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    Hasn’t Payton always played well when there’s zero pressure, the season is over, and the game isn’t on the line? People acting surprised about his numbers in PHX when they’re getting blowout every night doesn’t make sense to me. He did the same thing here. What happened last year after the all-star break? Payton put up numbers. We still were getting blown out. He picks and chooses when he wants to play an engaged brand of basketball and all to often that’s when the season is already tanked.
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    This is the greatest thing ever made by a human. All credit to the genus, TrueMagicFan07.
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    That's why you don't watch basketball around sharp things
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    Just watch this and go to 1:40 Then watch this whole thing He's not ibaka he could be what they said towns would be
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    I've been super busy getting a postgraduate degree that I'll finish by the end of this month. I have big plans for my website and youtube channel but I'll have to wait until March to get things going again I'll make sure to post everything here ;)
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    That should be interesting to watch to see if the weasel Silver will do anything! Like Booker is OK to win the 3 point contest, will he now play or have a hip pointer the rest of the year? Lakers trade the roster to create cap space to sign two max players while being fined twice for tampering--Silver, in essence doe nothing!!!! I think the key is still to selectively lose, play the game so you do not look like you are tanking, develop our young players, play with different lineups and do not win our way out of a good draft pick. I would love to see how we are going to play Gordon and Isaac on teh floor at the same time, maybe even with Hezonja. Silver will have to fine a lot of teams if he chooses to go that route since it appears at least 9 (Add the Knicks to the lowest 8 teams) teams are vying for the first 6-7 positions. The rest of this year will be a tankathon for the ages!!
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    Jermaine o'neal was the best player on a 60 win team and might have a title if not for the malice at the palace
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    I wouldn't draft him as a number 1 option, I would draft him based on that he can spread the floor really well and get the ball to Fournier, AG & Isaac in the right places.
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    We used our cap space to take in bad players too, we just didn't get picks for doing it LOL
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    That is part of tanking though. They sold high on MCW to land a prime pick, while making themselves worse. They used their cap space to take in bad players to build assets instead of signing guys like Channing Frye, CJ Watson, Ben Gordon, Jason Maxiell etc.
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    I wish the young man well, I do think he did his best, which of course (and I agree) was not enough for the future of this team. I hope he finds a good place to play, just don't want him to become another Magic Killer! Thanks for giving what you had kid!
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    I don't know why you continue to think vucevic on a one year deal or biyombo on an any year deal will have any impact on who we draft. If a center is BPA we're drafting a center.
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    I have taken my seat at the front of the JJJ hype train.
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    Sexton’s hair looks like someone’s we know in college. That means he won’t fit. Pass on him
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    If we're at the position where we're looking at just solid guys it makes sense to take the high risk high reward guy. Porter.
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    Like it! I dont mind keeping Fournier but we need to somehow trade Vuc to secure one of those guys.
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    I don't know what it is, but lately I've been having this weird optimism. I'm usually a pessimistic person when it comes to basically everything, but if we are able to re-sign Mario we have a path to become great. All this Mario Hezonja love was a little tongue-in-cheek by the Magic twitter community months ago, but now the guy is actually looking like a potential star. I think Mario, Gordon and Isaac have all the tools to succeed in today's NBA and I'd be ecstatic if we were able to keep all 3 here for next season. We'll have another great young piece if we're able to draft one of the creators (Young or Doncic) or one of the rim protecting bigs (Bamba or JJJ)
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    I think I get your point. Br aggressive and use assets to get a player with a position of need who has the potential to be the face of the franchise and transform it. Take a risk rather than settle for the safe pick in a position you do not need. If that is correct then I think you may have used a good example in Young. Young averaging +29 points/game, 37% 3 pt average, 44% shooting average, range is 25 feet, 85% FT shooter. He is not Payton because he can already shoot--no learning curve. 9 assists per game and 4 rebounds per game. Payton's college numbers=14 points/game, 5 assists per game, 49% shooting average 26% 3 point average, 60% FT average. Need individual workouts obviously so Young may not be the guy but he is worth considering so I think he may meet your criteria. If I got the point you were making correct?
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    Makes sense and I hope we are that aggressive. Doncic and Trae Young seem to make the most sense from a need perspective depending on where we draft. I actually hope we are in a better draft position so that no trade is even necessary. I want a shooter with range who can get his shot off and Trae has that. Trae can penetrate and can pass and will spread the floor. He will take time to adjust to pro game but upside potential is high. He seems adequate defensively--will not be all pro but does not have to be!! I want our FO aggressive to prove they are serious in making this team better.
