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    We still have a deeply flawed team with a horrible bench and Clifford has led us to wins over the Celtics, Sixers and Spurs, while showing great ball movement. I have to tip my hat to that and I'm hopeful about what he can do with better players. I was team tank but that ain't happening. The bottom of the East BLOWS and Caris LeVert just went down. Watching some Magic playoff basketball would be fun even if we got swept.
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    AG just playing such a comfortable brand of basketball. Never seen that from him. Always seemed rushed on the court to me. He’s settled in and looking like a good all around basketball player.
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    Guys Iwundu has arrived. I’m fine eating crow on him. Do your thing Wes.
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    If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Issac will start again, probably sooner than later, but I’m not just putting him in the lineup. Iwundu has earned the right to keep starting until he starts struggling again or we come out flat and need a change.
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    Oh we for sure don’t win without that block. That was the moment that changed the game. Like you said if he throws that down on Issac it shift momentum completely the other way.
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    We have his full bird rights but you're looking at new contract values, not extension values.
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    Agree. clifford has done a really nice job, vuc is playing out of his mind (I would like him to at least raise his arms while contesting a shot), ross has been unbelievable, and some nice contributions by gordon, bamba and dj. For us to get to the playoffs we need to have a better record than wizards and heat. Those will be our real opponents for the 8th seed. And we will need fournier, simmons and grant to be at least decent to have a shot at this. I dont know what else to expect from isaac, though (if he does play)
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    Some shooting things: Gordon is currently scoring over 76% of his shots around the basket. For reference, Lebron James has only passed those percentages around the basket 4 times in his 16 year career, the first time coming when he was 28. Our team as a whole is 4th in FG% around the basket (within 3 feet). However, we are second to last in the number of attempts at the rim- which is probably part of what is deflating our efficiency numbers. On the other hand, we are 12th in the % of shots taken 3-10 feet, while being the 20th most efficient in that area, and 7th in % of shots taken 10-16 feet while being 29th most efficient from that area. We also take the 5th most long 2s (16 to the 3 pt. line) as a portion of our total shots, but we are 7th most efficient from that range. From the 3, we are average in both attempts (35% of our shots are from 3, which puts us 16th), and efficiency (34.6% as a team which puts us 19th). We are still the worst team at getting to the free throw line, even though we are 16th in free throw shooting percentage. Basically, our efficiency issues are a combination of us not generating shots in areas where we are good to average and taking too high of a percentage of our shots in areas where we are not efficient (mostly in the mid-range), while also not being able to get to the free throw line. Thankfully, our efficiency numbers have been going up.
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    So like what are we going to do with Vucevic? He is playing like an all-star but does he fit in with our playing style and Bamba is obviously the future. I don't know how you could trade him playing so good but you want to have room for Bamba to grow too. Vuc just had to wait til this year to become good smh
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    I would not want to be a player in the locker room with Coach Snyder after that game. Yikes.
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    It's amazing what happens when guys start playing like an actual team..... There's shots to go around for everyone. Not to mention it picks up the intensity on the other end of the floor.
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    But JJ was just called that by his sisters.
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    I just want Ric Flair screaming "WOO" behind me for the rest of the night.
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    This couldn't have gone better for our brand
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    Simmons is just way too predictable. Dribble the life out the ball, wild drive to the basket and take a contested layup or do a pump fake pass to a defender.
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    You weren't kidding when you said AG is playing really well now. Always looking to make the right play.
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    I'm sorry but our bench hasn't done much to prove that they should all be out there on the floor together. Clifford needs to keep a starter out there with them to maintain some offense flow. I can't stand watching the offense take an immediate halt with this crew.
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    Hmm. Gut reaction is that we seem to be getting the slightly worse end of that deal- which probably means that it is fair. Breaking it down, Fournier is still young, but Fultz is obviously younger with higher potential. Chandler would add extra cap space going into next year. Fournier is currently better and would be the perfect offensive player for Philly to acquire. We are probably not hurt too much by this though with how Ross has been playing. Fultz fits our timeline, and has the potential to be good even if he does not re-find his shot. He is shooting 31% so far this year from 3 (ok, he has only taken 13 and made 4 so super small sample size), but that suggests that it isn't as broken as people seem to make it out as. Also, he is already pretty good around the rim, finishing 65% within 3 feet so far in his career (both this year and last year)- that is something young guards often struggle with. (Some examples for reference: Kemba has never even passed 60%, Curry didn't until his 6th year, Oladipo didn't until last year, Iving didn't until last year, Rondo only hit that mark once, in his 4th year, CP3 didn't until his 8th year). I think I might actually be pretty excited if we swung a trade for him.
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    The good thing is Payton still sucks!
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    LeVert will be able to return this year with no major ligament damage or fracture. He just suffered a dislocated ankle, the man dodged a bullet.
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    Perpetual lotto protection. Like hehateme said, toss in our second this year if you need to. If he hits 3 threes on Wednesday it would change the calculation again but we should try to give as little as possible
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    That's because you're falling for the spectacle of being flabbergasted at Fultz looking like x in college but now looks like y! Ignore the ugly shot that comes and goes. A miss is a miss regardless. Assume he can't shoot and will never be able to shoot. If he showed up on our team tomorrow he'd still be a great athlete, a good passer, a good defender with size to defend 3 positions, and a guy that can live at the rim. He's basically young rondo.