't right for the system we were creating. But imagine now having a core of Dipo and Gordon instead of what we have. Dipo is incredibly unselfish, would have grown the gym rat culture with Gordon, and is a plus defender. It's frustrating to think what could have been if Henny hadn't over thought things.
  3. Magic vs Utah

    I just don't know what to do with this. Do we blow it up? Is that pretty much guaranteeing Gordon leaves as soon as he's able? He's already suffered through 3 & a half years of terrible. Starting to really wish we'd blown it up this past off season again, drafted DSJ, and traded Vuc and maybe Fournier for whatever prospects we could get. Let Gordon and DSJ take the wheel for a season and get one of the top guys this draft. Or am I overreacting? Do we figure it out soon, go on another tear? I see the issue with Fournier and Gordon, but could it be they just both really want to win and need to get on the same page as to how? Is it the spacing problem on top of that, and Elf moving to the bench might help? Is it all about Vuc being a distraction on offense and a liability on defense? I am just at a loss right now...
  4. Magic vs Utah

    And for the first time this season, I throw my hands up and quit. Good night, guys.
  5. Magic vs Utah

    Seriously, how do we reconcile what we saw early this season with this? This is more than shots not falling. This is just garbage.
  6. Magic vs Utah

    AG just saved Vuc
  7. Magic vs Utah

    This. He's so terrible right now, and it's like he doesn't even know what is happening. I am so done with him right now. I've been frustrated with all the Fournier hate recently, but Vuc is just terrrible on D, and too often he can't get it going on offense either.
  8. 2017-2018 Official Season Discussion Thread

    Welcome, good sir!
  9. Magic @ Warriors

    This team still just has no idea what to do when the shots from outside aren't falling from outside and they aren't getting consistent stops. Good passing team on the perimeter and on the break, but Aaron is one of the few guys who seems to understand how to cut.
  10. Official Game Thread: Knicks at Magic

    So excited to see we look good with EP in there. I was hoping we could space the floor out enough for him to be effective, and it worked well tonight. We may not be able to maintain consistency, because our entire style of play depends on us hitting shots; but when we are hitting shots this is going to be a dangerous team. And if Gordon continues to progress, he really could be a monster in this league. A lot of different ways he can score - from taking guys into the paint, to cuts, to fast breaks, to apparently being one of the league's better 3-point shooters; dude is getting really good.
  11. 2017-2018 Official Season Discussion Thread

    the guy has a TO% at or above 20. That qualifies him for a TO machine label.
  12. 2017-2018 Official Season Discussion Thread

    This is one of the worst ideas I've ever heard. Dude is borderline as an NBA player at his natural position, but you think he should play point, where the fact that he can't dribble or make good decisions would be that much more of a problem?
  13. 2017-2018 Official Season Discussion Thread

    We need to do something about the PG situation. I understand it's early, but if Payton AND DJ can't go we're not likely to win a game without both of them. We lost by 20 to Chicago. Our offense is in ruins. It's possible with work the guys we have figure some things out and we don't lose every game; but we are squandering our good start because we don't want to sign or trade for a stop-gap PG. What kind of veteran PG could we get for Mario, I wonder?
  14. 2017-2018 Official Season Discussion Thread

    I tend to see things differently. Guys like Porz and Embiid don't bother me, because we couldn't have drafted them. It's the Pacers I can't watch. Dipo is looking like an All-Star, and Sabonis looks like a really solid player. And I was one of the few people who really wanted Myles Turner in the 2015 draft. I look at that team and think: "Imagine if we had Dipo, Sabonis, and Turner, instead of Ross and Mario."
  15. Magic vs Celtics

    Was at the game tonight. It could be confirmation bias, but it seemed clear to me the major issue, just like against Chicago, was not having a PG who understood how to run the team the way it had been successful the previous games. I don't think it's a coincidence that we lost DJ, who had been starting, and who has been with the team since last off-season and despite his limitations at least seemed successful so far this year in setting up an offense that focused on using ball-movement to get good shots; and after losing him we suddenly became a team the last two games of "pass, pound the ball, hand it to someone else, pound the ball, pass it to someone else, pound the ball, take a bad shot". That's not to say that I really dislike Mack. He played alright, and he is an asset as a backup PG. I obviously like Simmons, too. But our bench unit has not been successful in the same way that our starting unit had been. The bench unit, when we were playing great ball, was based on solid D, scrappy play, and Simmons being able to punish teams going at the bucket. Put Simmons into the starting lineup and he messes up the entire dynamic of ball-movement and finding good shots quickly that made the previous SL so good. The bench unit, without Simmons, has no one to go get buckets, so Mack has to pick up that role, which he's somewhat capable of, but not enough to sustain it the way Simmons has (he just can't attack the basket as efficiently, and he's not good enough at finding shooters, even if our second unit had really good ones. Because we couldn't rely on a PG to set up the offense, in the last two game we've had two guys who seemed to be trying to force bad offense through pounding hero ball. Against Chicago, Aaron looked frustrated and yet determined to make that bad offense work (and no one else was moving the ball, so he just kept doing it, though he at least didn't take a ton of shots). Tonight, Fournier took 9 threes, most of them not good shots, trying to force it. Aaron took too many bad shots early, before it dawned on him that getting all the way to the basket was better than taking a contested pull-up jumper. I don't think these things happen if a legitimate starting PG is there tonight. I'm concerned with how we've played the last two games, but not overly so. I think we really need to see what this team looks like when Payton returns before anyone panics.