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    Fabulous. Let’s throw away another season and screw up the young player development some more for a 15% chance of landing the first pick. Tanking really is like an addiction. Edit: Sorry. 14% chance. Bonus: Demoralize further your fan base which had gotten a little excited about who we just drafted.
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    After all the drama last night, today I meditated a little bit and I think now I can pronunce some sentences about it. Please don’t take it as a moaning, it’s not. I really like Banchero. I really see in him a terryfic offensive player, with a lot of strenght and the will to succeed. I think he can do the Magic’s offense better in a lot of ways. But I still think Jabari was the #1, for several reasons: defense, shooting, development ceiling… I can live with this just fine. But I still don’t fully understand some things around the draft process or the GM’s moves. 1) Why hiding so much your pick when you have the number one? 2) Why didn’t you bring your number one player to practice? If the answer to the first question is that they expected to trade down with Houston, that was a gigantic fail. If the answer to the second question is that Banchero didn’t want to working out, why can’t you talk to him and make him see that you are really considering him as the number one pick? I’m not comfortable with treating the GM like the are all-knowing persons, and right now I’m very confused about the Magic ones after the draft. And I think we earned as fans the right to question their decisions. With all been said, I hope Banchero lead us to the glory. And that’s all I’ve got to say about that :P (sorry for my grammar, I'm not a native)
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    It’s so weird to me they brought him back. He’s gonna kill the fun style that team liked to play with and yell at them for all the swagger. Also can pretty much guarantee Kemba is gonna wind up back there on the vet exception or minimum now.
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    lol. I can't think of a less fitting combination of star/head coach than Lamelo/Cliff.
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    Losing a vet/locker room guy like Lopez and replacing him with Dwight is about the last thing I would want for these guys lol
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    My overall take on last night: We drafted Paulo to be the offensive go-to guy and alpha leader for this team. This is very clear to me. WeltHam obviously like his personality, experience and versatility, and he's definitely a bucket. I also liked how Paulo told SVP after the draft that he knows he needs to work on his shooting and lateral quickness for defense. That's good self-awareness. Now for this to work: Fultz - Needs to run a ton of pick-n-rolls with Paulo. The two should be great on that front together. Fultz also needs to learn to shoot the three at a solid clip. Anthony - Needs to either be a 6th man or learn to be effective as a spot up shooter. No more awful shot selection and ball hogging. Suggs - Dude needs to learn to shoot the three, as I think he'd be a great two-way shooting guard for us. His long ball will determine his career trajectory. Franz - Keep growing in every way, young fella. You're the Robin to this new Batman. Isaac - You're now on the clock and no longer a sure thing for this team. Get back on the court and learn to shoot. WCJ - Keep growing as the paint protector and work on that shot. Confidence in shooting needs to continue to grow. Question marks: RJ, Gary, Chuma, Ross and Bamba. I'm not sure what we have here, and I personally don't want to re-sign Bamba. I think the other Mo is just fine as a backup big and fits our culture better. Meanwhile, I'd love to trade Ross for a bag of chips and re-sign Harris to a 1/1 deal to be our backup SG. No more games, Orlando. Paulo was brought here to be the man. Let's push him and build around him to build a winner.
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    I guess until the season is well underway this stuff will be debated. Here is one of my final takes on this draft. Chet was always a no go for me. We already have two seven foot phenoms on the roster. If Chet becomes a true two way player someday who can spend 35+ minutes on the floor and be at worst, the second best offensive player on a team, color me wrong. I'll eat my words if that happens. More then likely he becomes a super important role player and he is better suited for that in OKC. Good for him. Jabari is a tough one for me i like him a lot and also loved his fit on the Magic. However, like a lot of people have said, i have a hard time seeing him as a one, meaning number one guy. Everyone acts like the 3 is the be all end all of everything. It's not and even when it is it doesn't always come from stars. A lot of non stars turn into pumpkins when the shot doesn't fall. Go check BB reference on players like Jokic,Embiid,Luka,Gianiss. They all had to spend years to get a 3 ball and none are considered good at it. Players can get better at it and some years they can lose it too. Even Curry had a down year shooting the 3 for him. Mavs reached the WC finals because they shot the 3 well, but Luka didn't. He got all the other guys good looks. Guys none of you would have wanted if asked 3 years ago. Bullock,Finney-Smith,Hardaway Jr,Kleber. They get good looks because of Luka. So finally my whole point of this post. We needed Banchero. We need a star and he was the most likely to be one. It's just that simple. Get a guy who becomes a force and then surround him with wings who can defend and some 3 point shooters. Have to get the Star first. Others will step up and some won't and they will be gone, but we got our star. Now lets see who can shoot this year and who can't.
