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  1. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Again, that's the only one I've read. If they're all like that, I agree, they have editors. I've heard enough young athletes speak to know that they aren't asked to write a lot of essays.
  2. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    You could be right. That's the only one I've read from Players Tribune. I'll have to check some others out.
  3. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    I liked Sexton before. I love him now. I'm obviously biased in this respect, but the ability to write well always speaks of intelligence to me. That is very well written for a kid his age. And the stuff he says about social media... yeah, this just might be my guy. If he can back up that attitude and work ethic in workouts, he's the kind of guy we need.
  4. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Now that I know you're joking, this is one of the funniest things I've ever seen. Refuting someone's argument by repeating exactly what they just said; showing evidence that backs up everything they're arguing; it's truly comic gold. Seriously, you should do stand-up. Or have a sitcom or something.
  5. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Yeah, the worry (as far as his size) is he won't be able to absorb even minimal contact on the offensive end, which actually is important (almost always, anyway; some exceptionally creative guys get away with being not athletic and also weak, but it's incredibly rare); and on the defensive end he will require the barest of screens to blow him up (and we saw with Payton how bad it can get when your PG can't maneuver screens, albeit for very different reasons).
  6. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    I'm not sure what you're trying to say here, or why you use so many punctuation marks. You claimed Porter was a Simmons clone. While they are similar in size and play the same position (probably?), their games couldn't otherwise be more different. It's like saying Derrick Rose was a Steve Nash clone. Sure, they were both talented PGs who were about 6-3/185-190 lbs, who won MVPs in their careers; but such a statement of similarity would be basically taking those facts alone and ignoring literally everything else about their games... like you have been doing, somehow using the facts of a scouting report that lists Porter Jr's strengths and weaknesses as basically opposite to Simmons', a statement from Tracy McGrady comparing Porter's game to his own (which was nothing even slightly resembling Simmons'), and now, what? The fact that some experts think Porter will be drafted high? I don't care if he's drafted #1, that doesn't make him a Simmons clone. Come to think of it... are you, like, joking or something? I can't tell. Maybe it's all the unnecessary punctuation. I'm going to assume you're joking. LOL, good one. You got me. Man, I was worried there for a bit.
  7. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    See, this is the problem with people these days: all the information in the world just a Google check away; but no ability to take those facts and apply them logically. I blame public schooling.
  8. Vogel is gone - Who should be our next coach?

    Interesting... Never heard Young speak before. Didn't realize young man had a lisp.
  9. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    I'm just confused by all of Original's exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!! It seems like he/she/sorry-i-don't-know-you is trying to make an argument that Michael Porter Jr. and Ben Simmons project to be similar players, but I can't tell weather the argument is just wrong, in a normal lack of nuanced understanding of basketball and/or misunderstanding of who Michael Porter Jr. is projected to be sort of way, or if it's WRONG!!!!!!!!!!-LIKE-WAY-WRONG!!!!!-YYYYEEEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHH-I'M-GOING-TO-ROLL-WITH-IT-NOW-SO-HARD-THAT-ENTHUSIASM-ALONE-WILL-MAKE-IT-SEEM-LESS-WRONG!!!!!!!!-YYYYYEEEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! kind of way. It's befuddling, really.
  10. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Not sure it would be, really. Bamba would get murdered in 1989. He's, like, 30 pounds too skinny for 80's ball. Imagine his skinny ass trying to defend Patrick Ewing, David Robinson, Hakeen Olajuwan, Moses Malone. Hell, Kevin Duckworth would have mauled him into oblivion in 1989.
  11. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    I wouldn't mind us drafting him, as long as it's not the way we drafted Isaac (without even working him out!). I'm always fond of the swing for the fences, which is why I was okay with Mario back in the day, why I wanted DSJ so bad last year, and why I'll likely always want the guy with the potential to be a superstar (at least, when we're picking top 10). As long as our medical staff likes what they see, and his workouts warrant such a high pick, I have no problem with Porter. I feel like there's an equal chance whoever else we get at 6 doesn't pan out for one reason or another.
  12. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    For what it's worth, NBADraft.net has him at 8 going to Cleveland right now.
  13. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    To clarify, I know Thabeet was a Junior. It was a different time. I just always worry about guys who are basically just great length and potential, especially when some people question their desire and energy in games.
  14. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Just like Hasheem Thabeet did?
  15. 2017-2018 Official Season Discussion Thread

    That is what he is right now. What he might become is another story. People said the same thing about Oladipo, and now he's one of the best young players in the NBA. Gordon is 22 turning 23. He has improved vastly in a number of areas. Maybe he's never a #1 guy. Maybe he takes another big step forward next season and turns into a monster (basically all it would take is a step forward in consistency and decision making, things that tend to get better naturally for guys under 25). It's hard to say at this point.
  16. 2018 Watch the Playoffs thread

    I meant to misrepresent nothing, oh wise sage, one who sees what is hidden. You have revealed that Toronto's players should all be third stringers: And that LeBron's greatness is built upon the lies of NBA officials: Your great knowledge, learned from the sacred space simulators, is known to us all: So please, sir. Do not chastise your disciple. If I have erred, misrepresented you, it is clearly the fault of the feebleness of words to express your great mind. No longer speak to us in mongrel English. Use the divine language learned at your computer screen while playing a space simulator and `thinking so hard it pisses you off`. Some, nay most, among us will not understand. But at least your brilliance won't be misunderstood.
  17. 2018 Watch the Playoffs thread

    You only disagree because you're not woken like O is. You see, he perceives on a plane that we simple people cannot. To the unwoken eye, Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan seem like perennial All-Stars, who have repeatedly failed against an all-time great player. But to those who have had the scales of this material world stripped from their eyes, they are clearly fringe NBA players, 3rd stringers who shouldn't get any time on any decent team; and that so-called all time great is merely a prop set up buy a corrupt NBA to lead you astray.
  18. 2018 Watch the Playoffs thread

