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    I don't really think there's any rift/animosity anymore. We don't have that end of season stretch if the guys are feuding or holding grudges. Vooch/Fournier buddy ball was much less egregious last season per the eye test, but I will admit I haven't looked at the touches/passing stats. All of the players seem to really enjoy each other now, which hasn't been the case in a while... and definitely not while Ibaka was here, they hated him.
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    I think we can win a bunch of games, but our ceiling — with the current roster — is around what the best Wall-Beal teams were. A tough out in the 2nd round I see us having 2 camps in our team, Vuc+Fournier and the rest of the guys. I don't think Vucevic makes Gordon and Isaac better so we'll never reach our true potential while they're all playing at the same time. I'm not sure if it was posted here, but France played Montenegro and Gordon commented on Fournier's photo on Instagram, saying something like "I bet you still passed to Vucevic", which might've been a joke but a sneak diss at the same time.
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    There's not a bad seat in the house. But it really depends on what kind of experience you're looking for. I've sat in the 101 row A seats and it's really nice for being able to see players relatively up close but because you're sitting on a baseline you can miss a lot of what's happening on the other end of the floor. If you want the best viewing angle, something in the mid rows of 105, 106, 114, or 115 would be better. So basically if you're looking at the cheapest way to get as close as possible to the players without paying "floor" prices 101 row A is great. If you're trying to get the best views the sideline sections are better.
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    So we know Gordon can play like this occasionally Hypothetically if fultz is a non-entity we would need this type of performance anytime we play in big games for the franchise to take another leap.
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    Hah great post. Sounds exactly like a joke and sneaky diss. I really hope Aaron continues to improve and grows into a bigger role so he gets more ball. Hope we see plenty of minutes for good non Vuc and Fournier lineups this season say Birch-Isaac-Gordon-Ross-Augustin.
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    I’m always bullish when it comes to our Magic, but I see the potential of a 50 win team; of course a lot of things must go right; mainly health. 1. Familiarity and continuity for first time in years. 2. Total team buy in 3. More and better depth 4. Youth improvement 5. Bamba healthy, wiser and bigger 6. And the wild card Fultz.
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    Not to be a downer but we're definitely approaching a ceiling unless fultz comes back, Gordon takes another big step forward and he changes from a guy who can exploit mismatches to a guy who can attack every night, or we make a trade to grab a guy who can fill that role. We can win a few more games this season but don't forget the lessons learned from the playoff series. We have a bunch of guys who can't beat good individual defenders (with the exception of Gordon). That's ok. But it relies on a guy who can do that to take the defensive attention away from those guys so they can operate with a little space. Until that happens we're pretty stuck as effectively what we are.
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    This is with a 2x zoom on my phone camera but it's the type of view you'd get from 101 row A
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    Plus it just changed to some other thing att now or something. More expensive and I think you have to sign a contract.
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    I'm not sure what platform to go with. I was looking at sling until they dropped fox sports and sun sports. Is hulu the way to go? I just want to be able to watch all the magic games and have CBS for the occasional Dolphins game that is televised