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Officially Official Gamethread: MAGIC @ PACERS 11/14/16

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It's a beautiful day in Orlando; which is a shame because our boys are stuck in some backwoods cornfield tonight as they face off against coach Vogel's former Indiana Pacers tonight. It will be interesting to see if the Magic can sustain their momentum hot off the heels of their electrifying last second victory last night in OKC.


I would wager that they can, especially considering Paul George and, on a lesser note, Rodney Stuckey, are listed as inactive tonight. So, if we don't suck, we should be able to leave the cornfield with a victory. I mean, that's how it should be, right? When the other team is missing their best player, a half decent team should be able to pick up a win, right? It's not like some typically pedestrian player is going to have a career night tonight for the Pacers. That would never happen. Especially against the Magic.




Anyway, should be a funtastic night full of adventure.

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