    I really shouldn't have engaged. There really is no reasoning with people who have been around long enough to remember when Orlando beat Cleveland in 2009 yet still somehow think the league is rigged so that LeBron James always wins. Do we seriously think the league didn't want a Lebron vs Kobe finals? The level of tinfoil hat garbage that goes into these conversations always amazes me. So nevermind. If it makes the tinfoil-hat crowd feel any better, then sure, LeBron James is not a great basketball player. He is simply propped up by the league. He's the Bill Goldberg of the NBA. Can we all move beyond this stupid conversation now?
  19. 2018 Watch the Playoffs thread

    Pretty sure saying that LeBron just plays bullyball is about as useful of a critique as saying that Stephen Curry just jacks up threes. While it's technically true that Curry relies a lot on the three ball, it doesn't negate the fact that it takes a lot of skill to do what he does. LeBron does what you call bullyball because he can. If other people in the league could do what he's doing they would; but they can't. They can't because they're not six-foot-eight/260 lb and athletic like a guard. They can't because they don't have the ball handling skills or touch around the basket to absorb the contact and still make shots.
  20. 2018 Watch the Playoffs thread

    This is seriously the stupidest conversation I've seen about sports in a while. There was a time, when I was a teenager, when it wouldn't have seemed so stupid. But I don't think any of us here are teens. So this is stupid. Please stop. The NBA is not rigged. Sometimes it works out like it is, and there are sometimes it even seems like it is. But looking at the whole thing, rather than just "Kobe elbowed a guy in the face and it didn't get called", rigging the NBA just doesn't make sense. If it were ever proven the league would literally disintegrate overnight, costing billions of dollars. So, again: please stop. It's hurting the IQ of everyone involved.
  21. 2018 Watch the Playoffs thread

    This. I was pissed as hell at the no-call on the goaltend, but only in the context that I wanted the Pacers to win (especially on an Oladipo shot beating LeBron to the basket). I stopped being pissed the moment Bron hit that 3, because apparently he just wasn't going to lose that game, no matter what. Do refs give stars more calls? Yes, usually. Is it a conspiracy? No. It's humanity. Some stars become that way at least partly because they are good at getting calls (Harden, DeRozen, Reggie Miller, etc.). They know how to game the system and the psychology of the refs. It's inherent to there being rules that some players will understand how to manipulate them. Some stars get calls for the same reason they're great to begin with. Durant gets calls because those freaky long arms tend to collide with defenders more often than guys with less crazy long arms and body control. LeBron is a star for the same reason he's incredibly difficult to officiate. He's a huge guy who moves really fast in unpredictable ways. So sometimes refs don't see things because they're just as much in awe of the fact that he could do whatever he just did as we are. He gets a lot of shot-fouls called because he gets fouled a lot by guys trying to find some way to stop him; he's so big, with such great body control, the usual tricks to throw a guy off-balance without getting a call don't work. It was the same with Shaq. In general, young players don't get calls. Why? Because they 1) aren't established in the minds of the ref to receive some benefit of the doubt; and 2) don't know yet how to game the system. This is not conspiracy, it's human nature in sports.
  22. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    From what I can see, JJJ is a freakin' unicorn if he can put it together. I think if we have the chance to draft him (assuming we're not also looking at Doncic), we should. Maybe he doesn't work out. But he is unique in his upside. Very few guys even have the potential to be super-athletic bigs who can shoot at a high percentage from deep and also be elite defensively protecting the rim. That's special.
  23. 2018 Watch the Playoffs thread

    Anyone who doesn't is a moron.
  24. 2018 Watch the Playoffs thread

    Yeah, he's got to learn to handle the double-teams and defensive schemes designed specifically to stop him. He's a great regular season player, but he needs a couple more years of this before he's ready to dominate playoff time. I still believe he'll get there. And that last layup blocked did look like a goaltend to me.
  25. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    I'm with Trae where I was with Mario. I'd be happy if we drafted him, but he's not the guy I'm excited about. He is, like Mario was, a high risk/high reward pick at 5 or 6 (for different reasons, though; with Mario, there wasn't enough tape on him to be sure of who he really was, while, with Trae, there isn't enough surety that what he did well in college will work as well in the pros). If everyone else was excited about him like they were with Mario, I could talk myself into excitement. I understand the pros, if all goes well. Every indication is that he's an elite-level passer, he moves well with the ball, can drive despite his size, and he's an impressive high-volume shooter from outside (though too streaky to be considered elite). But he's also a terrible defender, and small. Offensively, there's no reason not to love his game, though he's probably overrated as a pure shooter. Defensively, he's Isaiah Thomas bad, which is a problem. The hope if we draft him is that he doesn't have to be that bad on D. He could be just bad, with a bit of effort and some coaching (or maybe not, who knows). If he doesn't get better on defense, he will have to be last year's Isaiah Thomas good on offense to be effective (and that overall effectiveness is still limited by the terrible D). It's also a problem that his best case scenario doesn't really have an analog in the modern NBA. Who out there is an elite passer and high volume shooter at PG? Chris Paul. That's it. And Paul is not really very high volume as a shooter. In order to be Chris Paul on offense, Trae would have to cut down considerably on the bad decisions, too. And Chris Paul is considerably stronger. Defensively, Trae is just never going to be Chris Paul. But Trae may benefit greatly from not dominating the ball so much. Maybe his shooting %s go back up into the 40's from deep when he's able to play off-ball more, get more set-up 3's. Maybe not. He's an enigma, and one who seems much more likely to be a better passing Trey Burke than Steph Curry.