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    I was actually talking about this season’s standings haha. But yes, I’d trade our entire roster for theirs in a heartbeat
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    I'm hoping Vuc looks so good Ainge thinks he's watching the second coming of McHale and trades us Brown, Rozier, and a first rounder
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    I think the point old mate is making here, and a right one at that, is that Atlanta started their rebuild 5 years after us and are already better with better young prospects. Why I think we need to trade Ross, Vooch and hit draft big time. We can get a back court with two lottery picks this year ( like Atlanta did with Young/Huerter) then it makes the future so much more exciting
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    Yeah, but you gotta make the salaries match. Only fair way would be Holiday and Davis for Mozgov, Fournier, Vucevic and Ross. Even then, I don’t know if that’s a fair trade for us. Would ask for like 3 future 1sts as well... :)
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    We didn’t even need the first evaluation year. It was clearly obvious. Sounds like they were just buying time
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    If we were able to get Johnson and a pick for Ross from the pelicans and then get Rozier Yabu Baynes and one of their picks for Vuc, I’d try to trade both of those picks, fournier and Simmons and birch for Beal After all the trades it would end up like this http://www.espn.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=y8hknygc Rozier/Dj Beal/Whoever we draft Isaac/Iwundu AG/Yabu Bamba/Baynes Sign a few cheap bench guys and we got a squad
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    he is a Excellent scout no doubting that.
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    1. It's hard to develop guys when you have had incompetent point guard play 2. It's hard to develop guys when you run an old offensive system due to personnel Looking back, I wish we never had moved on from Jameer and JJ. Yes, I loved Harris, but the presence of those two and their style of play would have meant the world for a young team.
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    I’m not sure if the Mavs would just keep outbidding us, but I don’t think the Hawks would care whether they received the 5th or the 6th pick because none of the teams were interested in Trae Young. Dallas already had DSJ I do think we should have made more of an effort to get him, being so devoid of talent. I always thought he was the safest and most NBA ready pick, even if I like(d) Trae more long term
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    Crikey if we can get New Orleans first for Ross we should all be volunteering to drive him to the airport
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    Doncic is the real deal top quality special man. Wow. I'm slightly pissed we didn't trade up for him.