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    Hasn’t Payton always played well when there’s zero pressure, the season is over, and the game isn’t on the line? People acting surprised about his numbers in PHX when they’re getting blowout every night doesn’t make sense to me. He did the same thing here. What happened last year after the all-star break? Payton put up numbers. We still were getting blown out. He picks and chooses when he wants to play an engaged brand of basketball and all to often that’s when the season is already tanked.
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    This is the greatest thing ever made by a human. All credit to the genus, TrueMagicFan07.
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    I don't think so as its premise #1 of our management teams argument for trading Payton instead of leveraging his restricted free agency for a cheaper contract
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    I've been super busy getting a postgraduate degree that I'll finish by the end of this month. I have big plans for my website and youtube channel but I'll have to wait until March to get things going again I'll make sure to post everything here ;)
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    Payton's shooting doesn't matter except as a function of defensive geometry. Until he makes enough for defenders to care about him shooting it has no effective impact for him to shoot 28% or 40% And it'd be one thing if he took every open three but he's taking 3 every 2 games. Is 28 made threes over 47 games significantly different than 20 made threes over 47 games?
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    Beating a dead horse but the guy's resurrection has been insane. The best sequence I've seen from him thus far was early in the 3rd quarter he got separation from his defender with a quick behind the back dribble, then let defender fly by him with a nice pump fake, kicked out to DJ for a wide open 3. Next play got into the lane, assessed defense, used his eyes to move defenders, no-look dish to Biz wide open under the hoop for a dunk. Don't know if it's just confidence or established role or knowing he can't get benched due to depth or all of the above, but he didn't have that situational awareness a couple months ago. Now he belongs.
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    I literally can’t even watch the games anyone knowing Mario is gone. Not trying to be dramatic but in my gut it’s the most disappointed I’ve ever been as a magic fan. I keep telling myself to just get over it but I can’t. This is the guy the majority of us loved pre-draft and were ecstatic when we got him. It took over 2 years but to finally see him showing why we loved him to begin with and knowing he’s just auditioning for a new team—it’s sickening to me. I actually get an empty feeling In my stomach from it. The new front office will have to do so so much for me to ever get over them looking past Mario over a dumb 5mil option. It’s beyond unsettling and we as Magic fans for what we’ve had to endure don’t deserve to lose Mario. It’s a shame that’s exsctly what’s going to happen (barring a miracle).
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    Let me tell you, I jumped and screamed with Joy when NY took Porz. Cause I knew we were getting Mario or Winlsow. I screamed and jumped and yelled and laughed and cried tears of joy when we got Mario. MARIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LETS GO
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    In an ideal world we get Cavs lucky, get the #1 pick, trade Okafor for a C-Webb like haul, draft Towns/Porzingis with one of the picks we received. Live happily ever after.
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    AND EP gave up 24 points to Donovan Mitchell who shot 4-11 from three point range. EP shot 50% from 3 point range on 1-2. Wow!!!! Phoenix loses it's 3rd straight game with EP as it's point guard. Some things never change with him like losing! A good point guard (one that is drafted 10th in the draft) should make his team better. You can use stats to paint a picture any way you want. It is irrelevant that he shoots 38% from three point range when he only shoots 71 of them in 41 games. S. Curry shoots that many in one week or less and makes a higher %. D, Mitchell shot 11 of them tonight alone. EP needs 7-8 games to shoot 11. In today's NBA if a guard cannot shoot three pointers (EP cannot) AND plays poor defense (EP did. at least, for us backed up by stats and visual observations) I will gladly let another team make him their point guard. I wish him well too but he was a failure for us and was given every opportunity. I think it is admirable that his teammates and Magic organization wished him well. That is class. But his poor performance dictated this trade, nothing more, nothing less. On the other hand I am falling in love with our new power forward, Mario Hezonja. Those are performances we can build on. EP never showed us enough to keep him!!!
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    You called it, except it only took a week. And "idiot basketball twitter" apparently aptly describes some TBN posters.