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  1. sharp/7/shooter

    Jareth's Tweet Party!

    I read a post that said our bed has pretty much been made, but I disagree. I think we need another big that can impact this team (as do some so-called NBA analysts) and if we are willing to disrupt our roster for that to happen, what stops us from pushing forward with a more appealing deal that may arise.
  2. sharp/7/shooter

    Jareth's Tweet Party!

    NY *cringes*
  3. sharp/7/shooter

    Jareth's Tweet Party!

    Just to add to the trade rumor mill drama: http://www.rotoworld...ason-richardson http://espn.go.com/b...olph-to-orlando EDIT: if this has been posted already, my bad.... haven't been on here for a while
  4. sharp/7/shooter


    dropping in to say that Nick Young is one of my favorite players. Hope he has a good game, if and only if we win. GO MAGIC
  5. sharp/7/shooter

    Official Game Thread: Magic Vs. Lakers Sun. 2/13

    LETS GO MAGIC, Show em who really runs LA
  6. sharp/7/shooter

    Is it a requirement to be a masochist when rooting for the Magic?

    I follow Wizard games....their fanbase must want to just keel over. 0-25 on the road.
  7. sharp/7/shooter

    Post your Music

    Would be so much better if whoever mastered the track spaced the vocals from the instrumental a little more
  8. sharp/7/shooter

    Official Game Thread: Heat vs Magic

    Or his 15 foot bank shots that he's been wetting
  9. sharp/7/shooter

    Official Game Thread: Heat vs Magic

    http://www.orlandose...0,5083878.story I posted this in another thread, but it involves tonight's game sooooo
  10. sharp/7/shooter

    With Bass Down..who steps up? Clark, Allen or Orton?

  11. sharp/7/shooter

    SVG: Magic Not Ready to Contend

    I agree. Randolph is a double double machine. He's an offensive threat in the post and on the boards. I had no qualms with that at all. Our defense leaves much to be desired. With Nelson and Arenas at the helm, we lack defensive pressure from the PG position. When they are both in the game, well, it isn't pretty. Defense stems from the point guard since the opposition's PG is running their offense. Imagine Derrick Rose against Nelson, ouch. Dwight can only do so much and currently we have a defensive scheme tailor made to push the ball handler inside to Dwight. When DH is out of the game or out of position, we are screwed. Think about it -- Nelson, J Rich, Hedo, Anderson, Redick, Arenas and company are not lock down defenders by any means. Analysts are convinced that Otis is not finished with acquiring pieces to fit a championship caliber puzzle. With the trade deadline closing in, I'm sure he's looking for a defensive-minded swingman and a big. With that said, I like this team.
  12. sharp/7/shooter

    Official Game Thread: Magic @ Grizzlies

    lol He's the one who injured JJ when we played the Cavs :mellow: I don't know if we would have won if he played, but the game was pretty damn close. BTW, don't know if this was posted yet:
  13. sharp/7/shooter

    Official Game Thread: Magic @ Grizzlies

    Antawn Jamison, I hate you.
  14. sharp/7/shooter

    Fans Game Thread: Magics @ Pacers 01/26/11 7 PM

    Your sig is awesome, Jareth. We win and Paul George gets >20 minutes
  15. J Will has my support. I don't know if he's facing a hard situation in the rollercoaster we call Life, if he did something dodgy, or if he wants to retire now.