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  1. hoop-Mage25

    Trade Thread

    Fultz hasn’t proven he is an effective starting point guard in the NBA. I hope we don’t try to acquire him.
  2. hoop-Mage25

    2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Bamba, JJJ or Trey Young. In order. Any other pick would be a disaster.
  3. hoop-Mage25

    Game Thread: Heat @ Magic

    I always thought Payton would develop into a Rondo type pg. he has a similar style but he isn’t in the same class as Rondo. Arron Gordon is Shawn Marion and our coaches are coaching him like he’s Jordan. Time for us to get realistic with what we got. A guard who can create their offense consistently is our largest priority at this point.
  4. hoop-Mage25

    Official Draft Thread 3.0

    McLemore is a very young player. That is the thing most of you are forgetting. He has great skills, and we can mold him into the type of player we want him to be. His handles will improve as will his ability to create shots for himself, my only concern would be if he has a strong enough work ethic to reach his potential,
  5. hoop-Mage25

    Official Draft Thread 3.0

    Otto Porter Jr is the player for our Orlando Magic to draft this year. He has great size, scoring ability, passing ability, and basketball I.Q. He would fit in well with our young core and we could nab a great p.g in next yr draft as it is a deep one. Well, that's my 2 cents.