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  1. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Every time we get #1 it's Doncic.
  2. Magic @ Lakers

    Sure but when is having assets a bad thing? Especially since we could possibly lose Mario.
  3. Magic @ Lakers

    I don't remember Dipo having that issue all season though.
  4. Magic @ Lakers

    This was my point in the other thread. I know when things become a focus that one wants to work on, other things tend to be ignored but he needs to realize what he was naturally good at, will be just as much helpful if not more to a playoff team.
  5. Magic @ Lakers

    Question is why didn't they like him?
  6. Magic @ Utah

    Yeah I was abnormally a jerk about it. I've been expressing opinions for years that majority, not all, disagreed with me in a jerk like manner and it usually turns out right. Gets damn frustrating but I shouldn't of succumb to such commentary. My bad.
  7. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    My hope is he falls to 7 or wherever we pick and we draft him.
  8. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Trae threw some really nice passes. A few times they just couldn't hold on to it. Pinpoint passes too. The comment about picturing passing to 5 Bizs isn't too far off. His team sucks.
  9. Magic @ Utah

    That's not why I brought it up. People have been disagreeing with me for years. I just thought it was interesting that an outsider who was unbiased had that opinion.
  10. Magic @ Utah

    I'm saying that AG is more Marion than PG. That's it.
  11. Magic @ Utah

    That I don't think he's a first option offensive player and should stop forcing and don't lose sight of what got him drafted but expand on it?
  12. Magic @ Utah

    I'm not writing a research paper man. It's just another fans opinion. The hell? You must've had a boring ass day too.
  13. Magic @ Utah

    I wasn't implying he has or hasn't. But...When I say "I liked so and so coming out college" I usually say that because I watched him in college. Plus I think he's right. I've used Marion as a example for a while.
  14. Magic @ Utah

    How do you know he hasn't paid much attention? Look, screw the fan. I feel the same way and I'm been paying attention for almost 30 years.
  15. Magic @ Utah

    We've talked about this before about AG and I just brought an outsiders opinion, a unbiased pair of eyes, who agrees he's not freaking Melo and needs to stop trying to be. I'm surprised it irks you that much.
  16. Magic @ Utah

    Dude mentioned how he liked him out of college so obviously he had some idea.
  17. Magic @ Utah

    Yeah ok. Only a Magic fan knows what's up. Yeah this got stupid fast.
  18. Magic @ Utah

    Go watch some Marion vids. Then go watch Melo. Now go watch AG. You'll put your boredom to better use.
  19. Magic @ Utah

    Is this a prank? Slow day at work? Hardly watch them. Your point is because I don't do something that applies to everyone else? Or that I know about Rubio and have watched him for years and I don't have an good enough opinion because I'm not a Jazz fan?
  20. Magic @ Utah

    How in the hell do you know what he watches when he watches it? You're just rambling. AG has looked better in some games but he looks nothing like a superstar.
  21. 2017-2018 Official Season Discussion Thread

    Boston didn't even get lucky. They were gift wrapped KG and then turned expired aging veterans for high draft picks for multiple years. IT was probably the only move they made that took some skill. Boston just took advantage of a inexperienced owner.
  22. Magic @ Utah

    Who's taking advice? He's of the same opinion that I have. And who says in order to be knowledgeable and wise about basketball you can only be as long as it has to do with your own team? Some of the most ignorant opinions about the Magic have been from Magic fans. For instance, listen to the local radio at 4pm and listen to local callers.
  23. Magic @ Utah

    From a Jazz fan. Just read this a second ago. Nobody loved him more than me at the draft, but the Magic tried to turn him into Carmelo when he should have developed into the next Shawn Marion. He has no business shooting stepback mid range jumpers, but that's all he wanted to do tonight. Hopefully he can get out of Orlando without being poisoned too much. Speaking of poison, Mario has definitely been poisoned by Orlando. He didn't shoot the ball particularly well, but his talent is so obvious. Athletic, strong frame with a beautiful jumper and some ball handling ability. He competes on both ends too. I want him in a Jazz uni so badly.
  24. Magic @ Utah

    https://mobile.twitter.com/MagicVagberg/status/970861289231839234/video/1 Our new tank commander. Man that's terrible.
  25. Magic @ Utah

    I think he starts the next game. He's doing what AG use to do more of. Maybe he can get AG back in track.