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    If my support for trading Payton makes me blind, biased, wrong, ignorant, and in need of virtual Lithium I plead guilty. I base my reasoning on what I see and what I read. Perhaps his skills were not developed by this team, perhaps he was to blame, but experts (not us) never ranked him higher than 24th in PG rankings in 3+ years. His shooting % may have improved but his shooting effectiveness NEVER improved because he never spread the floor due to his shooting. His strength---his defensive effectiveness, backed up by stats and outside experts (not us) whose visual observations and subsequent opinions said he never did not fit our system. Outside experts (Not us) questioned his motivation, his improvement in fitting into what the Magic were trying to do. But no matter what the reason, even if it was our coaches, I think we can agree EP and the Magic were not a good fit. Maybe he will be a good fit for another team but that does not mean we should have kept him and does not mean anyone who supports this move dislikes him. I think we will be a better team with a different point guard and I think the FO thinks the same thing thus the trade.
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    I don't know. There seems to be a systemic problem going back to the inception of the franchise. Botching the Shaq resigning. Botching the Duncan signing. Hiring a GM that had no basketball experience. Botching Dwight leaving. Having your team president drunk dial Dwight in the middle of the night. Botching the post Dwight rebuild. Every outside hire being shocked at the lack of infrastructure. Consistent nepotism. If we pick third in 92 and draft Christian Laettner is the team even in Orlando today?
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    I didn't say it was the exclusive reason but weltman pretty much breaks down his basis for trading Payton. 1. The idea that we need to stay current with nba trends i.e. shooting from the point guard position 2. Poor defense 3. We could have resigned him to a low contract to preserve an asset (like the previous admin did with Tobias without the low contract) but that limits our future flexibility to hold onto an asset that doesn't really fit our plans going forward. The opportunity cost wasn't worth it.
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    Well.........................Isn't that depressing. My favorite player of all time would have played for my "favorite team"*........WOO.............if someone didn't ***** IT UP!!
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    I’m curious what will happen with the rotation as the guys come back from injury as well. When Ross, Gordon, Isaac and Vucevic are healthy who is our 9 man rotation? Who do we take out? Unfortunately, Birch will be casualty # 1. Mario has to keep playing though, you can’t bench him. So, Augustin, Fournier, Hezonja, Gordon, Vucevic should start, in my opinion. Then, that gives you Simmons, Ross, Isaac, and Biyombo to round out your 9 man rotation in my opinion. With Ross/Simmons as ballhandler and “backup point”. Mack has also played well enough to play, much like Birch and of course Speights, but no coach runs a 12 man rotation. No idea how Frank will play it, but it’ll be interesting.
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    I believe the front office drafted Payton knowing that shooting was an issue, but felt with a good work ethic that could be improved; but where we really flopped was buying into the fact that the defensive award he won in college would translate to the NBA. In all honesty, I could see their way of thinking. I believe Hennigan saw a raw player with good size and measurements; feeling he had great potential to be a high level defender/passer along with being a solid character person but just needed to work on his jump shot. Payton has always been an enigma. It’s time to move on; you win some, you lose some; like JH says: if we can hit 7 out of 10 in the draft we’re gold. We also can’t always pass judgement on deals like: only getting a second round pick for EP because we don’t know the back channel conversations going on with agents ect. I do believe this front office knows what their doing. Sometimes the front office will make a questionable move with promises from agent of a perk on another transaction. The bottom line is we (arm chair GMs) don’t have all the facts, but I get it, it’s fun.
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    You know I think id be ok if we ended up with any of Bagley, Ayton, Doncic, Sexton, Young, JJJ and Bamba. To varying degrees obviously but we're seriously devoid of talent so I'll take anybody good.
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    I don't think so as its premise #1 of our management teams argument for trading Payton instead of leveraging his restricted free agency for a cheaper contract
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    Payton's shooting doesn't matter except as a function of defensive geometry. Until he makes enough for defenders to care about him shooting it has no effective impact for him to shoot 28% or 40% And it'd be one thing if he took every open three but he's taking 3 every 2 games. Is 28 made threes over 47 games significantly different than 20 made threes over 47 games?
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    The use of the word "blind" indicates that there have been no facts, stats, or credible evidence presented. Since that has been done ad nauseum, "blind" would better describe someone choosing to ignore that information.
