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Rumor Thread for Next GM & Coach


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Brian Shaw will be strong candidates. Malone, who became known as a top-notch defensive coach during his years as an assistant in Cleveland and New Orleans, has already interviewed for the vacant coaching position in Charlotte and would be a candidate in Washington if the Wizards part ways with coach Randy Wittman. Shaw, a former Lakers assistant who was expected to replace Phil Jackson as Lakers head coach before the job went to Mike Brown, is on the Bobcats’ list of candidates but is not known to have interviewed yet.


via sam amick

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Where is the "anyone but Mike D'Antoni" choice?


I'd be happy with either of the top two options on either poll. Nate McMillian would be really good too, I've never heard any player have a problem with him.


Basically, the Portland Trailblazers would be right there with OKC right now if Brandon Roy and Greg Oden didn't implode with their injuries (or of course, they WOULD be OKC if they just would of drafted Durant instead Oden, but that's a different story). So, anyone from that organization at the time like Kevin Pritchard or McMillian, I'd be happy with.


Best case scenario head coach wise, Phil Jackson comes in as head coach, and Brian Shaw comes in as his top assistant again. Then when Phil calls it quits, Shaw can slide right in. Pipe dream, I know, but that's what Summer is for. :shard:

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