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    Petition to change our name to the Orlando Potentials or Orlando Very Optimistics or Orlando Bright Futures
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    A trade built around Utah's Mike Conley & Isaac, with some picks thrown in might work. Might need another player or two on either side to make the numbers work. Brings us the back-court help we need, and a veteran that would probably be okay moving to the bench in the next year or so.
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    The real problem is once we knew Fultz and Harris were going to miss the start of the season, along with the schedule we knew October was going to be brutal. Just not worst team in the league bad. We are the worst team in the league, pretty much no debate. However i do find the games much more enjoyable to watch.....until the fourth quarter. We need some veterans on the team! NBA has changed a lot with the 3 point shot but one thing that hasn't changed, vets win fourth quarters. The other thing is a hot shooting team beats anyone with the 3 ball being shot 30-40 times a game. This is what is going on in San Antonio,Utah and Portland. The starting team is 3 very young players and two vets who are not stars. That doesn't win in the NBA unless the two vets are the stars and the young players are specialists or future stars. Bench is hot garbage because of injuries, despite some moments from Bol Bol. Yes I think Paolo and Franz will have future all-star appearances but it's not a team constructed very well. I'm with everyone else now, i cannot blame injuries anymore when the front office sticks by guys for years. How many years is this team not going to acquire a real point guard? How come other teams get the 3 point shooters? Not even talking about the next coming of Klay Thompson or Steph Curry, just any of the 3 point specialists who go from team to team. Here are the players all listed. Get to work Magic GM's https://www.basketball-reference.com/leagues/NBA_2022_totals.html#totals_stats::fg3a We can't draft shooters, we don't get the Banes or Vassells or Simons or anyone. We don't get the specialists like Seth Curry or Mills. We don't even get the low key guys like Devonte Graham or Alec Burks. Did you know Burks has shot over 40% from the 3 point line for 3 years straight? The Pistons are not even playing him right now.
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    Bol Bol is one of the most bizarre and beautiful story lines in the entire NBA right now. I was 100% wrong about him. I’m curious whether he can stay healthy.
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    Fultz is only 1 PG. When he is out we have none. We really need to make a trade and get a PG or 2. Cya' Mo!
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    From Deadspin article: Ten players that teams in the 'Lose-O-Rama for Wembanyama' should ship By Lee Escobedo Oct 25, 2022 @ 1:05AM JI has struggled to stay healthy and produce to his $17 million per year contract. The Magic’s young core has passed him, and he is now the odd-man out in Orlando, as Wagner and Ross have supplanted him at the three. With his outspoken conservative views, he has ostracized himself from the majority sentiments of the league, making it hard for him to be desired by other teams. Since he has already appeared on Fox News as a commentator, it’s likely that will be his next expedited gig if no other team shows interests. Best Contender Fits: Fox News