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  1. Of all the days for me to come read the board, I pick a day where there's a thread that's actually entertaining. Well done DOM.
  2. Decision 2011. I really hate the NBA for allowing this.
  3. Agreed, because this god obviously doesn't like the Magic.
  4. Vander Weide was on Magic drive time this afternoon and described the phone call. Apparently, it was on the down side of a social gathering and Dwight had been sending him texts, but he didn't say what the texts were about. Rather than waiting until the morning when "business should be conducted", he called him that night while he was still buzzing. Supposedly, it has no impact on his relationship with Dwight. I'm not sure I believe the story, but take it for what its worth.
  5. ucfknights22

    New CBA vs. Old CBA

    This seems to be a secondary topic within all of the Dwight threads, but it's deserving of its own thread. To all of the capologists and CBA experts, what changes will be made with this new CBA? Which changes affect us the most? What stipulations are in place for some of these new features (i.e. can't amnesty a traded player)? In another note, I'm back after a long hiatus from the forum. Good to see the same old faces.
  6. It has been awhile, but I'll throw in my two cents. I don't think we would ever move Howard to Miami. They have no picks for future talent and as much as some might say, Lebron for Howard straight up is not a fair trade for Orlando. I'm still under the impression that we have some big moves coming up in the future. Starting this season with the same roster says little to Howard that we're trying to keep him considering the meetings he's had with the front office about which players he would like to play with. I think the big question this off-season is whether Otis can find a trade that will make the team better.
  7. ucfknights22

    Most Random Magic Player you can come up with

    I got one no one has mentioned. Michael Doleac
  8. ucfknights22

    Could be the end for a lot of guys

    You're right about that. I took a look at the amnesty rules that were used when it was previously implemented. Supposedly, the amnesty only provides luxury tax relief. So we could drop one of our bad contracts (we still have to pay him) and save the luxury tax money we would pay, but it doesn't provide cap relief. From what I understand, the amnesty could be used to reduce the payroll from being in the luxury tax down to the luxury tax line, but not any further. I'm sure a capologist could provide a better explanation than me though. Amnesty Clause FAQ
  9. ucfknights22

    FearTheBeard Fun/Charity

    I didn't watch the youtube video first, so this was priceless.
  10. ucfknights22

    Why the Hawks will win this series.

    I laughed for a solid 10 minutes, then spent another 10 minutes wondering where I've seen that from. Someone please help me out!
  11. I've been running into this problem for awhile now. I assumed it was a website issue and everyone was experiencing it. It wasn't until I found connection by linking through "around the NBA" that I realized the website was even up. I'm running windows 7 using firefox. This has been constant for at least a week or so. The top level forum index still doesn't load and the only way for me to navigate is by using links to the sub forums through google. The orlando magic discussion board loads occasionally, but the other forums seem to work.
  12. ucfknights22

    Thank you Jameer Nelson

    That's exactly what I was thinking. Hopefully, he can keep up that kind of production in the 4th quarter in May and June.
  13. ucfknights22

    Deron Williams unhappy in Utah?

    Change the name of this thread to "Magic going in for Deron Williams". The boards have been to slow lately and that will spice things up.
  14. ucfknights22

    Making The List: The Top 25 Orlando Magic Players of All Time: #3

    I'm voting for T-mac. Nominating Skiles.
  15. ucfknights22

    The Top 25 Magic Players of All-Time: #2

    Vote: Shaq Nominee: Scott Skiles