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  1. 2017 Official Offseason Thread

    Looking forward to this Magic vs Heat Sunmer League game at 3 pm today. Would be nice to see UCF's Matt Williams get some playing time, even if it's against us.
  2. 2017 NBA Draft Thread

    We got screwed
  3. It would be more interesting to see Gordon's ratios passing to other players. Watching him, he misses opportunities to pass out of fast breaks to a guard, causing him to turn the ball over because of overdribbling or get caught in a double team.
  4. Olympic Basketball Tournament Mega Thread

    Saric's Revenge
  5. Olympic Basketball Tournament Mega Thread

    Pau Gasol just swatted Dario Saric. Only thing missing was the finger wag.
  6. 2016 Off-Season Thread

    Prefer Vuc works on his defense.
  7. Olympic Basketball Tournament Mega Thread

    Hezonja with the buzzer beater at the half.
  8. Olympic Basketball Tournament Mega Thread

    Lithuania was lucky, but I was shocked how poorly Brazil started.
  9. The action kicks off today! Feel free to post all your observations and criticisms from Orlando's Summer League. We have two squads again this season. Initial thoughts, looking at the Orlando White squad, I wonder if they will manage to win one game. The Orlando Blue squad features Devyn Marble and Stephen Zimmerman, and a gentlemen by the name of Ryan Anderson (not the one who played for us before). http://www.nba.com/magic/summer-league/schedule-and-scores In memory of the awesomeness that was the Dante and Galante's commentary.
  10. Andrew Nicholson Appreciation Thread

    Very happy for Andrew and wish him all the best. He's going to hurt some teams if the Wizards use him in the post instead of just a spot-up shooter.
  11. 2016 NBA Orlando Summer League

    Zimmerman looks good so far. Definitely needs to bulk up a bit to bang with the big boys. Marble needs to dominate to impress.
  12. 2016 NBA Orlando Summer League

    I stand corrected. Not that it means much in the grand scheme, but the Orlando White team played really well so far.
  13. 2016 NBA Orlando Summer League

    No Domatas Sabonis on the team in this first game OKC vs DAL. Vince Carter is doing commentary, very glad I don't have to listen to Rick Kamla today.
  14. 2016 Off-Season Thread

    Just put up an Orlando Summer League thread if anyone's interested.
  15. Victor Oladipo Appreciation Thread

    I could see Dipo being in the conversation for Defensive Player of the Year during the first half of this season. Since he doesn't have to force the offense anymore, it's reasonable to think he'll be fresher to focus on being a stopper.
  16. 2016 Off-Season Thread

    Wish we could have kept Sabonis, maybe give them our 2nd round F instead. Trade isn't finalized, so fingers crossed.
  17. Welcome Serge Ibaka

    When can we sign him to an extension?
  18. DH12 return to Magic? Is this even valid?

    Only matters if he's training free throws.

    We're playing another scrappy athletic team like us. And they have a true All-Star.

    Is Napier hurt? Can't say I'd be looking forward to him trying to defend Lillard, but haven't seen him in tonight.
  21. Gamethread: ORL @ CLE

    Shabazz is our only player that can get to the free throw line.
  22. Free THrow Attempts

    A lack of stars or big names on the team is definitely part of the reason. The biggest reason is our young guys have a tendency to finesse their shots at the rim, not drawing or initiating contact. You'll see this on a majority of Dipo and Payton's layups.
  23. Great Orlando Spots to watch Magic Games

    Harry Buffalo is my go to spot. Fox Sports is featuring Pour House tonight during their broadcast.

    Napier had a tough assignment, but got beat by his man too much for my liking last night.
  25. Official Gamethread: ORL vs PHI

    Having lived in Philly for a few years, we need to put this game away before the fans get back into it.