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  1. Optimist Prime

    Magic @ Chicago

  2. Optimist Prime

    Magic @ Chicago

    Have you tried switching hands for your final dribble and bring the ball to your shooting hand from the guide hand? There’s less maneuvering and you can set your wrist/elbow into a dip before you even get the ball in place. Durant’s icers against Cleveland were both shot this way iirc.
  3. Optimist Prime

    Magic @ Chicago

    Interesting. Do you usually dribble with your shooting hand into your shots?
  4. Optimist Prime

    Magic @ Chicago

    I thought it was just cupping
  5. Optimist Prime

    Magic @ Chicago

    It really is funny. I actually shoot threes better after a crossover, and I think it’s because I have less time to think and it forces me to rely on reaction time/muscle memory.
  6. Optimist Prime

    2018-19 Official Season Discussion Thread

    Maybe. Let’s see how Isaac heals and what the wings can do. I still don’t think Bamba will be ready and missing a starting center will hurt us. I wouldn’t mind losing Fournier or Simmons if it gives a good PG, but I just think we don’t have the personnel right now to afford losing Vuc and still be competitive.
  7. Optimist Prime

    2018-19 Official Season Discussion Thread

    But even if he is what he is, he’s still better than Bamba at this point and we really don’t know that Bamba will turn out the way we hope. Right now, Bamba hurts the team if he’s out starting center. He likely can’t even get to starter minutes because he’d probably foul out by then. Letting go of Vuc to let go of Vuc is the kind of move that made this team so bad for so long.
  8. Optimist Prime

    2018-19 Official Season Discussion Thread

    I don’t think we get much unless there’s a team that sees him as the missing piece for a championship and is willing to sell part of their future to win now. With it being the last year of his contract, the only teams that will probably take him are teams that want to shed salary or teams that are in the playoff picture. I don’t think the return will be worth it. The decision on whether to sign him in the offseason will depend on how Bamba improves and what his value is in free agency. I don’t think we can answer that question right now. If he plays up to that contract by year two, and we think Bamba is ready, that’s when the decision for a trade would be made. There’s a risk involved no matter what happens. To me, maintaining development and consistency is most important right now. I wouldn’t be willing to shake up too much until we get closer to the trade deadline, when we will have a clearer picture of what this team is.
  9. Optimist Prime

    2018-19 Official Season Discussion Thread

    Both of those teams had multiple superstars.
  10. Optimist Prime

    2018-19 Official Season Discussion Thread

    If Bamba isn’t ready now, we’re throwing the progress of this season away by trading Vuc. I think it would hurt the team as that would be two of five positions where we don’t have a starting caliber player. It’d have to be worth it both this season and moving forward to trade Vuc. We really don’t know how long it will take Bamba to be ready, but if it’s sooner rather than later, we can always trade Vuc if he’s still on a long term deal and we can’t work out a reasonable way to keep both.
  11. Optimist Prime

    2018-19 Official Season Discussion Thread

    But JJ was just called that by his sisters.
  12. Optimist Prime

    Magic vs Philly

    And his effort is always a factor. He usually starts the season strong. I’m more interested in how he’s performing come late January.
  13. Optimist Prime

    Magic @ wizards

    No you don’t, you love it.
  14. Optimist Prime

    Magic @ Knicks

    Steph had ankle injuries in his rookie deal before he got the extension.
  15. Optimist Prime

    Magic @ Knicks

    I expect a new handle if he’s still on the team once the trade deadline passes.