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    Give me In no particular order Anyone but Mark Jackson
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    Divincenzo should probably stay in the draft this year before people realize that he doesn't average 31 points 2 blocks and 5 threes per game
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    Utah blew that game real hard. West brook would not go gentle. Minnesota needs a new coach. I feel that any Thibs team will be stuck in purgatory. This team looks just like the chicago bulls. A great defensive team with no offensive identity. That's the peak of the thibs team. That's...why hes a great assistant rather than coach.
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    So you think you can just show up here when you want?
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    All the Trae Young supporters shout out our thanks to you. Give Mauro a "+" for a great post!!!!!!!! Maybe a second "+" for his decription of Ingles....hilarious!!!
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    I think the length movement has been going a little overboard. Not that it's not important, but shooting & sharing the ball will always be more important. The Jazz play some beautiful basketball with Donovan Mitchell (who fell in the draft for being short) Joe Ingles (who looks like a substitute teacher) and Ricky Rubio
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    I’ll say this... I wouldn’t bet against Sexton. That dude has the drive and athleticism to become a Westbrook or Dipo type player in the NBA. It’s going to take a couple of years but he’s got an “it” factor about him on both ends of the floor.
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    There are better bets. Young could be great but his career options go from Lillard to Schroder to Jeremy Lin pretty quickly. There's no Mike Conley-eric bledsoe level outcomes for him because a good offense bad defense player is a fringe starter. Bamba could be dpoy level with solid offense. It's not particularly likely but it's an option. Or he could be Ben Wallace. Or he could be DeAndre Jordan Or he could be Drummond. Or he could be Whiteside. Or he could be what we wish Biyombo was. Or he could be John Henson. Or he could be what Biyombo actually is. But the point is there's a wide range of possibilities with very positive very impactful options all of which fit our future philosophy. Trae is a small chance of elite payout but an overwhelming chance of a player who's Devin Booker. Numbers but limited actual impact.
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    I find it strange how obsessed so many of the board members seem to be with Young. He has so many obvious deficiencies, and, as hot as his start was, he was not able to keep his production up against weaker competition than he will see in the NBA. His efficiency is mediocre, not good. His turnover rate is very high. He is not very athletic and does not have size. His defense is poor. His decision making can be shaky. Yes, many of these issues are fixable, but that does not mean they will be fixed. Yes, becoming the next "Steve Nash" or etc. is within the realm of possibility for him, but that does not mean it is a forgone conclusion, or even a likely outcome. The hyperbole. The excuse making for and blind eye towards his faults. the attempts to turn the average into extraordinary. I think it is the most I have seen for any NBA prospect on this board. The only times I have seen anything close is when a player is an almost guaranteed number 1 pick.
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    Except he fractured the locker room by intentionally using their differences to ostracize them. The exact opposite of what you said. Why is it so difficult for "religious" people to see the flaws in other "religious" people and call them out for their flaws? This is why we have Evangelicals supporting Trump and Roy Moore no matter how horrific their transgressions are. Call a spade a spade.
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    I would get rid of that out of timeout play where we throw the ball to the other team
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    Okobo - Brunson - Holiday - Carter - Everyone else - Duval
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    If the NBA allows Philly to play 7 players we're in trouble anyway.
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    Ayton and Doncic will go in the top few, Bagley should be gone as well. After that Porter, Jackson, Bamba, and Trae will be left as the next players. I'd say Trae is a distinct possibility if we stay at five and they want to address our point guard position. A lot think we'll go for length and athleticism like Bamba or Jackson, but we've already got a project in Isaac and spent a few seasons waiting for Gordon to arrive, I'd like to think our pick this year is going to be someone who makes more of an immediate impact and Trae should fit the bill.
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    Every so often Westbrook has these scary force of nature games that you just either survive or don't.
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    Wow, so that ball that Young stripped went out before LeBron touched it again — missed call. Then Oladipo’s layup hit glass before LeBron blocked it — missed call.
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    I have a fever! And the only prescription is MO BAMBA!!
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    I'm just gonna leave this here without comment
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    I love me some Jazz! I started a topic on them a few weeks back; they are a real team; kinda remind me of the Spurs when they won a few years ago. I love the fact that they’re ruffling the feathers of these superstars. It just goes to show you if you play for one another and check the ego at the door; you can accomplish great things. The front office has done a masterful job assembling this team. They may not win it all, but whoever thought losing their best player they could compete like this. It’s possible they could shock everyone, I wouldn’t be surprised. I expect the league will make it tough on them next game; you know with revenues and that whole thing.
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    Don’t understand any of the SGA love aside from his size, reach, etc. There’s more to building a good team than just length
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    Fwiw it's not like I'm 100% against Trae. If we drop a bit I don't mind us taking him. It's just at 5 with hypothetically Bamba on the board I don't like him but if we're in Carter Porter Bridges range I don't mind. Discussions are relative to draft position.
