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    This team is so much fun watch. Light years from the Evan and vooch show.
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    As currently constructed, yeah he is the star. Nothing wrong with that, the kid has more alpha in him then any of the players we had the last ten years. We blew the team up last year. We had too! i challenge anyone to debate that. Go look and see how Vucevic,Gordon, and Evan are doing this year. That being said the early returns look good. All the smart people know we were going to lose a lot of game this year. And the first year of a true rebuild we need that pick! I like the draft we had, obviously everyone likes Franz and Suggs will come around. All the young players look like they have potential. None of the contracts are unmovable. Future is bright and the games are kinda fun to watch!
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    Monday, November 22nd at 8:00 P.M. Fiserv Forum - Milwaukee, WI TV: Bally Sports FL 9-8, 2nd in Central Division | 4-13, 5th in Southeast Division LET'S GO MAGIC!
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    Oh my hatred goes way back to the Ray Allen days and before. Just seems like a team that we can never beat. So, it’s not reasonable hate, but hate nonetheless
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    *raises hand* I am committed and have to because I posted the game thread starter. Can't leave 'em hanging, can I? haha :)
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    Glad I didn't see this one... I wouldn't be bothered by the Fultz stuff if we didn't get those summer videos. Isaac stuff is going to be a nightmare for all involved. How can you hate the Bucks though? Jealous I get it; I am too lol. Can't hate them though. Organic improvement; decent organisation; remained patient and it paid off.
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    I don’t want anyone playing 40+ minutes unless it’s a meaningful game, definitely not in the regular season especially with our injury history. I hope rj and chuma really show up tonight, this is the night to do that with Harris, and especially Cole out, there should be a lot more touches for them.
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    I’m actually excited to see Mulder get big minutes. Kid can play
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    As I said in Saturday night's game, we need to give Robin Lopez more minutes in a match up against Giannis. When Lopez entered the game with the 3rd group off the bench, he did a very good job of not allowing Giannis to muscle his way in the paint to make easy layups and dunks. As CTmagicUk said in the other game thread, Lopez played Giannis tight with his body vertical. I think Lopez should be subbed in--in more games because I think he does a better job defending than Bamba. Mo is a shot blocker and can shoot 3's occasionally, but that's it. We need a lock down defender under the basket.
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    I guess they’re making a few changes to try and reduce traveling but I agree with you; this seems odd. Thank you for the thread TMF
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    I don’t ever remember playing a team two times in a row at their place and especially not the NBA champs. Boy the league really hates the Magic!
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    Cole, whether you like it or not, IS the star of this team! No rebuild needed if Ji can come back healthy and franz and Suggs get more experience. That’s your core. I’d also throw in RJ (becoming my fav) and maybe Fultz depending health
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    Same for defensive protection of the painted area/blocks I fear, even if I haven't checked those adv stats. Just a sensation. I think it's good to keep one of them for the future (and FO seem to have made their choice already with the contract extension) but not both of them, too similar now that WCJ is shooting 3's too.
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    Defensive rebounding doesn't seem to be a huge strength of either Bamba or WCJ.
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    And until he doesn't, I would like coach too to tell him to limit some of those... Without Cole, it's going to have the ball more in his hands, I would like to see him more focused on creating and having a better shot selection, considering his %.
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    My bad I read that previous post the wrong way. Still Okeke at the 2 wouldn’t work and until JI comes back he should be starting at the 3, Franz at the 4, WCJ should play the 5, and Bamba needs to move to the bench.
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    RJ isn’t playing nearly enough. He needs to get pretty much all of Harris’ minutes.
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    Great fight, tough to win when your playing 5 on 8. Man, I hate watching James Harden bastardize basketball. Good thing tonight is Suggs’ shot starting to fall early. I appreciated that his effort didn’t wane on D and he still looked to make the best play even when he was hot. First quarter was the best we’ve looked all season. Something to build off of for sure. Also, it’s time to start Chuma at the 4. I honestly don’t care which of WCJ or Bamba start next to him. on to the next one. Go Magic!
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    Now that effort by Bamba is why I want to keep him. Lolololo. the NBA really sucks, refs are paid to do a job, and that is to take care of the stars no matter what. Disgusting
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    I agree. I just wish the players would spare me their take on Politics / World events. I could care less, I watch you play a game, I'm not tuning in for your opinion. Like you said it's an escape from reality.
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    I meant if he had made one more of the 12 he had taken. His shooting has been bad so far but we are talking about the first 10-15 games of his pro career. His form looks good and he appears to be a great competitor. I would not draw any conclusions about his shooting yet. It’s way too early.