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    This straw man argument that Fultz is the cause of all our problems keeps coming up. Absolutely nobody is saying that. The simple point that some of us believe is that our guard play, and particularly point guard play, is not as good as it needs to be. Whether Fultz is in the lineup or out of the lineup, the same problem still exists.
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    It also means that Vegas doesn’t respect the Magic and that Orlando is better than they give credit for.
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    I checked some numbers …we are ranked 23 out of 30 teams in to’s …our two studs lead the way …Suggs, Banchero and Franz take nearly 15 threes a game …I wish it was more because for the Magic to take a leap we need shooting …more makes … Regardless of who the PG is …our offense efficiency is ranked 24 out of 30 teams …we’ve tried a myriad of different lineups and PG’s …Fultz has played only 21 out of a possible 55 games …17 games since he returned after Christmas …and only 11 games as a starter in which we are 7-4 with some very nice wins over highly ranked competition …point being it’s hard to blame our poor offensive numbers on a guy who hasn’t played much and who is still a net positive when he’s on the court . Does he pass up shots ? Yes …Is he hesitant ? Yes … but the jury is still out . Let me be clear on Markel …it is to early, which I’ve been saying like a broken record to make assumption's and decisions about him and our personnel for next season at this time …there are still 27 games left in this regular season I thought all the trade talk at the deadline was ridiculous …didn’t see one substantial rumor with him specifically mentioned just writers seeing our poor shooting and trying to connect dots . Mohs will continue to experiment with lineups moving forward I feel certain in saying that . Finally I think winning and a successful season will drive management decisions in terms of personnel …I feel like I’ve bruised the moderators feelings for stating I thought they were leading the charge in scapegoating this teams issues on Marquelle Fultz …for that I want to apologize . Looking forward to watching the rest of the season and I’m certain management will watch keenly themselves and all will know what decisions need to be made by seasons end .
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    Let me be clear on my stance on Markelle. If he’s willing to stay around for a long term like $8-10 mill a year contract playing backup PG, I’m all for it. We can tailor our bench unit to surround him with shooters when he’s on the floor. The issue I have is with him being the long term plan at starting point guard. His play style just doesn’t bring out the best in our superstars. Franz and Paolo are already both excellent distributors for their age and both are most effective as being ball dominant. We need someone playing with them that is more off-ball than your traditional PGs and is a threat to hit some spot up 3s. Kelle is only giving us 15-18 minutes a game anyway, not finishing games in the 2nd half and not playing in back to backs, I think he’d even be more comfortable in a backup role.
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    You’re confusing, man… lol. You defend Markelle to no end and make up narratives about people being on “a witch-hunt” for him when there are clear and obvious faults to his game, but you share stuff like this with vague comments at the end immediately undermining anyone that might want to defend our 21 year old all-star, who just balled out last night and led us to victory right before the break, where he’s involved in all 3 nights of all-star weekend. If someone shared a similar link to an article like this about Fultz, you’d immediately undermine it and start making **** up again about how we all hate him and have it out for him. Paolo is 21 years old, already has the keys to the car of an overachieving young team, and is getting double or triple teamed pretty much every time he touches the ball. You can cherry pick net rating, but if you look at the link, you can see our offensive and defensive ratings are both better when he’s on the floor. Advanced stats are easy to manipulate to fit narratives. You can cherry pick stats that tell you that Scottie Barnes is better than Paolo, for example, but I know who I’d rather have as the face of my franchise. I’m much more inclined to look at point 1 and get super excited than I am to look at point 3 and have misplaced doubt about Paolo’s abilities.
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    Yes. Jett is still getting paid his full salary. The two way guys (Queen, Harris, Schofield) make half a million a season. Exhibit 10 guys (guys who were with us for preseason and then went to the G league, so like Matt McClung etc) get a bonus that can be up to 75k from the Exhibit 10 contract and then their G league salary on top. The standard, I believe flat, G league salary is 40.5k for the 5 month season. Also worth noting a lot of G league guys could go overseas and make more money (the average euro league salary is like 400+k a year but some guys make legitimately more than an NBA minimum salary) but being in the US means they can be signed to 10 day contracts which could help them get full contracts and the real money. Plus there are obviously family/culture reasons to stay in the US. Long story short, no need to feel sorry for them.
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    Now's the time when David Steele asks: Is This Anything?
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    Hey JJZFL. For a long time, I've felt that MagicTime22 was the former poster whose username was MagicOne. He made similar off-the-wall comments like MagicTime22. MagicOne was funny too. I remember him using the phrase "an old rusty beach chair" in referring to how bad the Magic were playing. . . hahaha!
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    Nah, Paolo is already distributing the ball better than Melo ever did. Melo averaged 2.7 assists a game for his career, his career high in a season was 4.2 assists per game. Paolo is averaging 5.3 assists per game this season as a 21 year old. We surround him with better shooting that number could get up over 6 pretty easily.
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    It reminds me of how Jareth Cutestory used to post lol.
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    It was right on point …you didn’t understand I’m assuming you weren’t watching the game …I want him to shoot more 3’s instead of driving into the lane with his head buried and not often enough for me getting a positive result …last night in the OKC game killed us with us with the to’s …if Fultz is a non factor shooting Banchero and Franz can help the offense by taking and making more threes …Banchero was in a zone …I posted don’t hesitate bro shoot the dang ball ! …Cause after making 3 in a row was like he was still thinking about it …dude was giving him room …when you’re feeling it let it fly ! That was my point ….Franz too .
