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    Welp, pack it up boys. Nothing going on until the lottery selection where we put all our hopes on ping pong balls because that's all we know how to do.
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    I can imagine a lot of people are miserable about this team right now and rightfully so. We are as behind in our development as any team in the league and I’m not so sure we can top last year’s 29 win record; in part because of injuries. We should probably kick back see what comes our way in the trade market and in the meantime give our Vets a break by playing our developing talent, hitting full tank mode.
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    How many players that we could of drafted with those two picks that according to Hammond and weltman weren't worth it. Are now regular rotation guys in the nba? Some, are showing signs of being really good. But we didn't want too much talent on our roster. Rather have the well balanced squad we have now. It is just asinine to think that a 29 win team was just a barely rotational player or two (Simmons and speights) from being a playoff team.
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    I don’t buy this logic anymore. The Magic made some incredibly bad decisions during Henny’s last years, giving away great young assets while adding average vets. Meanwhile, a team like Indiana ended up with three assets that should/could of be on our team: Dipo, Sabonis and Turner. In the end, Henny had no clue how to build a competitive team.
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    We lose by 7. Ok it's basketball. We don't have a shot in games until everyone is back healthy. We ostensibly lost by 28 without garbage time. That's just terrible. That's why we need to make wholesale changes away from the guys who are currently playing
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    Also, Fournier's weaknesses are less detrimental to team success than Vooch's are. The inability to protect the rim or defend a pick and roll to any degree just totally destroys the defense.