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    One thing I think that is overlooked is that AG, was incredibly young as a one and done, has played on a lottery team, has had a subpar PG, no real All Star, and has still put up really good numbers, improved every year in almost every category, and as mentioned is still only 23. He was described by experts as an offensively raw talent with incredible athleticism. As players develop around him how much higher a ceiling can he have. My feeling is that Philly made a huge "LA Laker type mistake" and gave up on Fultz way too soon like the "tampering" Lakers gave up on Russell. If I am right Fultz can make Gordon and Isaac lethal, and that is not even factoring in Bamba. Yeah you might call this a big "if" but this is the kind of stuff that happens in the NBA all the time with one and dones.
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    If you could think of one word that describes our Magic team this year, what would it be? Me? I would pick: re·sil·ience /rəˈzilyəns/ noun noun: resiliency 1. the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness. "the often remarkable resilience of so many British institutions" 2. the ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape; elasticity. "nylon is excellent in wearability and resilience" No matter what teams throw at us we keep fighting and bouncing back.
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    I just read 37 pages of this stuff and you guys are great . Just a few observations. Magic won and some of their best offensive players had less than average games. Toronto seemed to be getting some real home cooking from the refs. This team has totally bought in to what Cliff is selling. The next game and the series will not be getting ant easier, Toronto is a very good and deep team. Oh and one last thing that I can't believe anyone on here mentioned No NBA coach wearing a suit that looks like than will ever be taken seriously. GO MAGIC!!!
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    I am gonna watch a replay of this game later tonight and see if the refs call a foul this time on the MCW face smash.
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    We just beat Toronto with a terrible Vuc game and a mediocre Ross game. Plz keep showing up playoff Lowry.
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    I was supposed to meet up with my FIL who was flying in from Dallas. I had the game recorded. But the basketball God's intervened with torrential rains and his flight got delayed 6 hours.
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    It's one game but look at what it tells you. 1. He can pass guys open and has good vision 2. He can blow by his defender and draw secondary defenders which gets guys open.
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    Just got my tix for the 2nd home game. Here’s hoping we sweep the Raptors while I’m there... Wishful thinking I know
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    I genuinely believe we are going to the east finals
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    Huge shoutout to DJ for a great year and our FO for trading EP. Many of us were begging for EP to be dropped for years so our team could develop and poof... playoffs! Obviously, Cliff has done a great job, too.
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    I think it's hard and unfair to judge a guy like T Ross strictly on his %. He comes in and takes some really tough attempts because he is our 2nd units offense. Would Lowe be more impressed if we had a creator in our 2nd unit and Ross's PPG dropped a touch but his 3p% went over 40 because he gets much better looks? (I have no doubt he is a 40%+ 3pt shooter in a lot of other offenses)
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    Saturday, April 13th at 5:00 P.M. Scotiabank Arena - Toronto, Canada TV: Fox Sports FL and ESPN ORLANDO MAGIC STARTING LINEUP TORONTO RAPTORS STARTING LINEUP O-TOWN * UPSET CITY
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    We survived the Kawhi Leonard run just like we survived the Kemba and Kyrie outburst. This is the Major difference right here. They aren't folding under the pressure of opposing star players. Also great showwing from Carter WIlliams who definitely is contributing to the cause. Personally, I find it odd that Oladipo isn't still here and Carter WIlliams found himself here. I remember both of theming dueling in their rookie years getting triple doubles against each other. WOuld have thought that Carter Williams, who became a mess after his rookie season, would contribute..to..our own team here and be a match off the bench.
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    Everyone is taking bad shots. Toronto is forcing this. Gotta be more patient and move the ball.
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    We are getting a good rotation player with our first round pick. I like Thybulle but we might be able to get a Porter, little , Keldon Johnson or Herro in our current position. One thing for sure is that I want Sagaba Konate with our second round. He will be a beast!! Although not as talented but Similar body contour and athletism as Zion. Great defender.
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    Since we have the same record as the Nets, it will be decided via "coin flip". The usual tiebreaker rules don't apply for the draft
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    Best win improvement in the whole league did this with basically the same team of last season minus Simmons converted vuc into an all star and ross into a possible 6th man candidate signed mcw off the street and was key to the final run beat every big team he deserves it