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    Unsure where this nonsense about we have too many forwards keeps coming from, we essentially have AG, Isaac and nothing else of note. We lack massively on wing depth. This allows us to have a nice 3 man 3/4 rotation sorted by adding a solid two way player that fits the ethos of the front office in that he can defend multiple positions and he can score the ball as an added bonus. The 2020 draft is loaded at the 2 spot as well so can quite easily target one in the next draft. It's very clear that the FO are aiming to have a solid lineup/team ready for the 2020/2021 season. They've said numerous times that they won't rush it. For me it's going to be hugely dependent on what they manage to do with Fournier's contract after next season and also on what Fultz actually is. Does that mean we could be worse next season, yes it does but I'm fine taking a small step back for a year in order to have a chance at sustained success with a pretty solid core that should keep developing and improving over time.
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    Who’s excited for Jeff Turner shouting “Oh-Key-Three!!!”?!
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    I mean, most mocks have Okeke late first into the second rd. I don't understand this pick at 16 overall especially considering he's injured and may not play this season at all. I'm just not getting this pick at all
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    Feel like a trade down was possible there. IDK
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    Just cause it hasn't been thrown out there. I can't wait for the meltdown after we select none of the players that have been mentioned for the last couple months lol.
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    I will cheer any move that involves shedding Fournier. Get rid of Fournier Don't re-sign Vuc Keep Ross Find a competent starting 2 that fits our mold Find a competent starting 5 that fits our mold til Bamba is ready A recipe to make The Boss very happy.
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    If Clarke was that good he’d be a top 3 pick
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    I wish we could swap out Brogdon for Fournier.
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    Maybe next time add the “very much” after the thank you.
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    My favorite part of that trade is there's literally no reason for Chris Paul to be involved in it. Even if the guys entire premise is correct, we're giving Memphis everything in the deal. Why wouldn't we just take Conley? Conley is the better player on a better contract and a better fit.
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    Yeah I look forward to seeing a quicker pace. Let B.I.G. do their thing! Hopefully Fultz can bounce back too.
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    Cudo's out to Mauro Pedroso who, I think it was him, said that when we zig then our FO zags. His as the call of the night. No one saw this one coming but we have another player who was headed to be a lottery pick before the injury. One expert had him the 9th best player. So we hope for a full recovery. I like the risk vs reward potential. If he can return to his old self what a front court lineup we will have and versatility I want to know how we kept this such a secret. 6'8" and 230--no weight problem here. This pick will make for an exciting and interesting free agency period. When it is all said and done I read last year that our FO was pointing to the summer of 2020 in free agency. and this pick may affirm that plan.
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    Ryan Anderson with defense
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    We better not draft another god damn big we need wings
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    Man that's why I watch the draft. Kids living their dreams. Special stuff. Someone was chopping onions in here watching that Zion interview.
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    Yea man. I am missing your vids..
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    if we salary dump Evan, stretch Mozgov, and renounce our other non-important FAs (not Birch), can we make a play for Brogdon?
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    No no no no. Washington gets ag, Bamba, 16, 2020 unprotected pick Minnesota gets Beal We get Wiggins.
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    I go back and forth with this, mainly because of salary cap issues; waiving Vuc doesn't get us his $19M cap hold as space, it just brings us down around the actual cap. Assuming we guarantee Iwundu, re-sign Ross ($15M) and Birch ($2M), waive Vuc, Grant, Martin, etc. and waive/stretch Mozgov; that will leave us somewhere around $14M to fill out the rest of the roster. We could use all of that to make an offer to Dedmon (or comparable), and then fill spots 13, 14 and/or 15 with minimum contracts. Since Birch is a RFA, we have the option to match any offer, but that would cut into our CAP space to sign free agents. I tried to use reasonable numbers to get us a fair idea of where we can get to. 2019-20 Season Salary Cap Management Player Cap Figure Aaron Gordon (24) $19,863,636 Evan Fournier (26) $17,000,000 Terrence Ross (28) $15,000,000 Markelle Fultz (21) $9,745,200 D.J. Augustin (31) $7,250,000 Jonathan Isaac (21) $5,806,440 Mohamed Bamba (21) $5,697,600 16th Pick @ 120% $3,117,000 Khem Birch (27) $2,000,000 Wesley Iwundu (24) $1,618,520 Melvin Frazier (23) $1,416,852 Sub-Total $88,515,248 2019-20 Dead Cap C.J. Watson $333,333 Timofey Mozgov $5,573,333 Sub-Total $5,906,666 2019-20 Cap Holds Incomplete Roster $897,158 Sub-Total $897,158 Cap Type Active Roster Cap $88,515,248 Dead Money $5,906,666 Cap Holds $897,158 Total Salaries $95,319,072 2019 NBA Cap Max $109,000,000 Actual Cap Max Space $13,680,928 Under contract would be: 1) Augustin/Fultz 2) Fournier/Ross 3) Isaac/Iwundu/Frazier 4) Gordon 5) Bamba/Birch and 16th pick.
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    Yah, bad comparison for a worse joke prospect name, my bad. there’s some rumors that the Knicks are gonna go Garland at 3. If New Orleans is still selling 4, I’m interested if that happens. I think RJ has a good chance to be the best player in this draft