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  1. Vuc - Should he stay or go?

    I dont believe so it is an improvement by 15 - 20 games in weak eastern conference and this year we are playing with some experience (including one that was 48 minutes away from the nba finals for 3 games) last year we were 6 - 10 in games decided by 3 points or less and another 7 of our losses were decided by 4 -9 points we went 30-22 when we scored 100+ only Cleveland had a winning record in the east when giving up 100. we went 12 -39 now with Vuc , Gordon , Ibaka and Biyombo we have a heavy defensive presence so reducing this by 10 -12 games will be huge for us but with a defensive minded coach it is achievable. we play 52 games v other eastern conference sides we can win 36 - 40 of those 10 - 15 wins against the west is achievable. I do know our is roster is not top notch but we have added experience and Vogal is used to winning that is a huge key in the tight ones (Those that were here in the SVG days and that dream 09 season would agree that a coach that is used to winning closes out the close ones). by reductions as above we go 46 - 51 wins but also given the conference and a couple of games that we should never of lost (cough horrible January cough) we could pull out a couple of we are on streak confidence wins makes it do able.
  2. Vuc - Should he stay or go?

    keep him he has been a huge upgrade since Dwight Howard. In todays nba a 3 big man rotation is not a silly idea. OKC did it well with Adams , Kanter and Ibaka and showed in the playoffs how effective it is. In a much weaker Eastern Conference It should get us a solid 50 - 55 wins which will be good enough for 4th 5th place possibly 3rd. you could go outside the box and even play all 3 bigs at once, Ibaka's ability to shoot at range with added Height could make him a small forwards nightmare to guard. altho we would have to play 20 -22 second offences to stem transition and fast breaks against us. this would also allow to some how keep Gordon in the mix too. One thing I really do not like about Vogal's coaching style is he tends to try and win big rather than test dept and win ( we all know an 82 game season is marathon not a sprint) and it showed in 2014 Pacers were tired and Hibbert was a big example he was both Physically and Mentally tired and went missing in the playoffs because of it. - Don't get me wrong finishing with the home court in the conference finals is huge but I would rather play on the road and be a bit fresher than play at home and have nothing in the tank
  3. Shout out to all of the veterans of this board.

    Big hi to vets some great times especially 09 with the bagging of the cavs bandwagon fans and of course the muppet 76ers rule but some great people Jec, Addi F B, Lewis for the win just to name a few. have the odd read but don't post much life has got in the way.
  4. Goal this year

    i think we should just forget about draft picks for now it's still at least 82 games away and in this league injuries will factor in somewhere. what we need to do is look to use this current roster to establish a base foundation with our vets leading the way and letting our young talent get used to the league and having KPI achievements through out the year. If we are going to be a mid table side then i can live with that. All the talk of tanking to me pointless as we only have to look at this years draft we had the worst record and did not get the number 1 pick , we have to remember that we still have a 75% chance of not getting it. So finishing as high as possible to me is a better option as we can not only get ourselves back but also make a play in the free agency where players have been in league and we can then shop for what we need to make us better. we could be the next Houston and attract that player rather than OKC who built with picks and then lost a key player due to cap space. Then if we need to we can just look to the trade deadline in Feb.
  5. Official 2013 NBA playoffs Thread

    looking at the final 4 teams i want the spurs to win it all.
  6. i really wish none was an option for the east so i went with the bobcats i really dont like any other eastern conference team unless they are playing the heat or the lakers. spurs and thunder in the west for me
  7. Would you welcome Dwight Howard back?

    oh hell no. i really can't wait to see the nba highlights video (unless i win the lotto then ill be court side joining in) when he gets booed out of Amway Centre.
  8. NBA Fines Spurs $250K for Resting Players

    whats the bet that next time pop wants to this they start play 2 minutes and then are sat out for the rest of game. i think that is more of a rip off to the fans than them not being there at all.
  9. and id want to see the video of Dwight's reaction the second the team was told.... the whole thing in an Orlando based master card advertisement would be priceless
  10. Dwight Howard Appreciation Thread

    pass he should of just gone last year. now we are stuck with nothing and our best chance to help a faster rebuild was sacked in the offseason to keep him happy.
  11. he should of rubbed out of the rest of the season and playoffs there is no room for that rubbish in the game basketball.
  12. Dwight wants trade after season is over

    i really don't want another off season and first half of the season till the deadline like this really downer of season again, the only year i remember that was worse was our 21-61 season which sucked to no end. i think we should keep stan and trade dwight to the nets and get a draft pick and Lopez as stan, liked or not is a top tier of coaches in the league and replacing a top coach with a another top coach does not happen. I'm just a fan of his 40 mil 4 year contract. i think the best deal will come form L.A its a shame they traded Fisher I would of been happy with Bynum and Fisher for Dwight and Duhon or Jameer . the other changes that IMO need to made to our roster is JJ has to start over J Rich i think its time move Duhon or Jameer and get a bit of youth behind either one . with Chicago and Miami will be the dominant teams in the east for the next 4-5 years it wont hurt to start now to make another run i can handle waiting that long over another 14 years between trips to finals.
  13. Dear Magic Fans

    i so love playoff time it brings out the some of the dumbest trolls eg 76ers rule the cav's fans who were in such denial that Le Queen was not going to bail on them and now this clown. i so love it when they run their mouth 24 hours or 4 wins too early.
  14. i did come out this season after a bad loss and said something has to change whether it was Stan to go or Otis. well i think it Oatis that needs to go as far as the last few years have gone my only floor in our game plan has been our offence. i thought we need to have more of an inside outside game and move away from being a team that relies so heavily on the 3 point shot but the stretch 4 game is what it is a shooters game. but still we supporters whom have been a Magic fan for years we have to remember one thing Stan gave a us a taste of NBA Finals basketball for the first time in 14 years anyway Stan is a great coach and can say fire me as we all know he will have job with a new franchise very quickly top coaches don't sit around long. big props to Drain-O good thread
  15. The final hours.

    im split between keeping and seeing what happens of trading him. i still remember the infamous 21-61 nightmare season and its something i never want to go through again. either way bring Friday morning (australia time) as it will be all over and done with and we can will all know once and for all are we going to contend or just make up the numbers in the playoffs