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    Amway Center - Orlando, FL Wednesday, December 1st at 7:00 P.M. TV: Bally Sports FL 10-10, 3rd in Northwest Division | 4-18, 5th in Southeast Division GO MAGIC!
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    I don't see us bringing in a 2 way PG. Cole will be back soon, Fultz is practicing, we're getting reps for Franz and RJ running the point and we don't care how many games we win this year. It's pretty obvious we want at least 1 more high draft pick to this core and when everyone gets healthy we might string some wins together so I think we're ok with losing right now.
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    On other forums people are talking about depth. I honestly can't see much happening until the the 15th. Yes it sucks that our top 4 point guards(!!!!) are all hurt. Don't expect anything except for 2 way players, without checking it seems all of our contracts have some form of guarantees except for Mulder and Ignas. Ignas losing his spot seems most likely. On the other hand, looking far into the season, it's hard to see another team having a worse record then us next April. I can't wait to see what Presti does to tank his own teams record come March. We will be the front runners for Banchero. Its a rough way to start the season but sometime when the year changes we should be watching Fultz,Cole,Suggs and Isaac together. We just have to wait it out.
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    I literally never think like this. But the Magic being the most injury prone team ever has forced me to think like this. We can't draft Chet Holmgren. No man that looks like that and also plays for the Magic will ever go a full season without getting hurt.
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    We were in nba finals twice, they never went so far if I am not mistaken…