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  1. I am not name calling because he wants me banned, I am name calling because he thinks I am a boy and he did not bother to read my previous response that I am girl but he is too stupid to realize that I am a girl
  2. If she decides to not watch the playoffs then you will have to take your last warning back and apology to me for saying this is trolling because that means I am right
  3. Goggle is not working for me right now
  4. I am a girl and what is a hyperbole?
  5. Since you said playoffs should be canceled, I guess you will not be watching since playoffs is back
  6. Anfernee1

    2020 Official Off-Season Thread

    If Nikola is traded then you will be wishing that Nikola never got traded if Bamba is a bust
  7. Too late, the playoffs are going to resume
  8. Anfernee1

    2020 Official Off-Season Thread

    I do not want bad contracts that screws the cap space that Magic can not sign players in free agency
  9. I guess we will find out when they are playing again unless they decide to cancel the playoffs due to boycotting
  10. I guess no basketball today unless Lakers-Trailblazers decide not to boycott
  11. Magic are not accepting the Bucks forfeit
  12. I do not think all teams should boycott, it does not affect them so they should be playing