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    Amway Center - Orlando, FL Saturday, May 1st at 8:00 P.M. TV: Bally Sports FL 32-30, 2nd in Southwest Division | 19-44, 5th in Southeast Division
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    It's even worse when you consider the Pacers started Sumner,Brissett and McDermott. Sure, Sabonis and lavert went off but the Pacers have been struggling the last two months. Meanwhile OKC is pretending Dort and Poku are hurt, they weren't even available like Shai and Horford. I do not recognize anyone on the bench except SVI,Bradley and Jerome. Jerome got a healthy DNP because he shot well in their win the other night. They started all the guys with the least amount of experience. In fact i don't think i understand how NBA rosters work. Remember at the start of our season when the injuries piled up? We were in trouble filling roster spots, meanwhile OKC been bringing people on and off the team like it's chessboard not a basketball court. I mean i understand the difference they had less guaranteed contracts and weren't up against the salary cap like we were. Something has to give because after the blowout loss they even talked about the blatant tanking on the news shows. Screw OKC! Congrats on a good win. That's a win you have to love, Cole looking smooth and his interview was money!
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    Our young man Josh Giddey with some killer court vision against Brisbane tonight. Watching some of him playing for Adelaide you can definitely see the poise and the talent level. It's not questionable at this point. Tonight he became the first player in our Australian competition to record a back-to-back set of triple double games. He started the year off slow and came off the bench and he has just transcended the competition. I watched Joe Ingles regularly when he was 18-19 when I still went to see games and watch a lot, saw a bit of young Patty Mills. I imagine the level of competition here now is at least as strong now if not more so, and his control of the game and how quickly it's all settled down for him in just a few short months is really positive. And obviously I think it's easy to say while Mills and Jingles are "shooters" this kid is just much more of a gamer. He's not efficient shooting wise but he's averaging 11, 7 and 7 in a league that hasn't quite got the same pace and space qualities as the US and I really see him doing well in the LaMelo mold
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    That first half was some of the best basketball we've played in a while and might have been Bamba's best half of basketball in a Magic uniform. The third quarter was a car crash. It's like everyone forgot how to play. Hampton was dreadful, I haven't looked at the stats but he must have been responsible for 4 TOs in the 3rd alone. And the whole teams transition defense was embarrassing. Multiple guys either gambling or giving up rather than playing defense. I like Mo Wagner. He's a bit clumsy and he obviously didn't know all the offensive sets but I think there's a useful player in there if he can get that shot to drop a little more. He's an irritant to opposing big men, he sets hard screens, he can pass and dribble a bit and I thought he looked quite good on defense. I'm ready to call the Dwayne Bacon era to a close. In the middle of a 5-0 run in the 4th cutting the lead to like 13 and then he bricks up a running, contested 14 foot floater to kill all momentum. If you get another bucket there and keep momentum you possibly cut the lead to single digits and who knows what happens. Fortunately for the tank Dwayne Bacon has never seen a contested shot he didn't like (open ones he'll pass up though..).
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    Good points. I share your hopes but also concerns regarding Isaac and Fultz. Can they stay healthy, and, even if they do, can they reach their potential given all the injuries? Also, shooting is potentially a problem depending on who we surround them with.
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    Josh Robbins has a piece in the Athletic this morning basically titled "Should the Magic tank?" The upshot is that he watched the core of Harris, Oladipo, Fournier, Vuc, AG develop a bunch of bad habits and become accustomed to losing over an extended period which he thinks was bad for them and the team but that in these last 10 or so games the Magic should absolutely tank to give themselves the best shot at a top draft pick in this draft. That's kind of where I am also now. I don't think tanking works as a long term strategy, especially not with the reformed odds, but I do think there's nothing to gain from winning any more games now. Next season with a little more health and hopefully an injection of talent I'm more than happy for us to try and win every single game but winning any of these last few games hardly means anything positive. With that being said I'd hold all the vets out with injuries. Ennis is difficult because he's an expiring guy who wants to ensure he's in the league next year but I'd probably just call his agent and say "we've got a 2 year 8 mil deal for him in free agency but we could do with him being injured the rest of the way". Okeke is probably one of the young guys who impacts winning the most and I'll be surprised if he plays again this season honestly with his ankle sprain. I'd possibly even consider 'being careful' with WCJ's sore ankle. Gary Harris is a weird one. He's been super injury prone in his career so the fact that we're playing him a lot now maybe suggests we're hoping he increases his trade value for the summer? Or that we think he just needs to be playing basketball consistently to get back to his best for next year I guess. I can't wait for this season to be over...
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    Good point. There is no getting away from the fact that Fultz' 3-point shot is a weakness. If Fultz had the ball in this same situation I'm not sure what he could have done. They had clogged the paint which made driving impossible.
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    Throwing everything in the pot and see what comes up. Regardless we need guys who can finish games. He seems to be one such player
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    Cole's been putting up fine numbers, but Markelle is still our PG, right? Or is that all of the sudden up for debate?
