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    Can we rename this thread "People who want to draft Trae Young vs People who think those people are idiots" ?
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    I started dating my girl in November of 2012. I’m not entirely convinced she’s to blame for the forever rebuild, but the timeline does add up.
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    Been with my wife since 06. She's a Lakers fan. That 09 championship run was painful.
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    June 2012 for me. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been to a game with her and have said “you’ll like playoff games more, the crowd will actually care”.
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    I do not understand why you all want Rockets to win? Did you forget Rockets swept Magic in the Finals? Screw the Rockets!
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    Payton n Vuc were huge handicaps for this team
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    Scott Skiles is not a very good coach but I will give him credit on 2 things and that he got the most wins at 36 wins and he was smart to quit early
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    The wife was just informed of this conversation. She blames our misery on Grant Hill’s injury: “Had he not gotten hurt, who knows what may have happened?” #saltinthewound
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    I prefer the word stubborn. Which brings us back on topic. I want a very stubborn coach who will not accept losing and I want him to show it during games. Benching guys for no effort. Getting techs. I don’t care if he leads the league in techs. I want some FIRE!!!
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    We are masochists if not it would be impossible to root for a team who has been heart broken as many times as us and that probably has 3 of the 5 worst managerial decisions ever
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    The wife and I’ve been married since ‘98. She thinks I’m masochistic for being a Magic fan. I keep telling her that our time is coming ;)
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    I just don’t like bullies. Don’t know why anyone does. But people will follow a leader over a cliff. No matter what. Just some humans nature. Glad it’s not mine.
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    I appreciate the information but we need to stop with the comparisons. Last year( scouts) compared Mitchell to Norman Powell and Isaac to Kevin Durant. Crazy. Trae is not John Wall nor Greivis and he surely is no Curry. He is very unique in my opinion. He is going to be a very good player in the NBA. He has the talent and the qualities to be successful at the next level. His Turnover ratio will likely improve once he gets into a more structured system. In my opinion, he is still the best point guard in this year Draft. Closely followed by Sexton, Shai and Okobo. When it comes to big guys, the potential in JJJ is son intriguing that goes way above any of the other big guys in this year draft. Bamba and Carter are also very interesting options. Carter has grown up on me over the past few weeks. So I currently have JJJ, Bamba followed closely by Carter. I will not be surprise if Carter gets selected before Bamba. I didn't include Ayton as I think he will be picked number 1. Call me crazy but I will go with JJJ over Ayton 10 times out of 10.