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  1. Hutchence

    Post your Music

    FWIW, Bon Iver makes me want to stick a gun in my mouth. Seriously, awful.
  2. i violated your wall

  3. Hutchence

    Post your Music

  4. Hutchence

    This is funkadelic.

    I had forgotten how much I had grown to dislike the message board. Hopefully the change will rekindle my love.
  5. i love seeing my sadomasochistic flamingos in your avatar

  6. Hutchence

    C. Paul trade adventure; ESPN TrueHoop(pg. 17)

    quote: Originally posted by Magic Fan 4 Life: quote: Originally posted by ball junkie: Just got off the phone with Povtak...he says Ken Berger knows what he's talking about...he doesn't throw ish out there like other reporters... Link: http://www.cbssports.com/nba/s...till-seeking-way-out This is for the people that don't read that other thread because it's so big and full of jibberish... You have Povtak's phone number????
  7. Hutchence

    We will win tomorrow

    You are all welcome
  8. quote: Originally posted by MrWise:Not to sound superstitious but didn't we have a perfect record last year against Boston when TrueMagicFan did the game threads... We also had Hedo, yeah, we are missing Hedo, that's it.
  9. Hutchence

    We will win tomorrow

  10. Hutchence

    This is where we give up our Orlando Magic loyalty..

    quote: Originally posted by CubanMagic89:Point Blank. I will never give up on this team. Ever. They are my team forever. Through thick and thin. THIS
  11. Hutchence

    This is where we give up our Orlando Magic loyalty..

    quote: Originally posted by KillingInTheNameOf:Go to the light...embrace communism...wat kinda over dramatic bs is this? I thought this was a b-ball mb, not an oprah forum... sweet jesus, it is the end...i agree and like your post. i need a shower...
  12. Hutchence


    quote: Originally posted by MilitaryMagic:LoD, JD may have immortalized your words in this very thread. Don't hate, just BELIEVE. Besides, all the new traffic to this thread may get more visitors to read your wonderful articles. You know, it's like, free advertising. The hate is well deserved, if another mod hadnt updated the post to reflect it was LoD's material it wouldnt have been on there. Although, the utter lack of line breaks and ellipses should have given it away.
  13. Hutchence


    quote: Originally posted by Sinister_Grin: quote: Originally posted by Live or Die Magic: quote: Originally posted by TreyTime:There's only one thing left to do, win the whole ****ing thing! (Name that movie!) Major League...and I don't know how even mentioning awesome 80s sports movies makes this joke of a thread so popular. Because it's full of BELIEVE!!?? believe, plagirism, eh, close enough