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  1. Magic Sign Jason Maxiell

    Veteran presence who could be trade bait later on. Not a bad move, especially if Glen is out for an extended period of time. Does this move show a lack of faith in Nicholson?
  2. NBA Offseason 2013 Thread

    Boston won't be as bad as us. Rondo is still there, Green can play some, Marswag might be able to shoot? CLee isn't horrible (just very average) and it looks like Olynyk has game. Toronto won't be as bad as us either. Same with Atlanta. Also think Zeller/Jefferson will make Charlotte better Phoenix, Milwaukee, Kings, and Philly will be our "top competitors" I think.
  3. If you're saying she won't still be a knockout at the end of that deal, I must disagree.
  4. It's summer league. Only things that really have been worrisome In my opinion are how bad Moe's shot form looks. Literally looks like a 10 year old trying to shoot with one hand just pushing the ball towards the rim. Finally looked like he found a shot last year but god his form and the shots themselves look bad. Secondly, Nicholson just looks like a guy who is too much of a liability and ball stopper to really utilize. He's good decent post moves but he's not quick with them or overpowering. His defense and rebounding are both atrocious and he seems unwilling to pass out of the post. Is the 10-12 points he'll get you on a good night worth getting the offense stuck in the mud and playing 4v5 defensively? Otherwise, hard to take it all seriously.
  5. I want to see Oladipo explode to the rim today the way Russell does (for those making that comparison) or even Reggie Jackson. Vic has an unreal vertical but just seems like (and maybe it's just hesitancy playing a new position) he's not exploding towards the rim and seems to be trying to bump into contact and play below the rim. Maybe I've overestimated his athleticism but would like to see a few more highlight plays than just dip head, lean in, throw up shot, go to line. It is summer league after all. Put someone on a poster. And Kelly Olynyk again just has a ridiculous offensive game. Can score from everywhere.
  6. I'm staying on that bandwagon forever. But jesus, Jackson was actually good today, didn't expect that at all.
  7. Can't help but think how much better a position the Thunder would've been in with Maynor instead of Jackson. He is really bad.
  8. Daniel Orton looks in shape which is, well, surprising. And Reggie Jackson is still bad.
  9. More an indictment on Wall's attitude just based on the handful of Kentucky fans I know. For the most part, they all look upon him negatively. Diva, would yell at the crowd even at home. All second information but if the picture they've painted for me is true, I just don't see him being a guy we'd bring in considering the type of player we've acquired. Maybe I'm wrong though and Wall is a tremendous talent.
  10. Don't see Wall ever being a Hennigan guy. We may take some Calipari guys but I don't think they will be the "look at me" Noel and Wall types. Watching us run the break yesterday, Kasey Hill would just be too much fun with our wings.
  11. NBA Offseason 2013 Thread

    Glen provides leadership and is a fantastic help defender. Think he has a role on this team. Who's he taking time away from? The greatness that is Nicholson and his senior home game? I understand wanted Tobias to play more but can't he play the wing with Vic or Moe? Heck, put Vic at point, Moe at the 2, and let Tobias play the 3 in some situations. His contract is manageable and think he has intangible qualities that can help the team. Would much rather see Afflalo and his "im pissed I'm playing the 3 so I'm going to refuse to shoot" bull shipped out of town.
  12. Am I the only one who thought Maurice looked even more athletic? The two dunks he threw down he got up quicker than I saw him get up last year. Maybe athletic isn't the right word but rather more explosive, quicker? Again though, he needs to stay engaged defensively. Let his man cut back door and drift away from him too many times. When he was on-ball though it seemed like he gave everyone fits. O'Quinn is solid and produced good numbers in extended time last year. Would like to see more twin tower looks with him and Nik considering both have shown the ability to step out and his a jumper.
  13. Feel like Osby's been our best player today. Really impressed. Moe falls asleep defensively way too often.
  14. Not our guy but Kelly Olynyk's offensive arsenal is incredible. Wish we had a true point on the summer league team. Dipo looks really good but he's not a point guard and having him play there takes away from his off-ball strengths. Defensively though, Dipo, Harkless, and Osby are just a firestorm of athleticism. Throw Jones in too. Really hope Dequan makes the team again. Think he's got potential as a defensive guy at the end of the bench.