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  1. djmase20

    Paul wants out (with link)

    this is like when DeShawn Stevenson F-ed himself a few years ago by opting out. Poor Barnes. I cant believe thats the best he could get.
  2. djmase20

    Vince should take more shots

    God, I hope Vince doesnt read this thread. We shouldnt be giving him any bright ideas.
  3. djmase20


    quote: Originally posted by Jareth Cutestory: We should trade Keith Bogans for him. no no, we should sign him and start him, we need to save Darrell Armstrong's legs for the playoffs!!
  4. djmase20

    Heat Rivalry? Really?

    quote: Originally posted by bhnole: The rivalry heated up a lot during the Shaq years, he and Zo had some epic wars in the paint. Is that true? Im pretty sure they got Zo the same time we lost Shaq. I know Shaq and Zo had some epic wars when he was with the Hornets, but I dont think in Miami. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  5. djmase20

    Jason Williams.. on the best play @ espy's

    I dont think its that bad. Why would the guy in front dive on the floor for that ball?? He wouldnt. That would be stupid. Rondo had the advantage because he could see both the ball and what Williams was doing. He had to dive to have a chance. To say that he was hustling and Williams wasnt is simply not true. It was a good play, but not a matter of more hustle.
  6. djmase20

    Was it really the Cavs we hated?

    you hate teams that are better than your team.. simple as that.
  7. djmase20

    Richardson Press Conference

    dont overdress Otis. He looks like he just went to the movies or something before the press conference.
  8. I miss it. I miss its musk. I know it's in the HOF now, but I want it active again. Post your favorite memories here;
  9. djmase20

    Trying to Remember Shaq's Departure

    it was painfull, but this was way worse. It was during the Atlanta games, and I remember Charles Barkely commenting that he was going to leave because the fans didnt respect him enough. A Orlando Sentinel poll showed that most fans didnt think he was worth the contract he Lakers were offering (how stupid the fans were). Anyway, the difference was we still had the 2nd coming of Jordan, Penny Hardaway on the team. Everyone really thought that at the time. That softened the blow. The Cavs have nothing like that. Plus he was a hometown hero. Plus he waterboarded the entire city for a week before humilating them on national TV. This is 1000 x worse.
  10. djmase20

    Magic going in for Chris Paul

    you know who is to blame... Sam Presti
  11. djmase20

    Van Gundy says Heat are favorite to win the East

    he is the master of panic
  12. djmase20

    Magic going in for Chris Paul

    the Heat should sign Delonte West
  13. djmase20

    Magic going in for Chris Paul

    I think I must have banged the Sports God's wife in a past life.
  14. djmase20

    Magic going in for Chris Paul

    He waterboarded Cleveland for the last week, then cut their balls off on national TV. Nice.
  15. djmase20

    Magic going in for Chris Paul

    quote: Originally posted by patport21:We are not getting CP3!!!! He is not available!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! 621 pages would suggest otherwise, squire.