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    If we’re bad this season I think it’s our turn to luck into #1 pick again.
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    I also wish I was Jeff Weltman. Not because I'd be better at being a GM but because I'd like to get paid a lot of money to work in basketball and live in a city where its basically always good weather.
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    I'm on board. This year we gotta take advantage of the injuries and use it as blessings in disguise
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    We do not have a PG. Cole does not show anything yet. Very average at best. Bone is not a basketball player (NBA caliber). Without a PG you can’t win/compete. We either trade for a veteran/solid PG or we must look to trade veterans for drafts and tank.
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    I don’t think panic is the right word, but Markelle is out for the year and who knows when Evan is coming back. Add Isaac to the list and we just need to embrace the year as a wasted year and play for draft positioning.
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    Hard to watch. Our roster is seriously flawed. I’m going to make a post in the Season Thread that shows just how flawed we are as a team.
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    Yes, this is a torture...watching Bone, Birch, Bacon , Clark on the floor trying to score and it looks so bad and awkward...
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    The Celtics aren't trading Jalen Brown.
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    This is why these super teams exist. That man just didn't miss! It was infuriating and intoxicating at the same time!
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    Clark made a 3!!! Time to throw a parade
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    I’m at the stage where I’m ready sign Mario back up and let him jack 30 shots a nights!
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    Yeah, let’s be honest, we’re playing several guys that don’t belong on an nba roster. If I’m GM, I’m looking to trade AG, Ross and Fournier, and I’m asking Vooch if he wants to stay to be part of it all with a top 5 pick, JI, Kelle, Cole, and Chuma and rebuild yet again, or if he wants to move on. If he wants to stay I’m giving him the rest of the year off if he wants it because we need to find out what we have in Mo Bamba
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    Please just blow up this team already. The season is already lost.
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    David Steele just called Jordan Bone, Bordan Jone and I am dying.
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    The food and the basketball player.
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    This is weird because with all our injuries I kind of have no expectations to win so I'm just here to see flashes of stuff from Cole and to see if any of the end bench guys look like they can be real NBA players.
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    And on top of all of that, Pritchard clearly shoved Anthony in the back before he got hacked at the rim... ugh.. I hate playing in Boston, we always wind up playing the refs too
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    What is the point of having the half circle if a guy can just jump up underneath someone like that
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    They overturned that to an offensive?!?! This is garbage
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    If we don’t get guys back, we’ve got a lot of blowouts in our future. What in the world happened to Clark’s 3 ball? He’s awful
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    Khem Birch is currently our fourth best (healthy) player. You're not going to win many games when that's the case.
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    Shams reporting that the league are planning to let teams sign a 3rd 2 way player. It'd be nice just to have an extra body.
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    That’s what happens when you have years of mediocrity and are tired of the same regurgitated nonsense. It’s still early in the season and yes injuries have screwed this team over this year but it’s the same old song/dance and we are fed up with it.
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    So I was just looking at this. Back in 2012 the nets went all in on the big three and it failed... They gave up a whole lot of capital to the Celtics. Fast forward 2019 they land Kevin Durant and Kyrie. Now 2021they get James Harden and sell the farm.. My point is they are aggressive and make moves. During the same time frame we have done absolutely nothing that matters!