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    Well, yes. You’re guaranteed something if you’re the worst team in the NBA. That something is about a 50-50 chance of getting fifth pick. The question becomes whether making yourself that bad is worth that return. My opinion on that has been expressed many times so I won’t repeat it again.
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    As we close another clearly disappointing season, I just wanna say thank you from the moderator end. We’re not so objectively bad and when that happens tempers can flare and conversations can get nasty, and I’m grateful to the board for not letting it get that way and keeping differing opinions respectful. The Magic fanbase is hard to explain. It’s literally a part of me that I’ll never be able to get rid of, no matter how maddening the management can be and it’s great to have a haven to discuss ball, even if it’s how bad we are and how long will we be bad. So thank you everybody. Here’s to a strong off-season and hopefully a steering of the ship back around in the right direction. Cheers!
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    There are too many physical players that could easily injure that skinny boy. LeBron, Embid, Zion, Draymond, and a few others come to mind. Chet does not have the body to add more than a few pounds. We already have JI as our "too skinny for the NBA" project, how's that working for us so far? Hopefully management has learned that lesson! Let him be some other team's rehab project.
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    I think if we could have a full season with all of our best players we would be surprised at the number of wins. Unfortunately our debatable best player is injury prone, our starting PG was out most of the season, and our potential starters haven't even played a single game together. What team could possibly be successful with those stats?
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    I mean... I wish we could draft a stud like Tim Duncan. Dude was so faithful and fruitful in SA.
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    I know people don't like it, but it had to be done. We had to rebuild. And when you bottom out the losing starts. The Magics fate was sealed when Fultz got hurt and was simply the final straw that broke the camels back. Even with all the mistakes and missed opportunities and bad signings and everything. It was like one long string of bad dominoes. To me as bad as all the Henny years we had a chance to emerge from that with a little luck. If we had gotten that 3rd pick and gotten Trea or Luka. This one is obvious, it was a franchise changing moment. Next big thing is if Isaac was completely healthy. Think of this as an alternate universe, where he develops in the best way possible. Most experts liked the pick at the time and obviously everyone saw his potential. Third is the Bamba/Fultz conundrum. That trade was good bet, but it didn't pay off. What if instead of drafting Bamba we used that pick to trade for a point guard which we really needed to do. I'm not even talking about a star but what if we traded for Holiday way back then or someone. Anyone who could have gotten the ball to Vucevic,Evan and Gordon in space, and was more of a defender/threat then DJ. What if? Well nothing happened. I know what your saying South-Aussie that you are agreeing with the rebuild and i think your right. I hate this blatant losing but it's what the whole NBA does. When we get our guy it will be worth it, in hindsight.