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    I'm with Trae where I was with Mario. I'd be happy if we drafted him, but he's not the guy I'm excited about. He is, like Mario was, a high risk/high reward pick at 5 or 6 (for different reasons, though; with Mario, there wasn't enough tape on him to be sure of who he really was, while, with Trae, there isn't enough surety that what he did well in college will work as well in the pros). If everyone else was excited about him like they were with Mario, I could talk myself into excitement. I understand the pros, if all goes well. Every indication is that he's an elite-level passer, he moves well with the ball, can drive despite his size, and he's an impressive high-volume shooter from outside (though too streaky to be considered elite). But he's also a terrible defender, and small. Offensively, there's no reason not to love his game, though he's probably overrated as a pure shooter. Defensively, he's Isaiah Thomas bad, which is a problem. The hope if we draft him is that he doesn't have to be that bad on D. He could be just bad, with a bit of effort and some coaching (or maybe not, who knows). If he doesn't get better on defense, he will have to be last year's Isaiah Thomas good on offense to be effective (and that overall effectiveness is still limited by the terrible D). It's also a problem that his best case scenario doesn't really have an analog in the modern NBA. Who out there is an elite passer and high volume shooter at PG? Chris Paul. That's it. And Paul is not really very high volume as a shooter. In order to be Chris Paul on offense, Trae would have to cut down considerably on the bad decisions, too. And Chris Paul is considerably stronger. Defensively, Trae is just never going to be Chris Paul. But Trae may benefit greatly from not dominating the ball so much. Maybe his shooting %s go back up into the 40's from deep when he's able to play off-ball more, get more set-up 3's. Maybe not. He's an enigma, and one who seems much more likely to be a better passing Trey Burke than Steph Curry.
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    Maybe. I'm not going to get too hanged up on a bad shooting night. I don't put him as Booker because his passing just so damn good he actually makes his teammates better and produces wins.
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    No he is a great facilitator. If he had anybody worth a dam with him, his numbers and efficiency would have been through the roof.
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    Instead of a head coach we need a secretary on the bench with a laptop so we can all coach through the forum. For practice we need a shooting coach and a defensive training coach. Problem solved!
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    Utah, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, and New Orleans have been really LOUD arenas.
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    I don't think we have any idea what coach is a good pick.
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    Head coach: Jerry Stackhouse Lead assistant: Nick Nurse
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    Daum does have better range
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    Trade our 2 seconds for SGA, Carter, Carr, Okobo. Bamba and SGA would be a great draft! Look at the height in this lineup: SGA Mario Isaac AG Bamba It wouldn't work right away because we'd need more scoring but that sure is a tall athletic squad!~ I'd love to trade Vuc & Fournier for some more decent picks in this draft!
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    There is this guy available who is know for his defense. He was great with his prior team taking them to the playoff for several years in a row. He ended up in a bad position the last two years and struggled to coach a really bad team. Maybe he can be the guy...
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    Or they’re there for fine wine, good food, and a nice vacation but they had to watch at least one game so they can write the trip off as a business expense :)
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    Or that they needed a vacation after watching the Magic this season. I'm just not sure that Europe is far away enough.
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    Holiday checks a lot of boxes Gets into the lane at will. Explosive driver with long strides. Shifty with plus body control in traffic. Excellent first step. Picture-perfect form on catch-and-shoot jumpers. Can hit out to NBA range. 98th percentile on catch-and-shoot. Will add gravity off the ball. Tough shot maker. Was responsible for creating most of the offense for UCLA this season. 91% of 2-point makes were unassisted. 98th percentile on guarded catch-and-shoot jumpers. Plays with impressive effort on defense most of the time. Stays engaged off the ball and gets into his man’s body. Fights to get through screens. https://www.thestepien.com/aaron-holiday/
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    Thats not how you do it. We take Bamba and then see if theres an opportunity to trade him to a team that picks after us that wants him with their pick in exchange for Trae + assets. If you want to get better end of the deal, you need to have something that others want. You dont trade pick first and then end up with nothing you wanted.
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    Yup. Gotta give something to get something and you have to jump on opportunities to acquire guys when you can. You don’t know when the next opportunity for your team is.
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    Too much because we are not ready to go for it all yet! If we were ready to compete I'd say where do we sign but we need to draft wisely here to build our future.
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    And the Blazers look terrible
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    Jacque Vaughn was hired by a 30 year old GM under Alex Martins and handed 20 year olds and vet retreads. Just because he failed doesn't mean all other first time coaches will fail.
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    How many of you would want SVG back? https://www.freep.com/story/sports/nba/pistons/2018/04/18/detroit-pistons-svg-tom-gores/522180002/