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2017-2018 Official Season Discussion Thread

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I was going to move the last couple posts from the last thread over here but I guess I cant do that on this client. See below for our current roster along with hyperlinks to the player's basketball reference page.

Player Pos Ht Wt Birth Date   Exp College
  Nikola Vucevic C 7-0 260 October 24, 1990 ch 6 University of Southern California
  Terrence Ross F-G 6-7 206 February 5, 1991 us 5 University of Washington
  Aaron Gordon F 6-9 220 September 16, 1995 us 3 University of Arizona
  Elfrid Payton G 6-4 185 February 22, 1994 us 3 University of Louisiana at Lafayette
  Mario Hezonja F-G 6-8 215 February 25, 1995 hr 2  
  Bismack Biyombo C-F 6-9 255 August 28, 1992 cd 6  
  D.J. Augustin G 6-0 183 November 10, 1987 us 9 University of Texas at Austin
  Evan Fournier G-F 6-7 205 October 29, 1992 fr 5  
  Jonathan Isaac F 6-10 210 October 3, 1997 us R Florida State University
  Jonathon Simmons G-F 6-6 195 September 14, 1989 us 2 University of Houston
  Wesley Iwundu F 6-7 193 December 20, 1994 us R Kansas State University
  Marreese Speights C-F 6-10 255 August 4, 1987 us 9 University of Florida
  Arron Afflalo G 6-5 210 October 15, 1985 us 10 University of California, Los Angeles
  Khem Birch F 6-9 220 September 28, 1992 ca R University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  Shelvin Mack G 6-3 203 April 22, 1990 us 6 Butler University
  Troy Caupain G 6-4 210 November 29, 1995 us R  
  Kalin Lucas G 6-1 195 May 24, 1989 us 1 Michigan State University
  Damjan Rudez F 6-10 228 June 17, 1986 hr 3


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2 minutes ago, Mauro Pedrosa said:

Just a little advice for whoever's taking care of the forum:

The text inside quotes is way too big on the mobile version of the forum

I'm not sure it's text inside quotes. I think because we can paste items in rich text format it is bringing the fonts used by websites.

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Figured it out. You have to paste as plain text and then it allows for auto embedding.


see below for minute continuation from one year to another. in practice we should have a lower % of returning minutes as certain players will be pushed out of the rotation



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14 minutes ago, Payton4thewin said:


Sounds good. Lets pack it up and go home.


(Seriously, I don't care if the fans don't have playoff expectations, but a player not having playoff expectations? That sounds like defeat already. (I understand that this might be a bit of an overreaction- but it is one thing to think it and another to say it)).

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