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    What can I say... I really hope you're right for the love we all have for our beloved team. :) Even if I disagree on some points, yours are all valid and I really enjoy discussing that way. Just one note: I don't think that I've judged that FO for the reputation that the previous ones had. Obviously they haven't been in place for 10+ years like the Miami ones, so I agree that is a long term thing. At the same time, even only judging what they've made in those 3 seasons, I just can't help myself to be skeptical. Hope I'm completely wrong, obviously.
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    Sure. But process doesn't always equal results. Miami isn't finding a Duncan Robinson every off-season. They're not drafting a Bam every off-season either. Pat Riley has been doing this for years so he's built the track record. This front office we have here might be doing the right things but not getting the results down to luck or injuries or whatever. We don't know that they're not working the phones incredibly hard every off-season for aggressive moves that fail to materialize or that teams pull out of. It seems like I'm in the minority on this board but to me the default position should be to not make moves. Making a move has to have a reason and outcome that you deem preferable to your current situation. Not making a move isn't a sign of weakness. In fact I think, from all the criticism they've gotten, it's pretty brave to stand pat. We can't judge this front office by the work of previous front offices either. The history of the organisation and it's standing around the league compared to Miami and anyone really isn't really something Weltman could control before he was hired. I think he's made some ground up there by putting out a playoff team, showing loyalty to some of our free agents, backing Markelle, etc. Personally I think we are making smart small moves. The trades we acquired Jerian Grant and Jarell Martin, the MCW pickup, the Khem Birch signing. As much as it got roasted at the time the "the draft flattened out" trade worked out well. I think there are signs of making smart little moves. Who's to say we won't be proactive and bold when the time is right? Just because some fans think the time is right (without possibly knowing what's available on the trade market) doesn't mean the front office does. But that doesn't mean they won't hesitate to do it. I understand I'm definitely not in the majority on this. And I understand the skepticism, after-all, if there's no evidence to point to it's hard to say you can and will do something, but this is a long term project and 3 years isn't a huge sample size for judging these kinds of things. Saying that though it's a result based job, if process is good but results are bad eventually you get fired. So we'll see what happens. There was an article on bleacher report a while back with quotes from unnamed league sources about the Magic's rebuild and I'll always remember two entirely contrasting quotes, one was a rival exec that said "they've really only done the bare minimum to rebuild" and I can't remember who the other one was attributed to but it was something like "I think Jeff and John have a plan and we'll see it pay off soon." And I mention it to say I think a lot of people on the board are in that first camp whereas I, possibly out of blind optimism I'm aware, am in the second camp.
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    I think what more than anything that Heat article highlights to me is that a middling team is only ever a couple of smart moves from being a contender. Now sure we don't have Pat Riley pulling the strings nor do we have a championship winning future HOFer out there whispering into the ear of a star about to be a free agent. But our refusal to tank. Our trust in our roster. These are correct steps on the path to being a respected organisation. People hated giving Vuc that new contract and I get that. But how would it look to future free agents if we didn't resign our first All Star since Dwight off the back of our first playoff appearance since Dwight. Miami has a reputation from years and years of being a winning culture, we don't have that yet but we have to start somewhere. You can't admire that about Miami while simultaneously lament the fact that we've commited to trying to win. Sure it's only 2 8 seed playoff appearances but that's progress. Playoff appearances make us more attractive to free agents immediately. Think about Toronto. 5 or 6 years ago nobody thought they were a model franchise. Since then they've won a championship, had a COTY and we hired their second in command. There's every chance 3 years from now we're exactly where we currently are. But maybe Chuma Okeke is a future all star, or maybe we draft a future all star this year, or maybe Fultz is that guy and Isaac gets healthy. Just because things don't seem hopeful at the moment doesn't mean hope isn't right around the corner. Things change fast in the NBA. ...This post got a lot more 'motivational talk'-y than I intended...
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    I like DiVincenzo, I think he plays pretty tough, and is a constant movement kind of guy; but I don't like him well enough to give up our best screener and move down 9 spaces in a mediocre draft. Will there be a decent guy left at 24? Maybe. But even if he is in the same "tier" of talent as the guy you get at 15, the choices and "fit" won't be the same. If you like a guy (or two) in that tier, you are better off at 15, where you are more likely to get him.
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    5.2 for Maledon, 5.6 for Herro.
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    We need a confident shooter!!! No “he looks like he has a good stroke crap”. A Herro or d. Robinson type. These type of guys roll out of bed and can shoot. That’s what we need. Period
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    Sometimes you have to separate the man from the media. Yeah once in awhile his attitude seems a little old, till you remember he has probably been covered by the media more then any other athlete in the modern age. He seems likable and tame to me, at least compared to some. Maybe it's just me, but after seventeen years i just think for the most part he keeps his head down and works hard. He has been much more vocal lately, but i think it's just a sign of the times. Again i think this is probably it for him, one of the reasons why he really wanted the MVP. If they win, i think it's one more year and then adios for Lebron. The current Lakers management sucks, even with AD they are going to be bad when he retires.
