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    This would be solved quickly by getting a new young coach with a 21st century basketball mind. Cliffords methods are old and dated.
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    Spot on. As bad as our record has been we always seem to play teams that are resting stars over the years. Other teams see us as the perfect chance to rest players. It’s time for a new dawn here. Full reset, Coaches and players.
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    It's time to look at this team for what it is and has been. I submit the 2018-19 team that went 42-40 is an aberration. That team with tremendous health finished 22-9 to get to that record. Outside of that 31 game stretch this team is more who it was before that stretch and who it has been after. 33-40 last year and 8-13 this year. This team never really arrived anywhere or had a new expectation of their overall standing in the league. This team over the past two years has made it's living beating the bottom feeders for the most part because of better coaching and better effort. Not because it was so much more talented then those teams.
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    Trade Vuc for Brunson from Dallas. Such a solid floor general
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    Fully on the tank train. With Miami getting Butler back they should move ahead of us over the next few games. FO need to fully commit to tanking with AG going down. We have a real chance of getting a top 3 pick. They need to find a way to stop Clifford from playing Birch over Bamba, perfect time to give him some minutes now we're beyond decimated. Keeping my fingers crossed that this love fest Clifford has for Birch means he'll play him at the 4 now where he has been absolutely awful. Would be an amazing tank move and free up minutes for Bamba. I've gone from going mad any time I see Clifford giving Birch minutes at the 4 to now wanting him to play him there full time lol. They should be looking at moving on Fournier as a priority but dont really see what they can do with him considering how capped out we are.
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    No game is worth watching anymore. Fan base has had enough of no real progress
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    Keep losing boys force these stubborn FO to change something
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    Jeff Turner apparently thinks it’s hilarious when we’re losing games, judging by how much he’s laughing during another lousy half of basketball from us. I really wish the Magic would get rid of him.
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    How in the hell do we have the 7th highest payroll with no max contracts and no stars and a ****ty team? Makes no sense.