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    Sorry for being among the silent but your last post before was the single most enjoyable thing on the forum in the past 4 months. I personally greatly appreciated it. Wish it wasn't such a tumbleweed dirt road here.
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    Hey Guys, I went to Grand Floridian today and this is how they are keeping the players in the bubble. I didn’t see any Magic players but I did see the Pelicans getting off of the bus so that was pretty cool
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    Just want to say that even if I don't write in this topic (I live in Europe, I've a very low knowledge of prospect and NCAA) I always read with interest that thread, so don't feel alone and go on with that! :)
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    Hey thanks man! Appreciate it! Yea I wish it was busier here too, hence all my posts. With all this time in lockdown I've just dived in to thinking about the Magics off-season, the draft, potential free agents etc all just to keep me from being bored (and keep my mind off of the horrible things happening right now). I'm just using these threads as a place to file some of those thoughts, even if nobody replies haha
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    Would be a sick team, though. Unfortunately
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    If you're interested in what the bubble is like TRoss has a podcast now and the second episode is about Day 1 in the bubble. Pretty enlightening on what life is like in the bubble.
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    I know this thread is essentially me talking to myself so sorry but here's one more thought: I wonder what would happen if we get to pick 16 or whatever we have and Aleksej Pokusevski is still on the board. 7'0, 7'3 wingspan. Shoots and moves like a forward and passes and handles like a guard with good defensive instincts. The knocks on him are he's stick thin which affects him on both ends and he plays in the Greek 2nd Division. I think he's the ultimate Boom or Bust pick. And of course John Hammond famously selected another Boom or Bust pick from the Greek 2nd Division in about the same range pick as where we'll be. I'm not comparing him to Giannis in any way other than they're both unique prospects from the same European league, and we definitely don't need another big on the roster right now. But I can see why some front offices, maybe ours, would find it difficult not to pick him.
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    If you prescribe to the idea that wingspan is a major part of what we look for in a prospect, and make the presumption that we're probably looking for a guard or wing in this draft here are the prospects with (alleged or rumoured since there's been no combine) above average wingspan for their size that might come in to play when we pick in the teens: Devin Vassell - I think he'll be long gone by our pick but some mocks have him in our range. He's allegedly 6'7 with a 6'10 wingspan. Kind of like a more wing version of Isaac, long, disruptive defender, definite 3 and D potential but also showed flashes as a shot creator. Tyrese Maxey - 6'3 with a 6'6 wingspan. He's still undersized for a combo guard though so not sure how that fits with the length stuff. He looks like he's going to be a really good point of attack defender, his shooting figures are horrible but his jumper looks good so people believe he can be a positive 3 point shooter in the NBA. Isaac Okoro - like Vassell probably won't be around when we pick but he's 6'6 with a 6'9 wingspan. Super athlete, high motor, great defender, jumper is not good, free throws also terrible. Aaron Nesmith - Actually think he's probably the most likely pick right now if he's on the board when we pick. 6'6 with a 6'10 wingspan. Elite shooter, catch and shoot, DHOs, NBA level screen plays, even a little bit off the dribble. Hes not a great athlete though, and didn't look very convincing on defense despite his length. Jahmius Ramsey - He's 6'4, some disputes about his wingspan, some places allege it's 6'10, The Ringer has it a 6'6. He's got the looks of a microwave scorer, shot really well from 3 in college but took some terrible shots and finished an atrociously low amount of shots at the rim. Has defensive potential but didn't show a lot of effort. Josh Green - 6'6 with a 6'10 wingspan. Bouncy SG who's jumper looked ok at Arizona. 3 and D potential definitely. Theo Maledon - 6'4 with a 6'8 wingspan. Long point guard, not an explosive athlete but looks good in PnR and has a decent catch and shoot game. Could play on or off ball. One interesting thing to note is that in the second round we have drafted exclusively wing players with above average wingspans since WeltHam took over. Iwundu, Frazier and Jackson all fit that archetype. And even Hammond's last couple years in Milwaukee he picked Damien Inglis and Malcolm Brogdon who also fit that mould. Be interesting to see if we carry on with that.
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    I think that's a little harsh personally. He's shooting over 50% on 2s this season. Hes shot 67% at the rim, he creates his own shot (only 44% of his 2 point field goals were assisted), he's a relatively low turnover player comparative to his usage. Honestly if I had a star player or two and wanted a 3rd or 4th option, or a 6th man to play starters minutes I'd be really interested in Evan Fournier. We all know you're not going to win an NBA championship with Evan Fournier as your best wing/guard scorer which is why this is a conversation. But that's not a slight on him, I personally think we should be praying he opts in so we can trade him otherwise we lose one of our best players for nothing (not even cap space). Or have to commit to this core for another 4 years (to be clear I don't think we should do this). Make no mistake though I think we'll be a worse offensive team when he's gone unless we can adequately replace his shooting, shot creation and efficiency either with one player or by committee. He's a good offensive player, he'd probably be more efficient if he didn't have to create his own shot as much, and he's not a liability defensively. I actually think he'd fit pretty well in Denver or Brooklyn.
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    Wouldn’t surprise me. Their front office is top notch.
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    Sit him down? Your kidding. Make no mistake this organisation are taking us all as fools. He was meant to be back to full health early June at latest! This was not a knee sprain. It had all the making of a torn ACL, they are not being honest with us. What do they take us for? Seriously.