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  1. The Elfrid Payton Appreciation Thread

    I wish the young man well, I do think he did his best, which of course (and I agree) was not enough for the future of this team. I hope he finds a good place to play, just don't want him to become another Magic Killer! Thanks for giving what you had kid!
  2. Magic @ Cavs. Thursday, Jan. 18 - 7:00 P.M.

    Define : Home Cooking?
  3. Portland Trail Blazers @ Orlando Magic

    Well, as long as they keep these guys off the floor for a hang nail, I say he's back in time for the allstar break! Ugh!
  4. Portland Trail Blazers @ Orlando Magic

    Doesn't look good, but doable!
  5. Portland Trail Blazers @ Orlando Magic

    Yes he is, let's hope he can get everybody join in!
  6. Portland Trail Blazers @ Orlando Magic

    I am speechless dude, EP with a laid back processed DOO? LOL.....you get a +1 just on creativity ! Excellent!!!! LOL!
  7. Magic vs Clippers

    He owns them to this point! I wanted to see him -V- Jordon
  8. Magic vs Clippers

    Question: Could Austin Rivers play for any othe NBA team/coach? I really don't think he would play, well he wouldn't start for any other team, that is for sure! IMHO
  9. Magic vs Clippers

  10. Magic @ Charlotte

    I'm good with that as well!! Go Moe!
  11. Magic @ Charlotte

    Well, this should be interesting, did Moe just deck Zeller?
  12. Magic @ Charlotte

    That's what I said!
  13. Magic @ Charlotte

    Bizzz! Goog job!
  14. Magic @ Charlotte

    Is it me or is that arena 3/4 empty?
  15. Magic vs Knicks

    Yeah....caught me by surprise too! LOL