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  1. 2018 Official Offseason Thread

    yeah sdsu wasnt that tight.
  2. 2018 Official Offseason Thread

    Nice to see another person from daygo that's a magics fan. You going to sdsu? If so. Yeah you'll see a lot of Laker jerseys
  3. MAGIC @ PACERS, Saturday January 27 @ 7:00 P.M.

    wow. I just heard about how you guys were big on Birch. watching today's game. dude is energetic and is involved in a lot of plays that he probably shouldnt be in.
  4. Game Thread: Magic vs. Suns

    Not saying hes going to be as good as him, but the way AG has been working on his jumper and 3s, it reminds me of how kawhi leonard was with his jumper cause at SDSU his shot wasn't that great, even tho he took a good amount of attempts.
  5. Magic vs Hawks

    Not sure but it's nice that ep is being aggressive, getting calls and actually making his FTs
  6. Magic vs Hawks

    Wow,I thought Vogel was going to put in green after that timeout. I guess Vogel is trying to win this game.
  7. Magic vs Hawks

    I agree. He does pass occasionally, but I see him as a player who kills ball movement.
  8. Magic vs Hawks

    Ha Frank Vogel thought our lead was a little high so he put in Jeff green.
  9. Magic vs Hawks

    Wow, it's still early, but it seems like magics are actually trying to play. It could of been ibaka who messed up some chemistry
  10. Magic at Heat

    that's cool. everyone has their own opinion. I just want them to be better down the road. Hopefully we can get rid of the pieces that just doesn't belong with this team (which is probably a lot). I know some people don't like payton, but I like the way he plays, I think its better when he comes off the bench because our bench is pretty questionable to me, just want to surround that dude with some shooters (maybe mario if he gets more PT).
  11. Magic at Heat

    I agree. I still wanted us to lose to get a higher chance of a better pick, but it was nice to see a win.
  12. Magic @Celtics

    I thought it was a good pickup, then when i see him use jeff green over other players, it makes me think that we did overrate vogel
  13. Magic @Celtics

    my stream is a delayed a little, but i just saw bench pts magics 0 and boston 15.
  14. Magic Vs Bulls

    There are some pieces that just might work out, but you know some players on this team are just awful. I feel like the magics just need to understand that this team is not built with a superstar and everyone just has to do their part and we might win some. However, you see plays when certain players feel like that are a superstar and try to do it all by themselves.
  15. Magic Vs Bulls

    Yeah. Sorry if ya'll are green fans , but I don't see how this guy is getting a good amount of playing time unless he's in to showcase his talents and we can trade him off, but at this point i don't think anyone will take him.