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    Well... is valentines. So enjoy.
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    Wesley's getting to the FT line a lot tonight.
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    Love the aggressiveness on both ends of the floor!
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    Keep Briscoe in there. No more fouls dude!
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    Great start! Clearly they want this game bad and they're gonna get it!
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    Classic jerseys! I know it’s said a lot but they should go back to these full time.
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    I'm not sure how people forget this, but Tatum was seen as one of the most NBA ready freshman in years. The fact that he got to go to good team instead of a true lottery team did wonders for his career. It was a perfect storm.
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    Got a sweet suite tonight. Go magic, strive for 5
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    LOL.... he actually said Dramastically
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    Magic fans are fired up all over the world! The atmosphere in the arena tomorrow night is gonna be electric. We are back in the playoff picture!
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    Looking forward to it. Thanks Jay! He is gonna do great things here. The change of scenery will do wonders!
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    AG got totally ripped off, those were some winning dunks for sure!
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    Yes that is a must. Attack, attack, attack!
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    Everyone get ready! The "Is this anything?" segment is coming up after the commercial break!
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    I've been saying for a while that Markelle Fultz was the ideal PG of the future for us (if healthy) that we should attempt to trade for. The fact that we got him for next to nothing is absolutely incredible. Outside of SG, we have ever "position of the future" set in my mind and now just need time to allow guys to grow and gel. We had Oladipo and Harris on the same team in their young 20's and now both are in talks of being max guys. Let's not blow this thing up and trust the process. Fultz (healthy) / x / Gordon / Isaac / Bamba is a scary good future if they pan out to just 70% of the players they all can be.
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    It's official. The Ford commercial beats out Truck Norris this evening!
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    Thankful we kept Ross and gave up J-Simms instead for Fultz!