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    Spectrum Center - Charlotte, NC Friday, January 14th at 7:00 P.M. TV: Bally Sports FL 23-19, 2nd in Southeast Division | 7-35, 5th in Southeast Division WE'VE GOT THIS! JUST WATCH! GO-O-O MAGIC!
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    Our full strength second string would be Suggs, Harris, Ross, Okeke, Bamba They would obliterate the g league players. Stop it lol
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    And when I fought that I was the one having the lowest opinion on Nik...!!! :D
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    So if you swap these two players are the teams going to play much different? I am pretty sure Bulls would be still a top 3 team in the East and Magic one of the worst…and by the way I also think that Wendell is better than Vuc as well :)
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    Wiggins is 3rd in all-star voting after spending a little time with great players and coaches. Circumstances matter a lot. And I'm famous for being somewhat humorous in my posts but I really don't see how Mo and Vuc are that different when it comes to talent.
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    The most important stat on Chet. I am Groot says Chet is still a twig.
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    American Airlines Center - Dallas, TX Saturday, January 15th at 9:30 P.M. TV: Bally Sports FL 23-19, 2nd in Southwest Division | 8-35, 5th in Southeast Division THIS WILL BE GO MAGIC!
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    Im struggling to look past Chet. I know. I know. I already know all your objections about his frame and how he might end up being another Isaac and trust me I've had all these arguments with myself... I just also think he's supremely talented.
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    Love Mo’s energy and he didn’t just jack up threes. And Mauro, I would take this Mo any day over Vooch. Great to see Suggs again, he really knows how to play team basketball
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    As much as I would have liked Reddish, and have my preservations about our front office, it could be that ATL didn't want to trade him within the division...
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    Thank you, Soul Bro. Right now I'm in tears. Of course I'm deeply saddened by the devastating and sudden loss of my brother, but the tears are also for the outpouring of love and prayers from my fellow TBN message board members. I truly feel the love.
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    Thanks, alwaystragic. Your kind words and caring means a lot to me at a time of my loss.
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    Thanks, Mauro. I appreciate the love you send at this time. I certainly need it.
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    Now is the beginning of a new long game, but let's not forget they were in charge of the Evaluation Years too, with contracts like the Aminu one and a bolted salary sheet. It's not like they were just hired 15 months ago... Extensions to Isaac and Fultz were also risky and not exactly cheap, considering the injury risk involved. I haven't suggested to fire them, but I'm not convinced by them either, like I'm not convinced by their choices for the coaching job... Clifford first, too much old style and conservative, and Mosley now... jury is still up, but a few bad signals already, like other members usually point out in the game threads.
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    Only if they play as a team. Harris and Ross have been wildly inconsistent this year. So has Bamba. But that’s not what I said in my post anyway. I said we’ve had better results this year compared to our usual second string. Our usual second string so far this year is not that five. Bamba Okeke and Suggs were mostly starting when healthy.
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    Actually we’ve had better results with half our team being Lakeland guys than with our regulars. I prefer Lakeland as our second string vs our usual second string. At least they play disciplined and cohesive ball.
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    Suggs playing tonight. let's hope he used his down time to work on his... everything.
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    For the record, I wouldn’t trade 7 firsts for Brown. However, I think it’d take more than you’re suggesting. Cole is raw but has flashed, and Isaac has virtually no value right now given his injury situation. Either way, we don’t have the kind of offer the Celtics would be seeking, as I think they want to compete now and not in the future.
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    Don’t think Brown is nearly that good and that PG package didn’t work out well. That’s not the way to build a winner. Do we like Cole Anthony or not? Brown doesn’t fit unless we send Anthony out. A combo of Anthony, Isaac, and this years pick should be more than enough to get a Brown-level or better return.
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    When O'keke takes a shot, I just accept it misses. We need to drop the dude.
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    The Magic are running so hard to do nothing. . . and immediately jacking up 3 pt shots, only to miss.
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    This backs up the eye test. Okeke is not very good to say the least. He gets the ball and has NO plan at all. Dribbles to nowhere, jumps to pass, which should never happen, not very athletic, not even talking about his horrific shooting. I would ship him and Bamba out of town asap we would become instantly better just by their removal but wait, management can’t have that.