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  1. Fun Fact: Lebron has picked up 1 foul in the last 6 games.
  2. Oh look, another game where Lebron has zero fouls. Amazing.
  3. Audi

    Ryan Andersons Girlfriend Commits Suicide

    What a horrible thing to happen to such a good guy. :( It was clear from the get-go that Ryno was absolutely head over heels for the girl. I can remember the twitter posts he made when he first met her. Apparently she was very sweet on the Bachelor and also very involved with animal rescue. RIP...Ryno, we pray for you brother.
  4. Audi

    Official Draft Thread 3.0

    He's one of ATL's 27 fans.
  5. Audi

    Official Draft Thread 3.0

    I thought for sure Pierce would retire a Celtic. Going to be really weird seeing some of these 'old' guys in different jerseys. Oh, and the Nets will still go nowhere.
  6. Audi

    Official Draft Thread 3.0

    Hrmm... Vuc & Vic
  7. Audi

    Official Draft Thread 3.0

    Otis would have hung the franchise from it by now.
  8. Audi

    Official 2013 NBA playoffs Thread

    Ahem...my apologies. A few too many whiskey gingers talking there. Ibn pretty much hit on what I was implying - Lebron may be 'the best' in the league right now but I think the significance of the label deserves an asterix considering where the league is at this point in time and what the league does for him in favor. Essentially, just like how I feel the Heat are so manufactured, forced and contrived...part of me wonders if some of Lebron's "greatness" isn't a bit inflated with the same.
  9. Audi

    Official 2013 NBA playoffs Thread

    I think if Lebron is the best player in the league it's not because he's the best, rather it's because nobody else at the moment is better. There is a difference. A major part of his alleged 'greatness' relies on the fact that he can bully his way to the basket with his massive frame and then get away with gut checking, pushing, etc. with his off hand on the drive. Rewind some years back and he wouldn't get away with so much. But it is true - my hatred for the Heat is almost entirely based on the fact that the team is so forced and contrived. There's seemingly nothing organic about them, including much of their fan base.
  10. Audi

    Official 2013 NBA playoffs Thread

    I still don't understand why the refs called a timeout to review that Ray Allen game-tying 3. It wasn't necessary. The line ref was literally feet away with a clear view and had his hand up signalling a three before the ball even left Ray's hand. By calling time out they allowed Miami to set their defense, when the Spurs could have at least run the court and taken a last second shot for the championship.
  11. Audi

    Official 2013 NBA playoffs Thread

    Manu will bounce back and have a solid game 7. Unless he's getting a comfy retirement bonus to throw it. I also noticed that Lebron isn't even going with his signature forearm clear out anymore, now he's just trying to break ribs on every drive (and getting away with it of course).
  12. Audi

    Poetic Justice

    Yup - So good to see these two teams go down in flames. Too bad the Rockets didn't advance I was pulling for them as well (Parsons in particular).
  13. Audi

    Is Anyone else enjoying watching the Lakers?

    It's not Dwight's fault...with an injured Kobe he had to lead a team full of people who nobody wanted. :tongue: :shard:
  14. Audi

    J.J. Redick Landing Predictions

    I honestly don't see JJ staying in Mil even if they offer him a significant contract. I think he hates the place, as would any sane human after living in a place like ORL. I'm going with Dallas or Phx though I think he'd look best in a SA uni.
  15. Audi

    Official 2013 NBA playoffs Thread

    In replay I think CP3 carried on that final drive. Wasn't called and it shouldn't have been in real time though.