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    JI being back healthy is absolutely the best thing that could happen to Paolo. Everyday in practice he is going against one of the best defenders in the NBA. That will make him that much more effective on offense and should jump start the effort on defense. No one wants to be shown up in practice. I don't see a log jam. Carter, JI, Okeke and Paolo are a pretty solid 4 man rotation assuming you can pencil JI in as part of it. A decision needs to be made on Bamba, but Bol and Wagner make pretty good 5 men for cheap. Since JI and Okeke can also give minutes at the 3, keeping Bamba doesn't really screw up the four man rotation.
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    there was significant suspicion amongst rival executives that Holmgren’s camp preferred he land in Oklahoma City and not Orlando. While rumors had been flying around the league for a couple weeks about what was going on, most of them unfounded and overly speculative, as I understand things, at least one concrete maneuver was taken to steer Holmgren away from the Magic: according to multiple sources with knowledge of the situation, Holmgren bailed early on the last day of his Orlando visit, conducting a brief on-court shooting workout that he cut short. While I don’t know whether that impacted anything with the Magic’s decision at No. 1, objectively, it’s very hard to use a high-stakes draft pick on a player that doesn’t truly want to be part of your team. https://www.si.com/.amp/nba/2022/06/24/nba-draft-paolo-banchero-chet-holmgren-jabari-smith-final-thoughts So I posted a few days ago about the booing going on with Chet at the Magic draft party …looks like the feeling was mutual …and patting myself on the back I’ve been saying this about Chet and his disinterest in the Magic …way back 100 pages or so ago …as soon as I saw that TMZ video to me it was clear …and I said so .
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    Alright in the past couple of days I've watched (or re-watched) 3 full Duke games. The Gonzaga game. The game @FSU and the UNC final four game. I think the defensive concerns around Paolo are definitely warranted. In fact I think I have concerns about everything he does without the ball in his hands. Defensively it just feels like he sleep walks through possessions. In the 3 games I saw missed rotations, missed assignments, lackadaisical close outs, ball watching instead of boxing out (Leaky Black had like 4 OREBs in the final 4 game because Paolo was ball watching). The thing is i've also seen him switch on to guards and keep them in front, make great contests at the rim, use his quick hands to strip the ball down low and make good rotations on help defense. He can do it and he's got all the tools to do it. He's not Vuc where he just lacks the physical tools to have an impact I think he can at least get to the point where he doesn't hurt you on defense. I hope the culture that Mosely has started to instill here of hustling and working hard and making winning plays can rub off on him a little on that end. On offense he's not super active without the ball, he's not running hard to fill the lanes in transition, he's not cutting hard off ball or rolling hard after setting a screen. Im not super concerned about that though to be honest, he's had the ball in his hands his whole life he probably hasn't ever had to consider playing off ball and I think he'll learn quickly that he can score a lot of easy points by moving off ball on this team playing with some of our guys who are really great passers (Fultz, Suggs, Franz, WCJ). The handle is good but it's not elite. For a 6'10 PF its definitely well above average but I wouldn't trust him to consistently handle the ball full court against pressure. He picked the ball up early and had the ball stripped on a dribble move a couple of times. He's definitely going to need to play with a real PG at least at first. All that said the good stuff is incredibly special. I buy the jumper massively, he makes 20 footers off the dribble (and not 1 dribble but like a string of dribble moves) so I really don't worry about him becoming a good 3 point shooter as he develops. The passing is special, lobs, drop offs, kick outs, hit a heads in transition, extra passes. He scored 21 points in a half against Gonzaga and looked genuinely un-guardable (but then he didn't score in the second half...). He's so difficult to stop getting to the rim when he finds a driving lane. As a transition ball handler he's terrific with his combination of physical attributes + handle+ passing. I'm super excited to see him play in the NBA.
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    I'm happy. Paolo/Franz....what a couple of forwards to build upon.