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    Paolo was special tonight. Great W to head into the break with some momentum
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    When will you learn not to be so negative? I’m not saying a bad start is positive, but it’s not always the end of the world, either! I’ve seen you say this kind of thing before, only to end up eating your words by the end of the game.Try waiting and watching until at least halfway thru the third before jumping to a negative conclusion. It’s not just you, but the mood swings on this board lately is enough to give me whiplash . I think we need some risperidone or abilify prescriptions for all the bi-polar reactions on here.
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    Just looked at other games and standings and got excited if miami loses (they are down at half) and indy loses (they are down) and we win (we are up) we go into all star break sitting in 6th all alone.... of course it could all go horribly wrong, lol
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    I watched an interview with Coach last night. He was asked where fultz was in the second half. He said he was protecting him because of the back to back. And yet.... he is not playing
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    Should be Jett not Caleb. We know what Caleb is and it ain’t much.
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    Both should be on injury maintenance on some other team. Fultz should play 30 minutes a game and should have the ball in his hands 80% of the time. But he’s not, when he does play it’s 24 minutes tops and has the ball 20% of the time. He HAS to have the ball to be effective, and I don’t give crap if he can’t shoot right now, because he’s the best playmaking guard we have. Unfortunately. Also FREE JETT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Yeah, it’s there version of franchise mode or dynasty mode or whatever they’ve called it before in other games like Madden. Start today allows you to take over the season from today’s date with current stats and record. They also have a my nba “eras” which gives you a handful of different basketball generations you can start a dynasty from, like the year before Shaq gets drafted or when Jordan is a rookie, stuff like that. Pretty cool
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    I may have thought they were gonna lose. But I knew they were gonna win. There's a difference there folks. And to be quite honest I really didn't think about it until I thought about it.
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    The Magic (30-25) are just a half-game back of the sixth spot, which is the cutoff for the playoffs to avoid the Play-In Tournament. The Pacers (31-25), who Orlando holds the head-to-head advantage over, are sixth ahead of the Heat (30-25), Magic, Bulls (26-29) and Hawks (24-31) to cap the East’s top 10. Although Jamahl Mosley’s squad is outside the playoffs but inside the Play-In if the season were to end today, only three games separate Orlando and the fourth-seeded Knicks. “We [were] talking about the standings and stuff … How intense it’s going to be after the break,” Banchero said. “I’m just ready to get back on the court and chase this playoff spot.” What has to happen next? Last season, it took 45 wins to reach playoffs as the sixth seed in the East. The Nets avoided the Play-In by finishing 45-37, which is a realistic goal for the Magic. That requires them to go 15-12 to finish with the same record.It’s also the same record that ESPN’s Basketball Power Index projects for the Magic. The BPI gives Orlando a 58.4% to finished top 6 in the East, which is better odds than Miami (40.2%) and Indiana (36.8%). What does the schedule look like? Favorable. In fact, 15 of the Magic’s final 27 games are at home, including an eight-game stretch March 17-April 1 at Kia Center. During the first 55 games, Orlando went 18-8 at home, including a “home” loss in Mexico City the Hawks in November. After that long homestand, however, the Magic play five of their final seven games on the road. They’re 12-17 on the road at the break. What lineups do they need to use more? The opening night starting five of Markelle Fultz, Jalen Suggs, Franz Wagner, Banchero and Wendell Carter Jr. recently became the lineup of Orlando’s that’s scored the most points (608) and played the most minutes together (259). That’s because the group has been mostly healthy as of late and started the majority of games heading into the break, outside of the second night of two back-to-backs. Fultz missed both and Suggs missed one. Previously, the starting lineup of Anthony Black, Suggs, Wagner, Banchero and Goga Bitadze had played the most time together due to long stretches missed by Fultz and Carter. It’s important for the Magic’s opening night starting five to remain healthy, too. The group has the best offensive rating (112.4) among Orlando’s lineups that have played at least 14 games together. The group’s 54.7% effective field goal accuracy — a formula that adjusts for 3-pointers being worth more than 2s — also is the strongest of the most used lineups. How many back-to-backs remain? There are three sets left, including one this weekend at Detroit on Saturday and at Atlanta on Sunday. In addition to Fultz not being available on the second night of back-to-backs since he’s returned after missing 27 games with left knee tendinitis, Jonathan Isaac has either not played or has played limited minutes in those situations. Veteran Gary Harris also recently missed the second night of a back-to-back with right calf injury maintenance which puts his availability for those games at odds. After this weekend, the Magic have a back-to-back on the road in early March and one more late in the month. Orlando is 3-8 in games with no rest. If Orlando can finish sixth, what’s the most favorable matchup? They’d face the No. 3 in the first round. Based on ESPN’s projection, Orlando would battle the Knicks in a seven-game series. This would give the Magic a decent chance of advancing, too. Although both sides were shorthanded in the third meeting, Orlando won all three, including twice on the road. Avoiding Boston in the first round would be beneficial to the Magic, who lost the season-series to the Celtics. https://www.orlandosentinel.com/2024/02/21/orlando-magic-nba-playoffs-all-star-break-paolo-banchero-franz-wagner-jamahl-mosley/ Thanks Jason Beede …good info …I’d say if this happens …and it sure has a chance …would be an overachieving season before the playoffs start …and all the doom and gloomers that flooded this board at the deadline will be eating some crow jajaja
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    Built to lose folks. Built to lose. No other way to describe it. It truly boggles the mind. Suggs and Harris not playing tonight. Two of the better three-point shooters on the team. And of course, Howard won't even sniff the court this evening. The Knicks will pack the paint while the Magic shoot around 28 percent from downtown. I think NY will win rather easily tonight. Just a hunch. Magic are in sleepwalk mode heading into the break unfortunately. Quite frankly they played frightened basketball last night.
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    Game over. I already called the blowout loss tonight to the Knicks. Relatively easy call to make and I made it correctly. No defense. No winning. Plain and simple.