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Ned Ryerson

***Live Streaming Coverage of Venues Vote***

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Skywise316    211

I dunno if this helps anyone, but I tried the WESH webcast and the Sentinel webcast. The Sentinel webcast's problem for me at least, is that its very choppy.


On the other hand, for the first 10-15 minutes or so, the WESH webcast were having audio problems. It seems they've been fixed as of now though, and I'm not having any lag or choppiness or anything with the WESH.


So anyone having problems with the Sentinel webcast may want to try WESH's.

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Ned Ryerson    94

Originally posted by Black And Blue:

Yes I am and trying to take notes for the blog. Connections really suck for me though.


WESH is working the best for me right now.


...I can't imagine the good stuff starting for a few hours.

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