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    Beating a dead horse but the guy's resurrection has been insane. The best sequence I've seen from him thus far was early in the 3rd quarter he got separation from his defender with a quick behind the back dribble, then let defender fly by him with a nice pump fake, kicked out to DJ for a wide open 3. Next play got into the lane, assessed defense, used his eyes to move defenders, no-look dish to Biz wide open under the hoop for a dunk. Don't know if it's just confidence or established role or knowing he can't get benched due to depth or all of the above, but he didn't have that situational awareness a couple months ago. Now he belongs.
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    I literally can’t even watch the games anyone knowing Mario is gone. Not trying to be dramatic but in my gut it’s the most disappointed I’ve ever been as a magic fan. I keep telling myself to just get over it but I can’t. This is the guy the majority of us loved pre-draft and were ecstatic when we got him. It took over 2 years but to finally see him showing why we loved him to begin with and knowing he’s just auditioning for a new team—it’s sickening to me. I actually get an empty feeling In my stomach from it. The new front office will have to do so so much for me to ever get over them looking past Mario over a dumb 5mil option. It’s beyond unsettling and we as Magic fans for what we’ve had to endure don’t deserve to lose Mario. It’s a shame that’s exsctly what’s going to happen (barring a miracle).
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    Thanks jay. I’m not very computer friendly.
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    We need to cheer for Dwight. I want him to have a great game. We deserve a loss.
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    For real we’ve been needing a player that’s confident in shooting and can put up 20+ points a game for sometime now. I think we can get that plus an elite distributor with great basketball iq in Trae Young.
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    He should have 10 assists by now but his teammates are hot garbage
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    The efficiency and percentages drop as usage increases. It’s true for Trae and it was true for Curry. It will be key for Trae to find that balance in the pros to reach Curry-level impact. But his usage won’t be that high on a team full of NBA players. The turnovers are a reflection of trying to do too much more than an inability to pass well. And we cant discount that he’s doing this as a freshman.
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    That's obviously because Trae is an outlier player HIMSELF . No one's done what he's doing. And being double and triple teamed is likely to lower your field goal percentages. Please remember he's a FRESHMAN. And believe me, the dude is fresh to death
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    I really hope Trae has a commercial like this one day. I want magic to draft him just as bad as you do bud
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    No. The team played better defense with Gordon in but not Payton. That includes minutes against bench players, minutes against starters when Payton wasn't in the game, and minutes against starters when Payton didn't play. Payton only played 28.6 mpg for us. It's not like Vogel had him shadowing the other teams starting point guard. And it'd be one thing if it was exclusive to great point guards but your point falls apart when the Tomas Satoransky's of the league burn him too.
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    Yes. I did look at it. Like i said 1 assit per game difference and 1 steal per game difference. Also, he is the first option there while Fournier is 1st to 2nd here. My point is that if Dipo was still here he will likely have similar stats as what fournier currently have in a more expensive contract. All of this lays on the organization on how players are really under control. Dipo even said it in an interview. He learned how to be more of a first option offensive player at OKC by emulating Russell’s playing abilities. edit: here is the link comparing both players. http://www.landofbasketball.com/player_comparison/evan_fournier_vs_victor_oladipo.htm
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    skiles is a special case of being a ***** and crying about his roster mid season. If he just did his job and then quit at the end of the season he wouldn't deserve as much scorn. But he didn't, so ***** that guy.
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    I’ve been saying this. People that were wanting him top 3 or even 1 overall was just insane. He has so many question marks at the next level. If we get him at 6 or 7 fine he’s worth the potential cons but I never would have taken him top 3 unless he just dominated the combine and his measurements were better then we thought.
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    So I'm significantly more optimistic that we can keep Mario than i was previously based on: 1. Figuring out we can offer him more than 1 year 2. Seeing Lou Williams extension, i might have completely misjudged the upcoming market 3. Or really 2b. Seeing teams struggle to move mid level contracts this trade deadline. More signs of market issues. 4. "He can make more money overseas". No. No he can't. Alexey Shved is the highest paid player outside of the nba and he's paid 3 years 10.2 million. Andre Blatche is making 2.5 million per year in China. Rudy Fernandez is making around 3 million euros per year. 5.2 million dollars is 4.2ish million euros. Mario would need to be the highest paid European player by quite a bit to get more money than we can offer.
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    Let me tell you, I jumped and screamed with Joy when NY took Porz. Cause I knew we were getting Mario or Winlsow. I screamed and jumped and yelled and laughed and cried tears of joy when we got Mario. MARIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LETS GO
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    In an ideal world we get Cavs lucky, get the #1 pick, trade Okafor for a C-Webb like haul, draft Towns/Porzingis with one of the picks we received. Live happily ever after.