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    How many raw high upside picks actually make it anywhere near to their ceiling? If they have a solid floor, say a starting caliber 3-and-D, fair enough take a swing on that upside. But sometimes some of those prospects are too raw and never develop as expected. If we are taking someone with our second first round pick, then adding someone that should be a good 3-and-D player like Kispert is a pretty useful pick. If he can contribute to a team like Joe Harris does at Brooklyn or Tyler Herro at Miami, then that’s a good selection with the second first rounder. The likes of Kuminga and Barnes may have more upside, but neither of them have a consistent outside shot and both players will require a lot of development to become starting caliber players, and some of that will be tied to their ability to develop a consistent shot. For me, in this rebuild we need to prioritise drafting players that can score, shoot and play defence. Yes there is a place to draft athletic, length and high upside players, but that can’t become the obsession like it has in the recent past.
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    I think you’re right. We look horrible again tonight. And it’s not like we’re playing world beaters. Washington is 18-32. Indiana is 23-27. And these teams are making us look really bad.
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    https://www.orlandopinstripedpost.com/2021/4/6/22369372/orlando-magic-chuma-okeke-wendell-carter-jr-rj-hampton I think this sums up Bacon's contributions pretty well
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    Obviously Aaron benefits from the amazing creativity of Jokic, but the biggest difference that’s really allowed him to thrive in Denver is their spacing. Vucevic was really good at a lot of things, especially near the end of his run, but we haven’t had a guard like Murray in a long long long time
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    Said a lot of time that he was clearly misused here, the stat about Jokic compared with Vuc and Fournier tells a lot. I was already regretting the fact that he didn't have a chance to play in that new "era" without the Evan&Nik show, now I regret it even more, very bad timing. At least, he was traded in one of the best possible situations, don't know if the Nuggets will be able to win it all, but they had a couple WOW playoffs in the last two seasons.
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    I love this kid man. He is built different!
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    Friday, April 9, 2021 Amway Center - Orlando, FL TV: Bally Sports Florida 23-27, 2nd in Central Division | 17-34, 5th in Southeast Division LET'S GO MAGIC! WE WILL FIGHT!!! - WE WILL WIN!!! "We all just played through it and kept on fighting," James Ennis. - Feb 26, 2020
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    Unbelievable the stuff they used to let pass for a moderator! I have a visual of you dunking your dark chocolate in to your black coffee and it’s just downright upsetting... lol
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    Sabonis shot 3-12 from the field. He did fine.
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    Good night for the picks. We lose, Bulls lose, Wizards win. We’re 1 game ahead of Detroit for 3rd best odds and now 2.5 games behind Washington and Cleveland with 20 games left. Bulls pick is currently 10th, I expect it to wind up somewhere between 9-11
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    Fun game, fun loss. Bacon is still playing way too much and shooting way too much. G was rusty but looked good in the 3rd. Y’all are way too hard on T-Ross, he’s literally playing in lineups where he’s the only threat to score. Those 2 dunks in the 4th were electric! Let’s not be the fan base that whines about a guy busting his tail when he doesn’t have to be. I think once G proves he’s healthy either he or Ross have to start and we have to get Bacon out of the rotation.
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    this isnt the issue. Ross played alot of his minutes not with okeke. Its more bacon and MCW that hog the ball and he gives it up to them.
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    Because there were some selfish players who were not distributing the ball. There was too much iso, with Mr. "Hero Baller" Ross leading the way. There was not enough ball movement, and they were throwing up ill-advised/desperation shots instead of passing the ball to find the open man. I saw at least 2 players run down the court after a defensive rebound, didn't wait for his teammates to get in position and threw up a shot beyond the 3 pt. line. . .missing, of course. This was how the Pacers were getting easy rebounds. That's my 2 cents.
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    Agree. And it makes the other four players on the floor worse.
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    In my opinion, the 2 back to back games we won with the new players was a tease.
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    MCW is totally out of control. Even Cliff as much as he like MCW may not be happy with that
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    To give you an idea of the kind of guy Khem Birch is, Josh Robbins did an anonymous survey of Magic players (i.e. nobody would know who said what) and when asked who was the worst dressed in the locker room Birch said himself because he didn't want to hurt anybody's feelings. (This is paraphrased from an article in The Athletic)
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    It's mad that we didn't have a Fournier or AG Appreciation thread but we got a Khem Birch one lol. Actually kind of sad Khem is leaving. He's the kind of guy I want around our young team. But I guess there weren't many minutes for him once we acquired WCJ and commited to developing young guys. Wish him luck and success in the future except when he's playing the Magic.
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    Our front office live off their reputation of finding Giannis and their 2010 executive award for their one year wonder season. Take that away and what did their tenure in Milwaukee have to show? 240-318 regular season win loss record. A few play off appearances and never won a series. They even drafted Thon Maker tenth overall! I suppose we wanted a veteran front office after we had a young up and comer in Henny running the show, but personally I’m not sure how much faith I do have in our front office rebuilding, but a change doesn’t appear to be coming.
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    I mentioned this during other games. For someone with background in college and nba basketball, he moves like he is playing 'peewee' style of basketball, like he is good at shooting the ball but has not learned how to do anything else. Mo reminds me of a giraffe.
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    We now have: All our own 1st and 2nds Two 1sts from Chicago ('21, '23) One 1st from Denver ('25) One 2nd from Indiana ('22) One 2nd from Boston or Memphis ('25) One 2nd from Milwaukee ('26) Another 2nd from Boston ('27) $17.7M TPE expiring March 2022
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    Good for Khem and Us!! Embrace the young guys
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