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    http://bkref.com/tiny/mG90H there's everyone since the 04-05 season. It's happened 41 times http://bkref.com/tiny/wVwlj there's everyone since 04-05 with at least 3 made threes. Only 4 times. http://bkref.com/tiny/iFIpS there's every time in NBA history. Gordon is the only player in NBA history to go 13/15 or better with 5 made threes.
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    Denton stole my fultz drives numbers last week
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    We need to be patient with everyone. Gordon sucks for a few games and now two games later he plays so well that his shooting numbers are back up almost to where they should be. Bamba is starting to look fine. Ross is pulling out of his slump. Our offense has been league average over the past 15 games though that might be a little inflated by the last few games just like our overall numbers are still hampered by the first 5 games. Klay Thompson started last year in a shooting slump prompting a ton of "what's wrong with Klay" stories. By the end of the season he was back up part 40% on threes. Works the other way too. Fournier isn't going to keep shooting 45% from three. He might have an outlier level great season but there's only so much improvement a 27 year old is going to make that sustainable. Many posters on here lost their minds when Kendrick Nunn started the season averaging 22 over the first 5 games. Since that great start he's averaged 13 ppg on 41/31/60 shooting over the last 16 games. And it keeps trending further negative. This time last year Josh Richardson was the next superstar guard averaging almost 21ppg on 41% three point shooting. The rest of the season he averaged 15 on 33% three point shooting. This year he's averaging 16 on 38% three point shooting. I always say on here (so much that it's probably a cliche) that we can't be myopic. We can't base our opinions on what just happened. We can't "trade Bamba now before people figure out he's bad" we need a large sample to figure out what is real long term. People make snap decisions and build narratives way too fast. Kendrick Nunn is still "the favorite for rookie of the year" and it's going to take a long time to change the narrative.
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    Got to give Mo credit, he has been balling lately. Maybe he just needed a kick in the butt.
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    My plex server says I've watched it 32 times. lol
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    Getting **** shot AG so far. Take the open FT line jumper bro
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    A bit off topic, but Cleveland’s uniforms are dog ugly.
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    I’d be happy with Crawford and JJ as our additions to make a run.
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    Thanks, Magicpassion. I gave you an up vote.
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    I just spend too much time looking at stat sites
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    Is Magette usually better? Because I felt we couldn't even see anything from the development guys (especially Johnson and Frasier) since he was busy turning it over 3 times in 2 minutes.
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    My thing with AG is he’s still only 24, has never played with a legit pg until now, is a nasty defender, and is on an incredible contract. If a great trade comes along, I think we should look at it. However, I could see us moving Vooch before him.
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    Mo is a really nice kid. That's for sure. Really happy for him, long may it continue
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    I told y'all he just needed to get some confidence, and you don't build confidence by not getting more minutes. Also, being scared you're going to be benched. I think it helped him more playing backup to Burch instead of playing backup to Vooch.
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    Yeah I’d settle for 20ppg. Not sure he can hold up the efficiency he had tonight though. Not sure that’s a reasonable request anyway. Lol But damn was he good.
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    Excellent win. The first quarter was shaky but once we got the lead it was full steam ahead. Kaminsky was irrelevant in the 2nd half
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    Birch is good for oops, dunks and put backs anything else he shouldnt get passed to.
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    I'd play Isaac at Center on Kaminsky in the 2nd half. But that's just me
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    Don’t think they can maintain over 54% from deep for the game
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    Was about to say the exact same thing haha
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    We will miss MCW and his energy - time for Markell and AG to step up another notch! Evan and DJ need to get into their shooting rhythm again and if JI can lead a smothering, physical defense we will indeed make it 3 in a row!!’