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OFFICIAL GAME THREAD - Magic @ Pistons - May 3, 2021

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Yea I don't really know what we can do to tank anymore than we tried to here. 

Cole only played 21 mins

Gary Harris only played 10

WCJ only played 19

We signed Brazdeikis like 2 days ago, played him 32 mins and he was actually pretty good. 

Mo Wagner lead the team in minutes.

Like how do we tank any harder than this? RJ Hampton and Randle were both good. Bamba got buckets even though he was getting torched on defense.

The Pistons didn't even try and win the game at the end. Down 6 with the ball and 30ish seconds left they didn't even call a play and let Diallo dribble around until he bricked a 20 footer. 

We just got out tanked. 

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To be clear a lineup of 

28 year old 2 way PG Chasson Randle

19 year old rookie who was a pick in the mid 20s RJ Hampton

Recently waived in his second year in the league and signed like 2 days ago Ignas Brazdeikis

4th NBA team in 3rd year in the league Moritz Wagner

And gets torched in pick and roll on every possession Mo Bamba

Played 16+ straight minutes to close that game out. And we still won. 

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   I only want the number one pic because i don't think they can screw it up this year. The most important thing is picking the right player. If we had picked Shai-Gilgis Alexander during the Bamba draft this could be an entirely different team today. It's not even hindsight. We were coming off a year where CJ Watson,Shelvin Mack and DJ were on the roster. Only DJ was signed and he had been hurt alot. Then we picked up McW. We needed a point guard that draft. Once we missed out on Trea they panicked and just went with BPA and their weird fetish for length.

In short, they better get the pick right. 


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