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    You really don't see athleticism and fluidity? Athleticism Fluidity Athleticism and fluidity Fluidity Athleticism Bonus: passing vision And I wish I had more clips of his passing because it's very likely he's the best passer on the team. He's got a quick first step and stop/start ability that creates a ton of space against defenders. And he's a good defensive player who does a really good job getting through screens. He's averaging 2 steals per game so far in the preseason. If we had to cut someone you'd cut MCW first. He's 28. He's a situational role player. We gave him a one year minimum contract for a reason. He's defense only and isn't likely to get better. Next you cut DJ because he's a 32 year old player on an expiring contract who doesn't fit our long term plans or our overall team building thesis. Fultz is 21 and would be an upgrade overall over MCW if all he can be is a backup and never got better than he is today. But he's also got the ingredients in his game that gives him franchise player upside and his ceiling is going to be dependent on his offensive efficiency.
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    he blocks rebounds and can shoot. I would not discount birch.
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    (With my best Kevin Heart Voice, but dead serious.) Fultz let us reason... You are too good of a player. I rather you go 1 for 15 shooting. Shooting every open shot you get, than for you to pass up another open shot... The next time Trae Young or any player stands at the free throw line, about 5 feet away, your better pull that freakin trigger, or if I'm the coach, I am benching you. Don't let people disrespect you like that... You are a pro Fultz. You are too hard of a worker. You need to trust your game. You hear me. Remember you said kill everyone. Not me. Show them 23.2 ppg, .41% 3p%, 47% fg%. Dont piss me off. Kill everyone. Remember, who you are. Number one pick in the draft... straight up baller. You have been shooting your whole life. Dont play with me. I am not a pro - nowhere near one. I did not play in college. I did not train all summer. I did not work with shooting coaches. I did not put the work in you did. I did not harbor, for 2 years all the doubters and naysayers. But you know what, I am taking that open shot. I am making that open that shot, because that is what I do. And, IF I miss and I am open again. Smoke and fire, I am gunning. I promise you that, why, because I am freakin open. I am gunning all day long and I wish a n@#$%a would say something. Especially in pre freakin season. What in the hell are you doing Fultz? It is preseason. Get your rhyme. Jake up shots. (Particularly, after you initiated the offense and the ball swings your way again.) YOU BETTER take that shot - hands down... man down... Kill everyone.... Fultz. I need you to trust your work. I need you to trust the countless shoots you have taken. I need you to be a little selfish during preseason, because in the long run, it is better for the team. If you start hitting your shot. There is no stopping us in the east. The Pacers, the Heat, the Pistons, the clawless Raptors, and the Durantless Nets, can all kick rocks and go home this spring. But it starts now... today.... Not tomorrow... not next year.... right the HELL now.... With your shot. One shot at a time, one game at time, one minute at a time. I have faith in you... You are too dang good. Now if you go 1 for 50... Do not ever take another shot in your life, BUT I bet you hit more than that today. You have my permission in the PRESEASON to gun.... You can tell the coach, I gave you permission. Now go be Magic.... We watchin...
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    I believe in Birch like he's my son. Super underrated. His jumper, especially
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    When I say lack of Effort (for a big man), I mean this: I dont see the active hands, Showing big in the paint getting deflections and quick on rotation. When you close out or rotate, your hand is not high. You just through throw your hand low to cover there eyes (what?). (he gave up a three this way last game.) You dont challenge shots like that when you are 7'1. I dont see you beating your man to the spot on the low post block. I dont see you beating your man on the break to get dunks. Rotations are slow. Second effort on rebounds are not there. You dont achieve hassle stats like blocks, steals/deflections, rebounds and block outs (giving up rebounds). What people need to remember. Mo bamba beat john wall and russell westbrooks in the speed test in the draft combine. There is no reason he cant beat the other big in transition constantly, if he had the motor. These are the things I watch for on the tape. He did great in game 2. He was horrible in game 3.
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    I agree. Too early to judge. He needs mins. Sad thing is wes mins will get cut but him and McW have looked good.
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    We were 23-16 at home and 17-24 on the road
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    I figured Fournier would come back down to earth once he was back to playing NBA caliber basketball.
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    I see what you did there... B.I.G in the starting line-up
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    Again I haven't watched a preaseason game so forgive me if this isn't the case but being out of position or slow to the spot can also be an indication of not understanding where to be or how to read what is going on (young player issue not lack of effort). Having your hands up on the perimeter is an asy way to get beat with a pumpfake provided the offensive player still has a dribble. This is also how 99% of basketball players defend a jumpshot. Bamba also led our team in blocks last year until he was hurt. All of this just seems overblown. These same things were said last year and everyone wanted to trade him. Preseason game 2 comes around and it's all praises and someone on here even mentions something to the effect of "do you guys still want to trade bamba? What a game!" Let's give him some time and not be so quick to react game in and game out. He's young he is going to be inconsistent from game to game.
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    but in the pros, you have to have a bad memory. because you may not get another open shot that possession. 24 sec clock.
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    Mo bamba had one of those bad games that cost us early last year. He needs to work on effort and motor. These areas are hard to improve on. Normally, you either have it or you dont. This is one of the reason kim was better last year than Mo. Coach will have a big decision, because Kim is better than Mo today. But Mo needs the reps to develop. The only thing Mo has done constantly for me is shoot. He has surprised me in that area. He just is hot and cold too much.
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    Horrible and jerky, he's not smooth at all. It looks like set shots from beyond the arc are very difficult for him. Why? I am not sure. It could be the shoulder being stiff or maybe he just has to workout his shooting form for consistency. Any other shots (fadeaways, floaters, pull ups) are all fine and pretty smooth for the most part. *EDIT* I imagine that not being able to shoot correctly because of muscles/nerve issues for months (in this case almost two years) would affect your shooting form and it will take a while to get back to normal if hes just recently healthy again.
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    Magic are gonna be fun to watch this year. The defense is smothering. Everyone is foaming at the mouth here in anticipation of great things to come. I can certainly smell a 50 win season brewing.
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    If MCW could shoot he’d be an all star
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    strange situation on the espn box score... a chuma okeke line appears seemingly at random
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    Carlos Arroyo has my vote.
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    Fultz is Peyton 2.0. His shot from distance is nowhere near being a reliable piece of his repertoire. I wanted to see something more than that in the first two games but objectively, it is what it is. This team is going to be formidable but Fultz will just be a 2nd unit guy that will give solid minutes and ball distribution. I don’t see much more and yes, I’m making this assessment after 2 pre-season games.
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    No, this post was strictly about “gunning”.
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    as a guard you must shot when your open and the man is leaving open by 5 feet. You need to shot the open shot every time. Especially in preseason. Not sure what you dont understand. I am not telling him to shot when challenged or from half court. I am telling him to shot when wide open. You needs to gun or shot freely when that wide open.
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    After 3 games of pre-season...if you were told you had to cut 1 of 3 players that include DJ, MCW and Fultz, which one would it be? No context...no extrapolation...just results that you've seen from each. I want to believe in Fultz but I'm not seeing what a lot of folks on here are with him. Even if I took his 3 point shooting, which is obviously abysmal right now, I just don't see all this athleticism and fluidity with the ball in his hands. What am I missing?