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    I can't be bothered to find my list of guys in the second round I posted to quote it but I'd add CJ Elleby to that list. 6'6 wing with an alleged over 7'0 wingspan. We're either drafting that guy or immediately trying to offer him a 2 way. EDIT: I think the article where I read this was wrong. He doesn't look to have that long a wingspan and I've seen other sites saying it's 6'7 which seems more reasonable. Not long enough for us lol.
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    Those are fair points. I honestly didn't know Buddy was that young. I guess I assumed he came in the league a year or two before Fox. But I forgot about his time in New Orleans. I just don't think a bench of "Ross, Bamba, Iwundu, Aminu, MCW, Okeke" pushes us into the top 5 In the East and I'm just not sure how the bench is improved unless you have a proven star.
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    This is a good point and makes me think about what i said earlier, so kudos for bringing it up. As far as Vucevic, yeah he is great trade value but can management survive trading him? It would have to signal at least a small rebuild. Which i could handle but our management could get fired and regular fans wouldn't understand. I wanted Vooch gone years ago, but now it just doesn't make sense. His contract shrinks every year and he is one of the longest tenured Magicians ever. The fact he became the unquestioned best player on our team kinda helps. So i say no go, it's pretty obvious we are gonna run it back anyway. I love playing with trade machines and i can't for the life of me find a good trade for Vucevic.
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    I need to disagree here. Miami has been crushing it in recent years in their scouting and development. Nunn, Herro, Robinson and Bam have all far outplayed their projections. Is that luck? I don’t think so. There’s a clear pattern and program in place in Miami that is better than what we have in Orlando. I’m still hopeful for the WeltHam regime but that’s based on their history not their production thus far in Orlando.
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    I agree with the general sentiment of a lot of this post but just a couple of things: Buddy Hield is about 100 days younger than Evan Fournier. He's not young, he entered the league at 24. Bamba is never going to be anything like Jokic. And nobody else in the league is anything like Jokic really. Honestly Vuc is one of the closest guys out there in terms of a 7 footer who can shoot, post up and pass. (Though he's not nearly as good a passer on the move and he can't handle nearly as well). But I think it's a mistake to look at Jokic and think 'all Centers need to be like that' teams win in so many different ways and trying to copy Jokic who is a legit 1 of 1 player is only going to end badly. Aminu isn't really injury prone. This is the worst injury he's ever had. Before this season he averaged like 74 games a season. I get why you'd want him gone but I don't think 18 games is a long enough time to evaluate him. There's every chance he'll be a solid player next year and an asset moving forward.
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    Pat Riley has even said he didn't expect Bam Adebayo to be this good of a player. Theres some luck right there. You don't think there's any luck involved in picking up a guy as a UFA who averaged 9PPG in college and him being one of the best movement shooters on the planet? You don't think there's any luck involved in Dwayne Wade having a locker next to Butler in Chicago, and that during the course of their conversations it impressed Butler and then he had such a bad time culture wise at his next two teams that he remembered their conversation and wanted to play for the Heat? You don't think there's any luck in the fact that Jusuf Nurkic got injured meaning Portland needed a center which enabled Miami to trade Hassan Whiteside's terrible contract in order to make room for Butler? You don't think there's any luck that a 34 year old Goran Dragic is playing the best basketball of his entire career in the playoffs of a season during which he barely even started? Why is the chance Chuma Okeke is a star any less than the chance Bam Adebayo was a star? They were both selected with picks in the teens and we've not even seen him play yet. (And to be clear I'm not saying he is or will be a star but you can't act like it was inevitable Bam was a star but there's slim chance Okeke is a star when they were a similar calibre of prospect) Miami 'made it happen' in the sense that they cleared cap room to sign Jimmy Butler. But let's not pretend that they didn't have a hell of a lot of luck to get to that point. Pat Riley is a great executive but he's not a god.
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    I am fairly certain that is not what is being said. I have to agree with CT that we have had plenty of trouble getting and keeping free agents so turfing Vuc as much as it sucks from an overall basketball perspective is what would look better to others around the league at the time. We don't have the luxury to wheel and deal like the Magic culture would definitively better us and attract people. Doesn't mean we can't trade them, but not valuing guys as assets and letting people walk is clearly not the team's MO now. I didn't want it to be this way either. A couple of years before and we had no culture to speak of and I guess the option was there more to just divest themselves of everything. I think we acknowledge Vuc's contract year probably was the nail in the coffin that we wouldn't blow it up. The playoff berths are worth something to ownership, the players involved and honestly the city too. I go through periods of patience and impatience, but having a fire sale a couple of years back may have just made us look more like the Kings, Wolves and the pre-Lacob Warriors instead of paying off any better than our current situation
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    Wrecking our culture was one of the main concerns I expressed when we decided to tank. At the time, very few agreed with me. They debated the idea that there was even such a thing as a “team culture”. The argument was that if you draft a great player, you have instant culture. Maybe that’s even true with a generational talent but as we have learned the hard way, they aren’t so easy to come by. And if you don’t get one and you ruin the team competitiveness, there isn’t much left.
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    That block on Tatum was ....