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2020 Official Off-Season Thread

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23 minutes ago, hootie249 said:

  Two things i see from this tweet. Number 1, why can't we have Desmond Bane ,lol! Number 2 incoming Celtics trade. 

Desmond Bane doesn't play for the Celtics.

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47 minutes ago, The Neighborhood Bully said:

mediocre role player would be an improvement from last year's MLE signing

   The funny thing about the Aminu signing, it was almost prescient. Turned out we needed a forward because of injuries, but he was the first one!

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13 minutes ago, Jay Magic said:


Lol I mentioned this guy seemed like someone Weltman and Hammond would like in a post in the draft thread. Presume he'd be a 2 way. Definitely worth taking a chance on him developing.

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2 minutes ago, CTMagicUK said:

Dwayne Bacon. 2 years. Wonder what the money is like.

About $5.50 per pound. I like it it, better then having Frazier and the other fringe players we have had. 

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10 hours ago, CTMagicUK said:

Ok so the Tax line is $132.6m

As of right now we have about $119.3m committed to 11 guys (9 returning guys + Chuma + Cole). 

We also have a $1.8m cap hold for the qualifying offer on Gary Clark. 

That gives us roughly $11.5m to spend with 4 open roster spots (not counting Clark because he could still leave which would open back up that extra $1.8m)

With that in mind, as things stand, it's going to be very tricky to use the full MLE. Using it would leave us with 2.3m below the tax with 3 open roster spots. Now we could go into the season with 14 guys but that'd still only be 2.3m + the Clark cap hold split between 2 guys. We could theoretically do Gary Clark for up to  $2.5m a season and then still have room for a 1 year vet minimum deal but paying Clark any more than that would mean we'd need an undrafted free agent as the 14th man (if we did this we could pay Clark up to $3.2m ish a season) and we'd only have 14 guys on the roster.

So as it stands, with present roster construction, I'd suggest it's unlikely we do the full MLE (starting at $9.2m in year 1). 

I actually think all this suggests at some point we'll make a trade which uses up some of those roster spots (i.e. we acquire more players than we send out) - seems likely to be Fournier if the reports are to be believed.

Trading Fournier and getting back an extra player without taking on more salary then means we have $11.5m to spend with 3 open roster spots. You could then do the full MLE, Clark at $2.5m and still have just about the 1 year vet minimum left over to get you to a full 15 man roster if my math is correct.



Presuming Bacon is the minimum that'd be $1.7m in year 1. That leaves $9.8m with 3 open spots. 

Have to wait and see what is reported.

EDIT: Confirmed it's the minimum.

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