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    I’m tipping a Suggs and Williams draft. What ever happens I’m sure we’ll get behind who ever we pick. I’m in Australia so gonna try get some sleep somehow. Cheers for content last few weeks lads. Bright future ahead No doubt!
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    Hoping for Suggs! Thank you CT and others for all the predraft content. Enjoyed reading this thread the past few weeks.
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    As someone who doesn’t really follow college basketball, I’ve definitely benefited from your posts.
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    I can picture it now: Raptors take Barnes at 4, I am standing up in my living room clapping, Magic twitter is going nuts. Adam Silver approaches the podium and announces that with the 5th pick, the Orlando Magic select... ALPEREN SENGUN. I then walk out the front door and keep walking, never to return.
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    Barnes is the bigger risk, especially with Pascal Siacam there. What's the worst thing for the Magic is their tragic "just missed" draft positions for the "definitely can't miss" players. 2018 - #6 (Mo Bamba) the year of #5 Trae Young / Doncic. 2017 - #6 (Jonathan Isaac) the year of #5 DeAaron Fox 2015 - #5 (Mario H) the year of #4 K. Porzingas. 2014 - #4 (Aaron Gordon) the year of #3 Joel Embiid It just feels like this will be another year of #5 with #4 Jalen Suggs going on to become an All-Star and Barnes not panning out. Call me jaded, and I still do believe Scottie Barnes can become something, but I'm just tired of us getting into these positions of being on the "outside looking in" on the NBA Draft locks.
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    I’d give up 5 and 8 for Mobley. If we stay put I’m thinking it’s: 5 - Suggs or Barnes 8 - Wagner (if available) Like you said earlier, Wagner fits our typical player profile perfectly.
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    I think this comes down to Suggs has a higher floor while Barnes has a higher ceiling. Can you imagine Barnes, as a growing 6’8” elite athlete PG, what he could do if he develops a semblance of a jumper? i think that’s why Suggs at this point isn’t the consensus #4 pic. Suggs we know will be a great scorer, but he’s only got decent size and isn’t a natural floor general. Barnes could be all those things, but chips has to fall in a lot of good directions. At this point, I’m happy with either but prefer Suggs in light of our team
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    Absolutely buzzing for it Dan!
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    You are appreciated here brother CT
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    Same here I don’t follow college basketball much but the plethora of information y’all post is more than enough to do my homework. Thanks for always posting great articles guys keep em coming!
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    Updated Wasserman mock is the same as yesterday too Suggs/Moody/Josh Christopher.
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    I’m going to be so disappointed if he draft two guys who can’t shoot. It’s so deflating every year
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    Ive got to say I have wondered how many of these 168 pages I'm solely responsible for... I think the answer would terrify me lol
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    I also hope we bring back Mo Wagner so we can have both of them on the team. Kinda like a hype man ala Giannis and Thanassis. Seriously though I liked how Mo looked for us last year in the limited time he was here and if we can add on his brother in the draft with one of our picks that’s just icing on the cake.
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    Seen some suggestions recently he might fall into the second. If he's there at 33 I'd sprint to the podium.
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    It’ll be interesting to see what is good intel vs. groupthink as there seems to be a growing top 7 consensus. If they’re right, I’ll be sad to miss out on Bouknight at 8. But I’m actually coming around to Sengun at that spot. I would be surprised if we kept both Bamba and Carter after this season given their contract situations so I think there will be minutes available. He may also be one of the highest upside players left at 8 where the upside isn’t purely theoretical. Our FO definitely anchors on a lot of analytics in the draft so this pick fits the mold even though he’s not a wingspan player. A Barnes/Kuminga + Sengun draft would be pretty good in my book. A Suggs + Sengun draft where we pick up another first to get one of the interesting wings in the teens/early twenties would be even better.
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    Any draft we end up with Giddey is a W for me :')
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    Why are those steals? They might turn out to be steals in the future but we are not there yet.
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    I would make it a toss up between Hezonja and Payton with Bamba still in the running. We probably should start a thread on this :)
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    I wouldn’t pay too much attention to it, Fournier‘s game is built for international play, he’s not gonna become a star in the NBA. I do agree with you though, he’s one of the most frustrating players to ever don a Magic jersey.
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    Wow Fournier worked team USA! Still top 5 most annoying players in Magic history though.
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