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    Also, Happy Thanksgiving yall!! Hope everyone has a great holiday!
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    If the discussion about the team's current success (or lack thereof) is centered around tanking, then tbh I'm going to be pretty damn disgusted with our FO. I am anti-tanking from the get go, but if the plan is to continue tanking, with all the youth and potential that we currently have, after already getting the #1 pick and getting a legitimate star to build around, then when does it actually stop? This team is full of youth. How many players on the roster are 24 or under? It's basically everyone other than T-Ross, right? These guys need to actually develop. Learn how to play at an NBA level, learn how to win, and learn how to develop a culture among themselves and develop expectations. If the team sucks, they suck, so be it, and if they are middle of the pack and low lottery or even a low seed playoff entry, then so be it. No team goes from tanking to champion with the high end lottery pick that they tanked for. It doesn't happen, and the very rare exceptions that do happen have very big exceptions to the rule (i.e. an injured David Robinson coming back alongside TIm Duncan, or LeBron James signing to join alongside Kyrie Irving and bringing Kevin Love with him). Tanking is a failed philosophy to begin with, but when you actually have already gotten the draft picks, the youthful potential, the talent, it's time to start letting them play and develop and become what you drafted them to be. If this organization is intentionally holding these players like Fultz, Isaac, and to a lesser extent, Carter and Anthony, out longer for these injuries when they could be playing and contributing now, then I will be absolutely disgusted. How is all this youth you've accumulated over the years of abysmal performance ever going to develop if you are intentionally not allowing them to play, and putting the ones who are left (like Paolo and Franz) in an impossible situation. It's so absurd that I have a hard time fully believing that a professional front office would be so blatantly incompetent. Like, the supposed point of tanking is to get youthful talent that you can build around and improve with. Well, we have the talent. Why tf are we still in tank mode? For Wembanyama? Really? Dude looks like the next Chet Holmgren, meaning, severely injured before he can even step on the court. And as far as all this top tier talent talk is concerned, the greatest talent of a generation (LeBron James) couldn't win the team that drafted him a championship until they brought him back as a free agent to pair with another all-star talent and another #1 overall. Tanking for Wembanyama isn't going to be the move that turns this team from perpetual lottery team to NBA champions. But developing the players we have, developing chemistry and a culture of winning and expectations, and putting key pieces around that talent to enhance what we already have, is what can do it.
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    I'll believe it when I see it. There's a lot of time between now and Sunday for a piano to fall from the sky on him or coyotes wearing rocket skates to slam into him breaking his wrist. In other words, the only thing more comical than the amount of injuries is how long it takes. Make sure Isaac doesn't get struck by lightning in the meantime too
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    VENUE: Amway Center - Orlando, FL TV: Bally Sports FL 10-9, 2nd in Atlantic Division | 5-14, 5th in Southeast Division Magic and 76ers Lineups WE WILL FIGHT!!! - WE WILL WIN!!! LET'S GO MAGIC!
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    Tanking/no tanking discussion is boring so here's Jett Howard looking like a future Orlando Magic player: He's my favourite non top 3 guy in the draft so far and possibly my favourite prospect fit wise for the Magic.
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    Appreciate it. I've made lots of posts like this in the past, and have even supplied decades worth of stats and results to prove that tanking doesn't work, but unfortunately it's typically met with contention and downvotes. I've had to take a break from this place, and leave Facebook groups, because the fanbase is just so vocally adamant about losing at all costs, to the point of boo'ing wins and seemingly hating any sort of improvement or slivers of success. I don't watch sports to actively root against my team and watching them intentionally put a bad product on the floor. I understand that ups and downs happen, and I am generally pretty forgiving of down times because I understand the cycle of sports, the ups and downs, but I am not forgiving of intentional tanking and intentionally setting your team up for failure. I truly hope that's not what's happening. This roster is not in a position to be holding players out longer than necessary from injury in the name of "tanking", because this is talent that needs to play and develop.
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    Nobody in this thread, in fact no Orlando Magic fans I've seen on any platform, are campaigning for us to tank for the #1 pick.
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    Amen, brother. I’d give you +3 for that post if I could. I’ve made many, many posts with similar comments in the past, but usually not put as well as your comment above.
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    I'm not convinced either at this point. That team has surely the potential to do a lot better than this, but even with normal rotations, it's not a given. Will the mentality/cohesion/gameplan be good enough?
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    Trying not to get hyped about Scoot or Wemby since I don't think we'll have a shot at them but here's some Scoot since people have shown an interest.
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    FULTZ !!! I did call the ticket guys and told them about Ross post …maybe that had something to do with this lol joking He’s playing tomorrow Edit …told them they better email their public relations department
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    Trust the process - Fultz clip is hilarious
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    Caleb remind me of Courtney Lee. Solid player knows where to be and what to do. Got legitimate size at his position. i think he needs more burn
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    so i think i am 100%, not changing my mind, sold on trading Bamba. Maybe someone else will be able to get his motor working but its not us. Maybe we can get one of these teams that owes us something like OKC. Trade him for chet...lol - Just saw a halftime clip of bamba driving and saying he still gets lost in orlando... its been 4 years. I grew up in ORL and i get kind of uncertain where i might be when im in like davenport/4 corners or maybe clermont/tavares
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    I'm watching this one, i lost the last couple. I wasn't expecting to see Markelle, but the starting lineup with Gary and Paolo makes it way better than ten days ago. It's been a fun first half. Brooklyn started with Kyrie, KD and Simmons: they want the game, but they're losing the ball a lot and we got some transition points. Bol is being the most beatiful freak of nature
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    i actually felt so upset reading this lineup that i choked laughing it was so comical...
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    We have Bol as our test of durability of stickboys. 0----<--------<
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    Even without those three guards, we still had Ross+Harris+Hampton+Houstan to manage the most of the backcourt minutes. I know none of them are playmakers, but still, having Wagner-Banchero-Bol-Bamba on the floor together makes no sense to me, not in short and even less in long term results. I already wrote about my doubts on the coaching staff in the past, and other forum members are correctly indicating some (big) problems recently. Philly had worst absences than us, losing that way at home is plain embarassing. Banchero is probably the most gifted offensive player we had on a long time, but I'm curious to see what advanced stats says about his defensive presence, the team always seem to really suffer on that end too with him into the game. So we have no shooters, we're bad in sharing and passing the ball, we're mediocre in defense... i really don't see what's the identity that coaching staff want for this team injuries or not. There've been low talent teams in the past that were exciting and getting some W only for the fact that they were fighting as hell every time they were playing. Those group just seem soft to me, or maybe only lacks leaders.
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    I don’t recall seeing anyone listed as “questionable” ever actually play for the Magic this season. Questionable basically means “out”
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    Here are some questions I wish reporters would ask WeltHam: 1. How do you measure success with this year and team? 2. If you could grade our medical and training staff, what grade would you assign them and why? 3. What does professional accountability look like for you in your roles?
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    I upvoted you at the time, and i did it again now. I actually still watch them, and watched them last season more than they deseved (by far). But the point for me is the absurd optimism that comes back every summer, followed by the delusion at every start of the season. I would like a more realistic approach in both situations.
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    I got some downvotes for my post above but I have to admit that right now my enthusiasm for watching the Magic play is dropping by the game, and we’re not even a quarter into the season yet. Losing consistently usually just isn’t that much fun to watch. Just another reminder of how rosy things always look and sound over the summer.
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    Magic fans have been doing nothing but campaigning for tanking ever since we traded away Dwight.
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    There are 2 reasons why you can lose to a sixers team without embiid at home with banchero playing 1- the coach sucks 2- the young players are not as good as advertised