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    Biz and Parsons expire the same year. That’s $40M in expiring contracts for trades in one year or cap space for free agents in 2 years. You get all that cap room before you have to pay your rookies their second contract meaning AG could be the only significant deal on our payroll. That is a great situation to be in. In does not matter that Parsons won’t contribute to wins in the next two seasons if that’s the cost for a future all-star on a rookie deal.
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    This is a family forum.
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    I will throw up if we get sexton and young is on the board. Young will make Gordon an all-star: Steve Nash and Shawn Marion. Ask the Wolves about passing on curry.
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    Just an FYI... I pulled my mod card and took down all posts referencing “KKK.” Not appropriate for these boards. Thanks
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    Getting 4 without giving up 6? No brainer. I'd even throw in Cliffords sandles and the photo of Hehateme as a kid, I'll even pay to get it framed for them.
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    Who cares if Parsons comes back in the deal? We’re gonna suck anyways he can sit on his couch at home for all I care. If we can move up to 4 and guarantee ourselves Luka or Jackson I’ll gladly take Parsons back.
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    I think Mario will resign or leave
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    For me Young is second player to target. I understand that there are better prospects at other positions but I am speaking from the 6th pick. If we had a top 3, I would pick the euro guy or trade back for trae.
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    BTW I'm thinking of locking this early tomorrow morning and starting a draft day specific topic so everyone knows where to start to catch up. What do you think?
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    Honestly, my main hope for tomorrow is that we finally trade Vucevic.
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    Stephen A. Smith said this morning that leaving the Orlando Magic was the worst thing that ever happened to Dwight.
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    People are way to down on Bagley. He’s gonna be an elite scorer. If we could get him at 6 that would be a steal.
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    It will be tough to watch any Magic games if our starting 5 is Sexton, Fournier, Isaac, Gordon, Vucevic. I'd have to meditate a lot before our games
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    I wish there was a way to get Doncic, I think he would fit well. I just saw a video of him and his mom, holy moly, she is smoking hot!!!
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    I truly believe both Doncic and Bamba are franchise changing players. I covet both guys, but I still take a big over a wing every time. Especially a big that already comes with a defensive pedigree and the ability to develop his offensive game which he's already showing in the offseason.
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    There's like a zero percent chance of doncic falling to 6. Doncic, Jackson and Bamba aren't on the same tier. I'd trade up for the first two. I wouldn't trade up for Bamba. What's going to get us out of purgatory is getting a top tier player. We're going to come out of this draft with 4-5 players under the age of 23 to build around. Now's the time to trade up. Don't need another guy next year.
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    I will love to see that. Imagine Popovich and Lamar going at it. Priceless.
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    People are right. Jimmer in no way played like trae. Quit looking at stats and look at the way they play. It’s night and day.
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    Hip injury or lumbar nerve impingement?
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    Bamba at 6, trade back into the first for Okobo or Walker. Backflips.
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    Yeah. I'd do that. I'd also move up to 3 and take Jackson. I'm just in favor of moving up to 3 for any reason. Just whoever the team thinks is going to be best. We're in a position right now that I'd rather go 100% in on this pick vs getting a lesser player the next two drafts
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    All that said, I really wish that damn movie were coming out next week.
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    No if we didn't win the last game we'd probably still have the 6th pick. Unless we got lucky and had the winning number that Atlanta got. But if we won a few more games we'd have the second pick
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    I'm not sure if I'm valuing doncic properly or if Jay Bilas listing "rebounds the ball with both hands" as a strength of Wendell Carter underwhelmed me to such a level that I'd do anything for a sexy pick
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    You guys once asked what my new name would be. If we trade up for doncic Weltman4thewin
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    We just gotta take doncic home, throw him in the game, add some Gordon, an Isaac. Baby we got a stew goin
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    It’s not that I think he’s a terrible prospect but he is either a PF (We already have Gordon) or a C (Not projected to be a good enough defender and it annoys me we already have C who doesn’t defend well enough) and I would like to draft someone who will be a starter for us
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    After the stupidity of last year’s draft let’s hope they learned their lesson and are they’re more aggressive
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    Jonathon Givony from ESPN reported it as info he is hearing from top 10 teams. I would label it a guess. Porter, jr. himself on Will Cain radio said hip injury reports out there were way exaggerated. I suspected ESPN was the source. CNN wannabe.
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    I just think some stats are best unknown lol
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    If I was him I would not want to drafted by a team that I had no chance of starting for after I got the hang of the NBA. If we get him I hope we move Vuc in the offseason and start him game #1.
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    Dam near impossible. If vuc is our staring center I will have to watch something else. Paint drying sounds fun.
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    Only solace is that Vuc is gone sooner than later.
