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    That would not be a problem in Orlando with AG and Company. Maybe he would finally run Vooch out of town.
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    Not the off-season anymore so it's time for a new place to talk. The first official practice starts this morning although most of the guys have been practicing together for multiple weeks. Clifford said this training camp is going to be very 5 on 5 heavy. That's an extremely good sign as it means the players are conditioned. We're skipping steps and moving toward building on court chemistry. This is different than last year where I believe Vogel ran drills focusing on improving pace of play.
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    i love bamba, he looks so nice
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    Can't wait for Fantasy season
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    Here’s to a injury free camp/preseason
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    Can't believe that we're going to have actual footage of basketball players playing basketball. Feels like it has been forever.
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    Harkless is as inconsequential as a player can be. The fact that he does start doesn't mean that he should start. His presence or absence on any team is meaningless. Oladipo's early reps as a PG helped him in the long run. He did a ton of ballhandling/playmaking for the Pacers all last season and in the Playoffs.
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    For the last 8 years every coach that has come in can't make up their mind on rotations and throw $h!t against the wall and hope it sticks. How many times as fans just from watching our TV's have known certain roster moves that should have been made and these high paid coaches couldn't figure it out, for example Oladipo as a PG, Sitting Mo Harkless, Being forced to finally play Mario after we gave up our rights to him, Play AG at the 4, Try Serge at the 5 with AG at the 4 after giving up a now all star SG etc... Frankly I'm sick of it, we do not need a whole year of experiments. Sorry but but that's a horrible line up unless it's for a min or 2
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    But how are you going to win if you don't keep your stars happy?
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    Why does Clifford seem so insistent to play Bamba and Vuc together... Smh... This organization is so scared to hurt VUC feelings for some reason...
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    Butler was homeless at 13. He wasn't really considered in recruiting so he had to go to a junior college. He worked his way onto Marquette. He then worked his way into the starting lineup. Then he worked his way into the first round his senior year. Then he worked his way from out of the rotation to in the rotation to starter to star. I think he gets offended when people don't live up to the same standards he sets for himself.
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    LOL, the owner is saying he is available and to contact him directly.
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    The only way money is going to kill you (with the exception of injury) is if you have to give Gordon, Bamba, and Isaac near max deals. And if you're in the position where you have to choose between max contract players, what a great dilemma to have.
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    It’s kind of fun watching other teams implode, which has happened quite a bit lately.
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    Wiggins is now fighting with Stephen Jackson
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    I know there isn't much to talk about right now, but we're not getting Butler.
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    Also I'm not sure we should be basing decisions on whether or not a guy can be the best player on a championship team. There's not a lot of those guys out there. Butler can be the best player on a team that wins the East and I think that's enough.
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    I am sure they don‘t like his contract. Over 15m for 17 minutes, 6 pts and 4.5 reb.
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    Rotoworld is good but sometimes they have a guy on the phone with terrible quality. https://art19.com/shows/rotoworld-fantasy-basketball They also have a fantastic page with every team's depth chart that is super useful (humorously, the page seems to be down) https://art19.com/shows/rotoworld-fantasy-basketball
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    O'Connor has become a pretty damn good NBA writer if you ask me. Usually has very reasoned & in-touch takes. Reminds me somewhat of Lowe in that facet.
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    Sorry for the slightly off topic question but what podcast if any would you guys recommended to get me ready for fantasy basketball this season. I have some brushing up to do before drafting starts.
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    I don’t think Butler fits our timeline. He’s 29 going into 30s maybe another year or two of prime with our young core just starting to develop. If we could trade EF or Vucevic; fillers and a heavenly protected first then maybe especially if Kyrie wants to play with him, but I don’t see Kyrie leaving Boston and if that’s the case I would rather have Rozier for our core’s timeline.
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    This is best case scenario for me only because I just don't see us really trying to get Butler. If we can attach ourselves as a third team in the trade and get something nice while dumping Vuc and or Fournier, I'm all for it.
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    He sounds like a jackass. I don't want him on the Magic. He's not worth it IMO.
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    Well he's an idiot then. People are different. If he hasn't learned that by now he's a fool no matter what he's been through.