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    Isaac has defensive player of the year upside. Fultz has definite star moments and the pedigree to give him that kind of ceiling. This month alone he has a 6 steal game, the highest single game +/- in the post Dwight era, and a 12 point 4th quarter against another playoff team. We played the draft pick game already and it didn't work. It requires considerable luck and the right guy to be there and we're not in a place to sacrifice seasons of guys we already have. And is Boston succeeding simply because of jaylen Brown and Tatum's talent? Or are they succeeding because they added those guys to a 48 win team that had good vets to teach them how to win? Is Toronto succeeding simply because of siakam and Fred Vanvleet's talent? Or are they succeeding because they added those guys to a 56 win team that had good vets to teach them how to win? What about Utah with Donovan Mitchell? I think a lot of player's value is natural but a large underrated portion is putting them into the best position to succeed. I don't think you can just lose for several years and gather a ton of young players together and expect them to turn into winners. It's why Phoenix hasn't succeeded with their 10 lotto picks in the last 9 drafts. It's why the Lakers looked terrible before they dumped all their young players. It's why Minnesota hasn't had any sustained success despite being in the lottery almost every year since 2005. You gotta get talent then develop it. You can't just let the talent lose and develop bad habits.
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    Here are some hot takes: 1. see what happens when you get rid of the ball hogs? 2. Ball movement and energy can be better than talent and name recognition 3. (Lakers side) always loved Troy Daniels and wished he was on our team. Don’t care about his defensive limitations 4. Go Magiccccccccc still wish Isaac was here
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    Magic basketball is getting FUN again - we have a future to look forward to!!
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    Oh so now it doesn't matter if it's a center. Well good news, we have a number 1 pick point guard who is the best prospect since we started our rebuild other than Zion and a potential DPOY type player. Mission accomplished. Now let's develop them.
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    Staples Center - Los Angeles CA Thursday, January 16th at 10:30 P.M. TV: Fox Sports Florida 28-13, 2nd in Pacific Division | 20-21, 2nd in Southeast Division
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    Ok 2-2 after the first 4 games of this road trip is just fine. Win the next 2 and go home with a 4-2 record and it's all good. If it's a blowout by the end of the 3rd quarter I would shut down the main guys and get ready for Golden State.
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    Just wanna take a second here, between all the Aaron Gordon highlight dunks and Markelle Fultz stud talk, to give a shout out to Wes Iwundu. He had an excellent game last night that got overshadowed a bit, but we don’t win that game without him.
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    Can’t be a coincidence that AG plays his best ball when Fournier is out, Vucevic is out, or they’re both out
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    That's because you've never included on ball defense in your evaluation. It's his most impactful trait and doesn't show up in box score numbers.
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    This is the AG that we need consistently. He can't be traded if he plays this way. This is the player that he is and the sooner he recognizes it, the better off he will be. He doesn't need to score 30 to be a difference maker.
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    This was a great win tonight and a fun game to watch. AG with that lethal throw down. Fultz with the triple double. The two new guys making significant contributions. Lakers fans are in disbelief. LeBron was stunned.
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    I think heart and competence is mostly what we want to see here from these guys, so to see both, knowing we got the most hated team in the league to buckle, fantastic stuff. As long as they play as hard as possible on nights they lose, and provide quality wins like that one consistently it would be ok being where we are in the standings for this year. And having Gary Clark and BJ Johnson play good, meaningful minutes satisfies me personally that when we had to change it up and give a new fresh look... we got one. Nice to be the team to have the gleague call up have a good game.
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    Just stay within a basket until Fultz can finish and Vuc makes amends.
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    I'm not rooting for a loss. In rooting for the magic to not make this game to go in predictable fashion. So the replay center, having all feeds to game, decided to count illegitimate three pointer. Sounds predictable.
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    Lot of silly mistakes but playing hard, caught lakers sleep walking in beginning leading to 20 pt lead - need to keep pressure on and continue taking and making uncontested shots. Seems as when Vuc receives the ball down low he just throws the ball at the basket, needs to change.
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    It means your post was a non sequitur relative to what going on. It's not relevant to anything. You're complaining about something that isn't really relevant to what's going on today with the team. Martins hasn't been relevant to basketball decisions for almost 3 years. We aren't stuck in mediocrity yet because the core of our team is still extremely young. You're having anxiety about choices that aren't important for 18 months
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    Look forward to watching this recording in the morning on my off day. No matter how hard I try I can't stay up this late anymore. I'm washed.
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    It's nice to miss a game every now and then because the final score is the final score and you don't have any resentment for how it happened. haha