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    He is falling slowly from ground level. This isn't a dangerous fall after dunking. Rather than putting his palms to the floor to support his weight which would keep his body elevated, he puts his palms upward for no reason. There is plenty of open space at the baseline. I don't know how this is controversial lol. You can literally see him fight the urge to do all that.
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    Out of 40 players drafted into the NBA straight from high school, 1 was white. https://www.thesportster.com/basketball/ranking-all-40-nba-players-who-were-drafted-straight-out-of-high-school/
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    Just read this on ESPN. I can’t believe it. So crazy how quickly things can change.
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    What sad news. Crazy how fleeting life can be.
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    Actually this sums it up best. Hilarious post and accurate analogy. 100% agree ZaZa did it on purpose and NBA should suspend him. But I love Westbrook's reaction, shaking his head. It was almost like "really? That is pathetic and is that the best you got?
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