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    Official 2014-2015 Strapped-In Season Thread

    Everything you said about the Cavs being mismanaged has absolutely nothing to do with the point I was making about long suffering Cleveland fans. You're coming off as just a tad hostile. But to your point, one of those picks was Kyrie Irving and the other two picks ended up netting them Kevin Love. That's obviously not "nothing".
  2. Emory889

    Official 2014-2015 Strapped-In Season Thread

    I'm honestly pretty over the Lebron hatred at this point. And I'm completely good with a long suffering fan base finally having something to celebrate. People in Cleveland have been miserable for a long time. I'm kind of pulling for them.
  3. Emory889

    Preseason Observations

    I think most realistic fans of the Magic just want a fun Magic team to watch with the understanding that they are still going to lose more games than they are going to win. The preseason is hinting that this might be the case.
  4. Emory889

    Official 2014-2015 Strapped-In Season Thread

    If you were the producer of NBA TV, would you talk about us? I bet not if you answered honestly.
  5. Emory889

    Official 2014-2015 Strapped-In Season Thread

    We have a lot of guards on the roster that have the potential to be pretty good this year. It will be interesting to see how playing time is divided.
  6. Emory889

    Defense is Priority as Training Camp Begins

    Makes sense. The defense has a chance to be really good quickly. The offense is probably going to be ugly for a little while.
  7. Emory889

    New Magic Jersey!!!

    Maybe if they were black......I'm really not a fan of the gray.
  8. Emory889

    2014 Summer Trade Proposal Thread

    Until we actually see how the signing translates to the court, the only arguments that can be made are "on paper". How can we know if the signing will be positive or good for the team identity until we see the team on the court?
  9. Emory889

    Thoughts on Magic offseason moves ...

    It really is a different situation with Vaughn and this Magic team than it was with Doc and that Magic team. When you look at Doc's team now, the talent surrounding McGrady was absolutely atrocious but it was a playoff team. There were higher expectations placed on that team than there should have been. That's not the case with this team. I don't expect anything but gradual improvement this year and I actually expect they will stumble out of the gate with the tough opening schedule and with several rookies trying to adjust to the NBA game. Anyone looking to reconsider the coach or GMs job status based on the first 10 to 20 games of the season should probably lower their expectations drastically.
  10. Emory889

    Our schedule

    It's tough when the Magic really haven't been consistently good enough to develop those rivalries. I'd say the closest we have had were Detroit and Boston but both of those were rather one-sided. If the fans of your "rivals" don't absolutely despise your team, then you aren't rivals. I don't think anyone in Boston or Detroit give a crap about the Magic.
  11. Emory889

    Official 2015 Draft Thread

    The conversations will pick up in a month.
  12. Emory889

    Thoughts on Magic offseason moves ...

    I'll be disappointed if the record is about the same as last season. I'm expecting to see between 30 and 35 wins.
  13. Emory889

    Thoughts on Magic offseason moves ...

    Wow, that was a good article.
  14. It's worth being brought up for the sake of conversation. There's been like 10 posts on this forum in the past two weeks.
  15. It's hard to say how Wiggins and Bennett will turn out for the Wolves but its hard to imagine them getting better value for Love then what they did. If the only argument is, "they didn't get the superstar in the trade" then that is stupid. Honestly, I think Love is a very good player, and will be a good fit next to Lebron, but he is vastly overrated. Superstar players don't play on teams that consistently don't make the playoffs. They just don't.
  16. Maybe WARP has its place in a discussion but it doesn't seem to be a very reliable way to rank players at certain positions.
  17. Air Force. 98 to present.
  18. That's interesting. We joined the military in the same year.
  19. Emory889

    2014 Free Agency Watch Thread

    I think its pretty far fetched for a multitude of reasons.
  20. Emory889


    That is a possibility but I think there's a good chance that they will be just good enough to avoid the bottom 5. I'm being optimistic. What protections are on the pick if it does turn out to be a first round pick that they give us?
  21. Emory889

    Official 2015 Draft Thread

    And so has just about every team in the league. You just don't think about them as much because you don't follow those teams.
  22. Emory889


    And the Magic have the Lakers pick in two years which could be a pretty good one.
  23. Emory889

    Magic sign Channing Frye

    I don't think Ridnour did.
  24. Emory889

    Official 2015 Draft Thread

    And being right every time when we do draft in the top 5 absolutely counts for something. Shaq was a complete no brainer but Howard and Penny were not. Dennis Scott wasn't a bad pick in the top 5 either.