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  1. Magic vs Timberwolves

    I hope you're right. I hate to see anything like that spill onto the court and get aired out in front of everyone. Regardless, Birch's energy was infectious tonight and I think that helped the magic win. That should be the focus for sure.
  2. Magic vs Timberwolves

    Yes. Before the free throws. That was a little chippy. I wonder if there is some bad blood between those 2.
  3. Magic vs Timberwolves

    So is it more Kehm Birch's being a really good player or that we had just become accustomed to everyone else's lack of effort??
  4. Magic vs Timberwolves

    My man just started swinging. Holy crap!! He just snapped!
  5. Magic vs Timberwolves

    Birch has brought some nice energy. Good to see him getting some PT.
  6. Magic vs Timberwolves

    Sorry. I had to.
  7. Magic @ wizards

    Just found out John Wall hit 10K points in tonight's game. That may be the reason he was given the game ball by the ref.
  8. Magic @ wizards

    Is it sad that I'm more looking forward to what moves we make before the trade deadline than some of these games??
  9. Magic @ wizards

    Saw that too! WTH?!?! Never seen that before.
  10. Magic @ wizards

    at least they're being competitive tonight.
  11. Magic @ wizards

    We got Toronto playoff Biz tonight!! The entire team has a little bit more energy tonight. Maybe it's because they're not using any energy on the defensive end.
  12. Cost of NBA League Pass

    I was actually considering DirecTV NOW and just adding on League pass to watch the magic games, but I'm not sure how that'd work and if they'd block the local team games
  13. Cost of NBA League Pass

    I'm trying to cut the cord and lose my cable company (I personally feel they're all a huge ripoff) and I want to ensure that I will still be able to watch the magic games. I live in central florida area so I'm not sure if there would be any blackout possibility of any games or something. If anyone in a similar situation could chime in I would appreciate your input. Thanks!
  14. 2017 Official Offseason Thread

    Just my observation: Seems each year during NBA free agency time everyone wants the team to make a big splash or make big moves. We did that last year (although in hind sight not very good moves) but now this year we want the team to make big moves again and go after big free agents. There will be years where we can only make small moves (this year) and years where we can spend big (Byombo) last year. The trick is spending on good players we intend to keep. In a nutshell: WE BROKE!! We gotta shop at Aldi for now, y'all!
  15. 2017 Official Offseason Thread