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  1. BRich

    Nikola Vucevic Appreciation Thread

    Getting a relative no-name back in the Dwight trade that went on to have a better next 8 years was something I didn't see coming. Ultimate pro, so happy to watch him make the All-Star team twice. One of the greatest to ever wear this uniform—can't be overstated how good of a player he turned out to be. Good luck in the Chi, Vucci Mane!
  2. BRich

    2020-2021 Official Magic Season Thread

    I'm so happy for Vooch, I just knew he was going to get snubbed. Let's gooooo!
  3. BRich

    2019 Offseason Thread

    It’s not my money! (I’m not speaking in a rational manner, I just love the guy.)
  4. BRich

    2019 Offseason Thread

    Unapologetic Russ fan. Deliver me Brodie! (If the price isn’t insane)
  5. BRich

    2019 Offseason Thread

  6. BRich

    2019 Offseason Thread

  7. BRich

    2018 Official Offseason Thread

    So swapped Biz for Moz to get Jerian Grant? We're dealin!
  8. BRich

    Draft day thread

    Team Wingspan
  9. BRich

    2017 Official Offseason Thread

    I like Simmons, was hoping he'd end up with the Magic. Good stuff.
  10. BRich

    2017 Official Offseason Thread

    If Joe Ingles is the target for that kind of money, tap me out for the next season.
  11. BRich

    John Hammond to be the new GM

    digging the hire.
  12. BRich

    Andrew Nicholson Appreciation Thread

    Complete pro - good luck in DC!