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    Making this now to ensure one gets created as i might have to miss the game.
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    Ummm. I’m not sure this reads the way you meant it to read.
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    He reminds me of a more furious Eric gordon
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    I see I was Bang on then lol keep it going AG
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    He is legit already 100% and he is going to become ABSOLUTELY CERTIFIED!
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    With KD, Draymond and Klay checking him all game? Can’t ask for much better than 29. GS has a bunch of guys built to defend Gordon.
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    Vucevic is just not great enough to play at this pace. This isn't his style. He's like a two steps behind the next play.
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    Our defence is BAD.. and this warrior team is special.
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    Yep. Zaza is killing him. No resistance whatsoever. Then he's gets block by Durant.
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    That's game. Time to bring in the garbage time lineup
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    AG drops 25-30 yesssir