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    The problem with this FO is they are always evaluating instead of trying to improve this team. We saw that happen with the Vuc, Fournier, and AG era and with the multiple 2nd round draft picks we traded instead of trying to find the talent to help our 2nd unit get better. Then we go sign 2 way players who have no upside whatsoever and don’t address the glaring hole at the point guard position. We have been miss managed for long enough and I’m tired of it. Sure they did well with the Banchero and Franz picks but it was about time they finally did something right after failing repeatedly with our asset management.
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    Keyonte George, 6'4 guard, can really shoot it.
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    This is pretty much exactly what I have been saying. That Giannis pick is the only reason these dinosaurs have a job still. They just continue to “evaluate” and kick the van down the road. Shooting and a competent Point guard is what we are desperate for. Yet they’re happy to play the Harris’s, Dwayne Bacons and Schofields of the world 40 mins a night. They have to go. Been horrid
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    Jet Howard or Gradey dick with Bulls pick. Then with our first we need a Scoot, NSJ or Keyonte George
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    Random reflection: Fournier is now out of the rotation in NY. Thank goodness we didn't re-sign him.
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    Soul being the one to start this thread and not me is a sign of my improved restraint as I age lol. Jett Howard is the most Magic player to ever exist. Michigan. 6'8. Also happens to be a great shooter and the son of his coach Juwan. Snagging him with the Bulls pick seems fun and probably likely to happen given this FOs love of Michigan prospects.