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A ghost of seasons past

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Let me begin by saying I feel bad for not posting here for a long, long time. I honestly feel like I neglected my Magic fam and the friends I had made here. Some I still socialize with on Facebook and Twitter err..X. For that I am sorry, genuinly as the Magic and the city of Orlando mean so much to me. I didn't go anywhere when ot comes to the Orlando Magic, I just got pulled in other directions when it comes to Magic news and disussions. 

That, and for a long time I had trouble logging in here for some very odd reason but that's a different story.

However, at work today, I was missing Magic basketball and I started to think about thr excitement of years past, gamethreads, sognatures and whatnot. I felt I need to get back on here and what I miss a lot, is making and participating in gamethreads. I don't have a computer with photoshop today so my gamethreads, should I make some, might be a bit different. It might change as I have the urge. Also, getting old hah

Looking forward to next season and cheering for the Magic with you :)


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3 minutes ago, fan for too long 2 said:

Welcome Back!!  We need new life on here, or old. Lol. Hopefully winning will bring more people in. 

BandWagon engaged!!!

We need to check the shocks, bearings and some joints on the ol' bandwagon. It's been a long time since it was parked hah

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