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    We’ve had the same offensive problems for years, how it’s not fixed yet is beyond me
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    Couldn’t have said it better myself. The questionable resigning of Vuc after being almost unplayable in the playoffs was really the writing on the wall for me with this front office. I excused the first year when they said they wanted to evaluate the team and see what we had. I excused the second year when they said the draft flattened. We decided to trade away our second round picks when it turns out that draft was pretty deep with competent basketball players who could at the very least put the ball through the hoop unlike half our current roster. The direction this franchise is continuing to head is pretty concerning considering we keep putting the same product out on the floor, with the same core guys, and continuing to get the same results over and over again.
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    It was seen as a given, especially after the two wins against weak teams, but in the end we will probably miss that target too. Not that will change a whole lot, we have not showed anything new in that tournament that could suggest we were going to beat the 2nd seed. I was insisting a lot that the path of mediocrity we've chosen last year was terrible, and a lot of people was answering that I was unable to see the long term plan, and that 2021 was our key season. That was the easy answer to justify everything... Now it's probably more evident that a rebuild is necessary, but it's also too late, without the bad decisions of last summer there was no need of a rebuild either, just not sign so many absurd long term contracts... now even if we trade them, we have to take something back, and that's something will not be a good asset, and will still count against the cap. We're actually in the worst possible situation, mediocre team with no cap space at all and no room for movement, especially considering how conservative has been the management. Unfortunately and sadly enough, we could start to make a point that we were on a better situation when Henningan was fired, and that's really terrible.
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    Losing Isaac has derailed the middle way we have tried to approach rebuilding under WeltHam. I really hope we see Fultz start the rest of this year, and I really hope we flip some of our vets for a fresh start after the season.
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    Our record against teams over .500 after last night? A miserable 5-29. A .172 winning percentage. Don’t matter who we play between the Bucks and the Raptors, we’re getting swept.
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    So you are saying he is better than Isaac?
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