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  1. Magic @ Wolves

    As we should! I still attempt to make sense of the method in-which they chose between Victor and Evan! It is my contention that the Serge trade would not involve Evan. So with that said, we can do far better on defense with Simmons as the starter and bringing up a G league guy!! Wes maybe! I am also open to JI starting in his slot! What do we lose?
  2. Magic @ Wolves

    Good night gents!
  3. Magic @ Wolves

    Boston loses to the Heat tonight
  4. Magic @ Wolves

    Do we have any idea when Issac is due back?
  5. Magic @ Wolves

  6. Magic @ Wolves

    Clear make up call!
  7. Magic @ Wolves

    Teague initiated the contact and DJ gets the call!!!!! That is crap!
  8. Magic @ Wolves

    Frank is late with the subs......he is killing us by not recognizing when his guys just don't have it going!
  9. Magic @ Wolves

    With Moe buckets!
  10. Magic @ Wolves

    Butler flop!
  11. Magic @ Wolves

    I didn't mind that goal tending by Aaron!
  12. Magic @ Wolves

    Speaking of Issac, when is he due back???
  13. Magic @ Wolves

    What is happening here........... are we capable of matching up with a decent western conference team?
  14. Magic @ Wolves

    Well, at least we have some passion tonight!
  15. Magic @ Wolves