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Bauncey Chillups

2019 Offseason Thread

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On 9/25/2019 at 6:38 PM, ?4thewin said:


Just read this for the first time after barely thinking about basketball and the Magic since the draft. Super excited. I know it's all talk but just to hear the kid be confident and say things like this after the time he's had. I'm ready for the season now.

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2 hours ago, ?4thewin said:

That's brilliant to hear. He's determined to get better.

He should've been training with team USA then but he's making the most of the off-season anyway. 

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Anybody know anything about this guy other than what is in the article? https://basketball.realgm.com/wiretap/255517/Magic-Sign-BJ-Johnson

He was on our g-league team and was good. He can shoot and is athletic. 

He played real minutes in 2 games for Atlanta and did some stuff. I like him more than Jefferson

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Orlando's offseason plan for Isaac led him to a startling discovery.

"I did not know I could eat this much," Isaac says. "My mind is blown. Eating is almost not enjoyable anymore." Isaac says he has eaten five or six "real meals" every day to add heft to his string-bean frame -- without compromising the quickness and switchability that hold All-Defense promise.

The Magic estimate Isaac has put on 15 to 20 pounds. That would mitigate his only major vulnerability on defense: brutes burrowing into Isaac's chest, dislodging him, and lofting layups as he stumbles backward. Against some teams, the Magic toggled assignments so Aaron Gordon would defend behemoth power forwards -- leaving Isaac to trail wings.

Jeff Van Gundy often had Isaac defend wings during practices with the USA Select team; during that camp, Isaac says he texted Pat Delany, an Orlando assistant, requesting Delany prepare film of players who were good at scampering around with wings. "I really don't know how to read guys coming off screens," Isaac says.

Isaac should become a stopper against every position. His combination of length and speed is outrageous. He reads the game well. What stands out already is an absence of mistakes -- unusual for a player so young.


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