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    Looking forward to watching the Magic tank next season.
  1. Emory889

    The Official 2015-2016 Regular Season Thread

    Cool story, but there's only one problem with your analogy. The average starting salary for competent NBA players is going up, not down.
  2. Emory889

    The Official 2015-2016 Regular Season Thread

    I'm guessing this is a new management decision. I don't think Hinkie is running the show any longer.
  3. Emory889


    Stop trolling. No one is taking the bait.
  4. Emory889

    The Official 2015-2016 Regular Season Thread

    In fairness to him, there were quite a few people on here that wanted Vonleh. I personally wasn't one of them because i knew almost nothing about him other than what was said on here but a LOT of people here thought he was the best power forward option out of the Vonleh/Randle/Gordon trio. Also, if Catman did want Vonleh the most, and I can't recall if that's the case or not, he definitely wasn't upset with the Gordon pick. I remember that for certain.
  5. Emory889

    The Official 2015-2016 Regular Season Thread

    It's so rare that I agree with you on anything. This is definitely one of those times.
  6. Emory889

    Dwight Howard ADIDAS loyalty shirt

    The shirt did just obtain another level of irony.
  7. Emory889

    Dwight Howard ADIDAS loyalty shirt

    lol, isn't is great? I feel it will greatly enhance my ability to heckle him if given the opportunity.
  8. Emory889

    Dwight Howard ADIDAS loyalty shirt

    You are a beautiful man.
  9. Do you guys remember this shirt? I might be going to the Rockets game in a few weeks and the memory of this shirt popped into my head. I think it would be kind of hilarious to own it and wear it to the game. I can't find them for sale anywhere though. Does anyone know a site that sells them or perhaps has one they would sell?
  10. Emory889

    Official 2015 Offseason Thread

    And it's easy to see why we didn't match up well with the Celtics. There are 3 reasons: 3) Carter absolutely sucked at chasing Allen around screens. 2) Pierce always torched us. 1) This is the biggest one, Dwight could never consistently score on Perkins one on one. That series had me all kind of worried before it started. I never liked our chances.
  11. Emory889

    Official 2015 Offseason Thread

    I think he has some good points but he underrates the internal improvements of Howard as the main reason for the teams success. The Dwight from the finals team was infinitely better than the Dwight from the 40 win Brian Hill team.
  12. Emory889

    Who from the "good ole days" is still here?

    Careful. He's about to post pics of all the girls he's talked into taking photos with him.
  13. Emory889

    Tyler Harvey

    The plus side is the team is finally deep enough where being a second round pick doesn't guarantee you a roster spot on this squad.
  14. Emory889

    Tyler Harvey

    I think the Napier addition probably eliminates Harvey's chances of making the team.