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    Cole is just a gamer. I love this kid even if he kills our lottery position lol
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    Ahhhh! Thanks for the kind words SteveO Also JJZFL has been hanging in there with me. I refuse to give up the ship! The team isn't making it easy, as far as giving us hope. :)
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    I’ve only gotten to check out the box score so far, but I mostly just wanna shout out TMF for allll the game threads (I know this isn’t a new thing,) and commenting on them even when no one else is lol. Dedication
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    I know we played the Grizzlies last night, but I have prepared and posted a Game Thread Starter for tonight's game. . .if anyone is interested. Hopefully with a new thread the Magic shows up with a new and improved game. :) The game starts at 8 pm. est.
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    I agree with your assessment, CTMagicUK. Except for the 1st quarter and most of the 2nd, the entire team was a mess, especially while Cole was on the bench (Bamba played well of course). It wasn't until Cole returned to the floor--at point guard--a little order was restored. But, my goodness, as I said before, the other Magic players act like it was a pickup game--do your own thing--I gotta get mine. No defense.
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    I'm a simple man, I want one of Cade or Giddey in the draft. If you get #1 you take Cade. If you get anything but #1 you take whoever you like and grab Giddey with the Bulls pick. (I swear to god on draft night when the Bulls pick is on the clock and Giddey is available and we take Isaiah Jackson I'm going to break stuff)
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    You're right. Seems like I saw some scores where Memphis beat a couple of good teams. If the Magic could stop playing playground or pickup basketball, we might see us turn into a real developing team. There is no scheme to the way they are playing. Bamba is playing well--so is Cole.
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    Someone call for Penny to be our coach?
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    The Magic don't know anything about passing the ball tonight. After a rebound, one player dribbles all the way up the court and tries to score in the paint surrounded by players from the Grizzlies.
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    Okay y'all. It's almost that time. Game Thread Starter for Grizzlies vs Magic has been posted. And. . . >>> Come on in and join us soon. :) Hahaha. . .I know some of you think I've lost my mind.
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    I agree with the comment that we don't need to tank. The available players we have right now don't have enough talent to win many games, hopefully none. They sure are fun to watch though! Next season we'll have Isaac back until he gets injured again as well as Fultz. If we do well in the draft I see us getting back to 8th seed if we stay healthy.
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    Can't speak to their actual relationship but a quick Google came up with this quote from Moses: 'Moody said he spoke with Cunningham earlier this week, though not about basketball. They began talking on a regular basis when both knew they would be playing at Montverde, which they helped lead to a 25-0 record last season. No doubt they’ll do some talking to each other today. “It’s a cool matchup, a great game to have on the schedule,” Moody said. “But when it comes down to it, we’re in college now. … It’s more about the win than the matchup.” Moody said that as a roommate, Cunningham kept things pretty neat. As juniors, he said, they shared a very small room. “Our beds were like this far away from each other,” Moody said, holding his hands within a foot of each other. “We’d wake up in the morning, and if we happened to look in the same direction it’s like we’d wake up eye to eye. “For the most part, we stayed out of each other’s way as much as possible. But that was my guy, that was my dog. We were roommates, classmates and teammates, so it was just 24/7.”' https://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2021/jan/30/former-roommates-opposite-sides-challenge/
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    I don't know that we even need to try "tanking" - our rotations and lineups are all out of whack with players being out/injured, new guys coming in and limited practice. We have a lot of young guys still making young guy mistakes - but Clifford/Ty are letting them play through it a lot more right now, partly because there aren't many other options, with Ross, Carter-Williams, Porter, and (until the other night) Ennis being out. I think Ennis will be under a minutes restriction for a few more games, and I expect that if Chuma and Wendell play, they will also get a few less minutes to aid recovery. I think we will see quite a bit more of Donta Hall, Mo Wagner, Gary Harris and RJ Hampton; as we are still evaluating them. I love seeing our guys play hard and trying to win, my biggest concern isn't so much them developing bad habits, as it is them losing heart. It's a fine line, and one we've had difficulty with before.
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    +1 on all the post, we disagree in the past on some details, but that's exactly what I feel right now, and I wrote something similar a few days ago, even if less detailed... Tank those few games, give the minutes to players that need them, test some youngsters, and then go back at the competitive way next season. I actually think, if everyone is back healthy and ready to go, that we'll be better than a lot of us could envision now.
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    Brian Shaw’s take (on Jalen Green): “As he says, ‘I’m not backing down from any fades.’ His work ethic -- I’ve been around Kobe when he was young [and] some very good young players like Paul George when I was in Indiana -- and there’s just a certain ‘It’ factor that those guys had when they were Jalen’s age, and he has that. When you couple that with that he’s willing to put in the work, so he has that work ethic, he wants to be the best, he competes everyday in practice, in every drill, just not wanting to lose a sprint to a shooting contest. When you put all that together and get to compete, he has a knack just to figure things out.” https://www.nbabigboard.com/p/g-league-draft-scouting
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    In what is truly some kind of miracle Devin Cannady didn't break any bones or tear any ligaments. It was an open dislocation. That is... Unbelievable. Hopefully the recovery time for him won't be as long now.