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    Also, I had a dream last night that Doncic fell to us at 6. Only detail I remember about the prior picks is that Porter went 3rd. I was so juiced by that that I momentarily woke up, realized it was a dream, and was disheartened. Then my brain remembered where it left off, and with Doncic available at 6 we still picked Sexton. Magic basketball!
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    All I want for X-Mas is a big 7 foot rim protector who can shoot 3's and rebound..... :)
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    NFL draft and NBA DRAFT are two separate beasts. can't compare a 5 position sport to a 305,930,830 position sport
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    Took a look at more of the European players in this draft and I have to say I’m starting to like this Arnoldas Kulboka kid. 6’11” 220lb small forward with good shot. Said in an article that in the past 4 years he’s been adding an average of 13lbs to his frame per year. Definitely seems like there’s some potential there. I wouldn’t mind taking him with 41 or trading for another pick late in the second https://hoopshype.com/2018/06/14/arnoldas-kulboka-nba-global-camp-draft-rumors-lithuania/
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    I would put bamba on that list. Not that he would play 30 minutes. But a disruptive force to start the game.
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    The fact that Porter seems to be garnering consideration inside the top 8-10 is baffling to me. But I guess I'm pretty low on him as a prospect even without considering the injuries. He's Jeff Green without the explosion.
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    The wrestling team won state title all 4 years I was there. From 04-08.
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    Are you paying him that money? He has this year and next left on the deal.The same 2 years were already gonna suck and already have awful contracts on the Books. You mean to tell me you wouldn’t move up to 4 all because our FO has to pay Parsons for 2 years? These next 2 years are about getting the best possible draft prospects and developing Issac/AG and possibly Mario. Idk why you wouldn’t let our FO pay parsons if it meant drafting Luka. No brainer move.
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    Porter's biggest knock is lack of a first step causing him to take difficult shots instead of at the rim
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    you're right about that one just young and soon Wendal Carter
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    From HawksSquak.net Hawks draft workout report: Trae Young, Oklahoma He’s an elite offensive prospect because of his playmaking ability, shooting range and feel for the game. But Young’s relatively slight frame, his defensive deficiencies and his ordinary athletic ability (by NBA standards) are potential drawbacks. Q. You had a successful year at Oklahoma. Do you think your game translates to the NBA? A. I think it does. I think it actually translates better because of the spacing and my ability to shoot the ball and pass the ball and get my teammates involved. Q. We’ve heard about you gaining weight since the end of the season (at the combine last month Young weighed 178 pounds at 6-foot-1.75 inches). Where are you at with that now and where do you hope to be? A. Right now I’ve been traveling a bunch of different places so I’m trying to maintain. I’ve gained 11 pounds since my last game, so I’m maintaining that right now. I wanted to pick up weight and get stronger and that’s the main thing for me coming into the season. Q. Many scouts have compared you to Steph Curry. Do you see any similarities in your games? A. I see some similarities. I try to pick different things from different players. He can really shoot the ball, create space, so I definitely see some similarities. Q. Can you elaborate on how the different coverages you saw made it more difficult for you to produce later in the season and how that may help you as a pro? A. I was getting face-guarded, double teams off screens, every screen. Different things, different coverages. I think it helped me being able to go back and watch film and now know what to do if that coverage happens in the NBA. Hawks assistant GM Jeff Peterson on Trae Young When you look at his size, he measured a little bit taller than Chris Paul, a little bit taller than Kemba Walker. Lack of size, you can’t make that argument because there are some smaller guys in the league who are really good — not saying he is going to be one of those two — and really productive at their size. Of course, they have different builds than Young, but height-wise they are similar. I think his ability to make plays for his teammates — really good passer, really good vision — can really be an asset for any team. When you get guys who can find teammates and distribute the ball like he can and typically is pretty accurate, that’s valuable. He obviously can make shots. His range is very impressive. He will have to continue to improve his shot selection... We used say all the time, still do, OK, say...that’s going to be Taurean for a catch-and-shoot 3. You definitely have to trick your mind into saying, OK, he will be playing with higher-quality players [in the NBA]. At this level, he will be playing with better bigs, better wings, better guards. Now, at the same time, he’s playing against better guys on defense, too, so it’s going to be a little bit harder. He will get beat up going inside a little bit, so he’s going to have to figure out how to take the hit and still get a shot off. But his touch is pretty good with both hands, so I think he will be able to adapt in that area. Adding strength will be huge. And I think just probably shifting his mind-set to every night matters on the defensive end because, if not, you will get exposed.
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    It's been real, it's been nice. I have to thank all of you for being so supportive from the beginning, and if it weren't for some of you in this forum or others around the web, I wouldn't have even tried for so long, but real life is getting in the way. I'm a soon to be 24 year old who's starting to make some noise in the professional field of graphic design and I won't be able to create good and frequent sports content for the next few years. Thanks again, and I'll still be here to bust all of you up verbally