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    One would have to believe that Banchero was our pick all along. We had nothing to lose by trying to get other teams to believe we wanted Jabari (esp OKC and Houston). If Houston had their sites set on Jabari they would've made the move to trade with us and we could've grabbed Banchero @ 3. Not working Banchero out help support we were all in on Jabari or Chet. We knew OKC was all in on Chet. Houston either didn't bite because they had Banchero rated above Jabari, or we didn't trust they were moving up to draft Jabari and would've lost out on our guy. It was worth the dog and pony show to try to get more asset's. I have a bigger issue with us squandering and selling second round picks every year! 2nd's can be combined to move up. Are we so strapped for cash we have to sell them?
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    Agree on most of these points. It’s still early to say but I think Paolo could be our Batman. He along withFranz, Fultz and WCJ are the core for now. Of these four, two need to step into the Batman/Robin roll and I’m confident the other two will still fit in. Cole and Suggs are kind of in a weird spot in that they both need to find ways to contribute without dominating the ball. JI is a complete mystery to me at this point. I simultaneously feel he’s our best player and will never see the court again.
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    I wonder if Shaedon Sharpe will play or reclassify himself so that he opts out of summer league.
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    I wanted to be off the board for the draft and just enjoy the draft. Plus, I’m at a conference for work, so didn’t have the time to post. Few thoughts I’ve had since the draft: 1) My conference is in Houston and rocket fans at the conference are pissed, they wanted Paolo. 2) I said before the draft that the talking heads at ESPN, Ringer, Athletic, ect.. don’t know as much as Vegas odds makers. The Paolo line doesn’t move that much without major news for no reason. 3) I’ve read multiple people talking about how we didn’t bring Paolo in for a visit. How do you know this to be true. Don’t trust anything ESPN says. They know very little (example- woj trying to release the order before the draft and being totally wrong). We have no reason to think we didn’t work out Paolo. 4) Heard multiple people saying how it doesn’t make sense to be secretive. I disagree completely, most public rankings had Jabari, Chet then Paolo. So why not keep who you want a secret in hopes of Houston or OKC trading up for a prospect you don’t want. This is my assumption, but I think we were trying to get Houston to move up to 1, but when we found out they wanted Paolo and not Jabari, we didn’t do the deal. Basically we want Paolo at 3, but so did Houston. 5) The comp I have for Paolo is a bigger Paul Pierce. Paul was 6’8” 235. 6)Paolo Banchero is an elite Paul Porter name. LOL 7) Do you think Suggs and/or Franz plays in the summer league.
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    Paolo is much more suited for the pace and space of the NBA than college. Duke seemingly almost never got out in transition in the games I watched but he's a 6'10 250 dude who can handle and has great vision he should be feasting in the open court.
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    Paolo was not the number one High School player in his class, but close. Paolo was not the undisputed draft pick before the college season, but at worst number 2. Paolo was one of the best players in March madness, and he lead his team to the final four as the best player. WTF do you guys want?
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    Didn't we used make "Welcome" posts to new members of the Magic? Only seems appropriate, as these guys might help usher in a championship to O-Town. WELCOME ROOKIES! Excited to see what both bring to the team!
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    I agree with much of your post. Regarding the last sentence, though: we’re running back exactly the same cast we had last year other than Banchero. If they couldn’t shoot last year, probably they won’t shoot very well this year either. I admit I’m also a little worried about the reports of Banchero not showing much interest in the game except when he has the ball in his hands. Jabari was very different from that standpoint. I’ve said it before, a true star makes everyone else out on the floor with them better. They set the example, and hold everyone else responsible. You can’t do that unless you’re dialed in all the time. And if the star player isn’t doing that, their bad example can actually make everyone else worse. It can work both ways.
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    I'm still stunned Paolo was our guy all along. When he was drafted I was sure he was off to Houston. That said I don't think it is that difficult to understand why the Magic want teams in the dark. For over a month the story was Smith's shot and defense. Just about every expert was praising him. If you convince OKC or HOU they have to draft the guy, you get assets plus the guy you want. Apparently neither met the Magic's price or wanted Paolo so the Magic just drafted the guy they wanted. What was gained was the prospect of turning #1 into more than Paolo. It didn't work, but kudos to them for at least trying.
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    We need a much better SG and we are good to go!
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    This draft turned out to be anti-climatic. I had really thought more trades would happen but ended up being very straight forward. My last Paolo thought - I want Paolo to want to be in Orlando. My concern is that he doesn’t or will look to go to a bigger market of opportunity presents itself. Jabari Smith seems like a guy whom would have remained loyal and hard working his entire career. I could be wrong, but it’s a concern I have now that I didn’t have with Smith
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    Banchero is a stud …with that body and skill ready to contribute day 1