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  1. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    After watching steph how could you not want to take Trae as a risk at 6? No one at 6 will be a star for us and we are still several years away so why not give Trae a shot. Worst case scenario he is a 6th man which is just about what most of the players on our team are
  2. Okay so what just happened tonight? Is this team for real yet?
  3. Official Game Thread : Magic vs Spurs

    Wow this team is amazing right now. I expected another long rebuild year but this is crazy. I’m glad to see the players stepping up but it also looks like we finally got the coach we expected to get last year
  4. Official Game Thread : Magic vs Nets Part 2

    This year feels differently already
  5. Official Game Thread : Magic vs Nets Part 2

    Gordon is that star we always hoped he’d be
  6. Official Game Thread : Magic vs Nets

    That was a terrible game
  7. Official Game Thread : Magic vs Nets

    So is vuch are best player again?
  8. Official Game Thread : Magic vs Nets

    We are playing sloppy now
  9. OFFICIAL GAMETHREAD: Magic vs Heat - 7 PM EST

    Is Mario already that far back again?
  10. OFFICIAL GAMETHREAD: Magic vs Heat - 7 PM EST

    And just like that, bizmaks offense is gone
  11. OFFICIAL GAMETHREAD: Magic vs Heat - 7 PM EST

    Gordon just has that look in his eyes this year. He will be great this year
  12. Thoughts on Simmons so far? I'm pleasantly surprised and expected a little less than what we are getting out of him
  13. 2017 NBA Draft Thread

    But he's not going to score first that's what I'm meaning. He's not going to be a go to scorer for us
  14. 2017 NBA Draft Thread

    He can but not as consistent and he doesn't shoot much like a lot of the other guys in the draft. I mean hell we could of picked up Donovan Mitchell to give us something
  15. 2017 NBA Draft Thread

    I'm still mad we didn't draft anyone that can shoot
  16. 2017 Official Offseason Thread

    I'm hoping Iwundu becomes that player for us that is extremely solid and consistent several years from now when we become a contender
  17. 2017 Official Offseason Thread

    Is he available now or next years draft?
  18. 2017 NBA Draft Thread

    Okay if we can play Mario at 3, Gordon at 4, and Isaac at 5 and start building around that then I'll be a lot happier
  19. 2017 NBA Draft Thread

    I was going to but decided not to, now really glad I didnt
  20. 2017 NBA Draft Thread

    What didn't we trade 25 for?
  21. 2017 NBA Draft Thread

    That would make up for not drafting Smith to me