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    What a few of us have been saying since the tank started......
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    While I'm at it, I think you could argue this is the worst position the Magic have been in from a team perspective in the nearly 3 decades of the franchise. Absolutely hopeless. Decade plus of not only not making the playoffs, but not even being close. Who cares who draft in 2019. This is the danger of a small market team tanking.
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    I dunno how you guys can get anything out of a tank run. This team is disgusting. We really have zero future at the moment.
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    Our announcers finding encouraging signs in how we played tonight. Whatever they get paid, it's way too much.
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    Well at least we aren't mediocre anymore
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    I’m glad we have progressed as a team..... sigh.
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    Biz has done a great job on Whiteside tonight. He's held him to 5 & 6 and he's only collected 1 foul to boot.
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    Well we just need Gordon back and eventually tross and this would be the team I would roll with. Sorry Vuc!
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    I'd be interested in your take as to which part lacks logic, and specifically why. I will bring the lolz if you can effectively do that.
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    Yeah, we're not one of those teams that can afford to bottom out for 3 more years and pick BPA. This has been a down year and we should tank the year, but we have to re-sign Aaron Gordon and try to compete in 18-19 and beyond. Gordon and Isaac have all the tools to be good to great players in today's NBA and we need a guard that can do it all on offense. We need a Damian Lillard or even a Donovan Mitchell and those guys aren't falling off of trees. We have to take a competent guard, no excuses.