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    Ummm. I’m not sure this reads the way you meant it to read.
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    Time to blow it up. This isnt working and we are doomed to be stuck in the 8-12 slot for years and years. The rebuild was a failure. We missed the top players every single time. Its ok.. just acknowledge that and stop trying to "win now." We can't. Trade everyone now while they still have value.
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    I'm not a hater, if you watch how he reacts to his teammates when they don't pass him the ball or how he storms off of the court when he gets subbed out. He just has a very ME attitude.
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    Vuc currently has 20 points and while that's great and all just wanted to say that he has such a cancerous attitude.
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    This is why we need to get iwundu more time on the court and how badly we miss the small things that Isaac does that don't show up on the stat sheet.
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    That package wouldn’t even get you one great player. Plus, anyone who wants Mario won’t trade for him because they can’t offer more than his 4th year option, so if he showed ANY signs of life, someone will offer him more on potential. I’d be stoked to get rid of Vuc for just about anything right about now.
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    Remember when jj. Didn't have value? Lol. Look at him now.
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    Actually, you and all the various haters have a cancerous attitude!!