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    On the flip side you got Vogel saying if they play this way again, they'll be judge. Wth Frank? Any way we can contact Borrego and see if he can get dirt on Pop so we can force him to be our coach? What's Garrity up to?
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    That might happen but he could also be happier if we gave him the wheel, getting rid of Vuc and Fournier who stunt his development.
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    Time to pull the plug. Keep AG, Isaac and Simmons. Get rid of the rest
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    No one has been moving the ball or committing to running the last few games. It's like they forget why they were successful in the first couple weeks. We all knew the shots wouldn't keep falling the way they were, but it is possible to keep generating good looks via a commitment to those things. That's why we were all so impressed early on -- not due to shots dropping but because of the overhaul of the playstyle that we weren't expecting. And Vooch was a turnstile last night. I don't think I'm exaggerating when I wonder if that was his worst defensive effort ever. He didn't defend any pick and rolls well and he didn't *****ing even attempt to rebound most times. Favors made him into a joke without really even trying very hard.
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    If you come out like this after that kind of trip, against Utah, there's a problem bigger than just shots not falling.
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    It does. Its not a good sign at all. This isn't a one off "oh it just wasn't our night" deal. This is a game that we should have won. This is the type of game that requires SOMETHING to change after
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    Glad I missed this one...sheesh!
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    Why is Simmons not on the floor? We need life out there! Well maybe a defibrillator! Ugh!
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    Seriously, how do we reconcile what we saw early this season with this? This is more than shots not falling. This is just garbage.
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    And to a straight up garbage team
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    This team is straight trash. Beginning was fools gold. History continues to repeat itself with the same players — who knew.
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    I'm really annoyed with this club right now..... We started the season legit solid and we're quitting again. At HOME at that........ I'm not pleased at all with this performance.
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    I'm still pissed over that bull**** call