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    Your #29 ranked league pass team. Nothing exciting here
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    I'm stupidly hyped about this season and I can't tell if that's a good thing or if I've just forgotten all the lessons learned over the past 5 years.
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    I'm scared I'm believing the AG hype. I'm seriously tempted to reach for him in the early rounds of our fantasy draft tonight.
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    On Thursday, Gordon said he’s not concerned about his own contract situation. “That’s not why I play the game,” Gordon said. “I trust Jeff Weltman and John Hammond to make the right decision, and I’m going to continue to play my game and continue to help my team get wins and improve as a basketball player. They see how hard I work. They see how far my game has come. I’m only 22. My game is going to continue to improve. There’s still no ceiling for me. I’m looking to be the best in the NBA at some point in my career.”
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    Loved the confidence we played with tonight. Biz has been working on his offensive game, made shots he wouldn't have made last year. AG is ready and he's about earn that big contract. Loved how hard Ross and Simmons played. Evan came up big when we needed him. Let's enjoy this one and go get another one Friday!
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    Fresh beers cracked and the bowl is loaded....
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    Here's to a fresh start. I'll put my personal grudges with players to the side for at least 10 games.
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    It's always interesting to see how we look when the games really count and both teams are trying hard to win. Also to find out which predictions were accurate and which weren't. Having said that, my expectations are very low going into the season. I will be pleased if we're more fun to watch than last year, and that's a very low bar.
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    I was out getting a sub when the injury happened. That was really bad. He may never be the same player again.
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    Crazy news about Portis, he's a huge talent but I really wonder what you do with that... also very unfortunate on the Hayward situation, New everything for him and first few minutes gets a more than likely season ending injury... on a positive note, I really like the basketball textured BG, and cannot wait for tomorrow nights game!
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    Marcus Smart in mid season shot missing form
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    Plus a good teammate and a solid vet presence who has seen it all. As my favorite player during the Dwight years, I'd love to bring him back and see him retire here.
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    There is virtually no measurement that suggests DJ or Mack are better than Jameer right now. He and DJ are both bad defenders at this point, but his offense was waaaay more efficient last year, not only as a shooter, but as a ball-handler/distributor, and that is going against starters more often. Mack is much better on D than either, but he's not a good offensive player, as he can't really shoot well enough and he's a turnover machine. I'll agree that Payton is objectively a better player by now, but Jameer would see 20min per night as his backup on this team. Easily.
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    I don't see how triple doubles show that he made players around him better, and I am a Payton believer.
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    You seriously believe that? Wow. If so, it just shows how much people really underestimate what Payton can do for this team and for this specific roster around him. Management has seen and accepted what he is, and is moving towards giving him and Gordon keys to the kingdom. Payton will show his worth this year. Maybe not in stats. But in wins. And in how he makes everyone else around him better. I have a prediction. I predict that before he retires Payton will beat the record for most assists in a game that was made by a former Orlando Magic player. Watch. I hope he does it this year.
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    Payton is clearly better at this moment in time jameer probably wouldn't see any playing time, even with Augustine still here
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    we completely changed our entire offensive and defensive philosophies. The team plays completely different. The entire team played fantastic defense in the preseason.
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    I have to say, I am much happier with the Afflalo signing over a Jeff Green/ Ben Gordon type. One, we are paying him less, which is always a plus. But more importantly, he is the type of vet you want to have on your team, a guy that has been very professional his entire career. It also doesn't hurt that he is still probably a better player than 2016-2017 Jeff Green (though he was obviously not very good last year either), but will most likely not get much playing time as we have better players in front of him.
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    Love how vocal Simmons is. He really is in the ear of players if things are dropping off. And Biz hitting a mid range fadeaway J over Jeff Green earlier on has made my whole night already :)
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    Its not that they're not likely to sign extensions. It's that the two sides are not close enough on a deal (maybe not even past the initial inquiries) so a deal doesn't seem likely at all. If no deal the magic just wait until next summer where both guys will be restricted free agents allowing us to match whatever they're offered
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    I'd love to lock AG up now. But if were not certain he's worth the max then we should wait. Rather give him the max (or not) next summer when we're certain he's worth it (or not) than wind up in a Gordon Hayward situation where you got a team friendly deal but with the caveat you might lose a max player a year earlier than you should.
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    Deadline is Monday at 6pm. I'd pay him 4/88 or 5/110.
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    I've been waiting for a guy like this since Matt Barnes...His grit outweighs the few games he may lose for us this year.
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    yeah. biggest improvement is he's just getting the ball and going. taking the jumper. getting to the spot he wants with efficient dribbles. no standing there and sizing people up and showing off his handles while he dances with the ball for 4 seconds before taking a contested midrange jumper. Just getting the ball and making his time with it mean something.
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    you hope we can offer Gordon the max extension?
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    I wish. Nothing would please me more than to see BB become an consistent contributor and eliminate Vuc from the SL. Not holding my breath but who knows? Trade him and Fournier for someone good. Kyrie looked ready to carry Boston.
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    I should have clarified that it is meaningless as it relates to how our season will be. It is great to see new/different faces and ponder their potential impact. The minutes played and output by so-called designated players have no bearing on what to expect when it counts is all. I agree with the fandom of the sport part though.
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    I did, it was the preseason. Payton still can't shoot or see the basket and Vuc is still not a good defender. Adding Isaac to the SL instead of Ibaka or Ross may yield a little bit but it is not going to take us from sucking to being good. If all of our other new guys are playing limited minute 3rd string what have we really done to get much better?