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    I gotta say even when we are losing games this is the best bad team ive watched in 10 years. The only one close to that was the year we had Tobias....Suggs got that moxie
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    Here’s the thing… I’m tired of the group think when it comes to drafting. How many times have draft experts told us this guy or that guy is going to be the best, only to see him flop or be average? Did anyone have Barnes or Mobley as the top picks last year? Did anyone have Franz in the top 5? My point is I really don’t want us to draft a guy simply because he’s slated to be a top 3 guy. (For the record, all of the top 3 this year scare the heck out of me… starting with Chet. Dude’s a twig and has a very narrow frame. Thus, he’ll struggle to add weight). The bottom line is we need to nail this draft. We’re clearly “developing” (tanking) this year and being ultra conservative with injuries. We can’t afford to swing and miss in the upcoming draft.
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    Yeah but he isn't a center or a forward. Skinny guards are OK to start with if they can already shoot.
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    Hahaha I can barely contain my laughter at work. Maybe we’re not that crazy after all
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    Really good post game interview with the Wagner bro's. Moe making a point to say that the young guys need to stay focused and play a team game when we are losing so much as it's very easy to go away from that and be selfish and play for yourself with all the losing. Hopefully players are getting called out in the locker room when this happens, do not want that **** show under J Vaughan happening again .
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    LOL. Suggs has a big impact in lots of ways for this team. He was talking to Schofield to settle him down after a technical late in the game with the Magic well ahead.
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    Nipped in to say BAD MAN DUNK!! Eat that Derozan
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    Good point, a lot of hopes and possible talent, but nothing really over the top. Also, Byiombo was not going to be good with that contract even without the Ibaka trade, especially if you pay a player a lot to be... Vuc backup.
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    Biyombo could have been good for us if we didn’t make the tragic Ibaka trade. This organization has made so many bad moves, and fast approaching is another trade deadline. Will the Magic fail per usual or surprise everyone and actually succeed??? Fingers crossed!
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    Biyombo has been absolutely killing it for the Suns. He was never a bad player, but that team had a problem that I’m afraid we’ll have again. Too many C- to B- students and no one knows who’s the leader. Too many young guys competing with each other because there’s no clear hierarchy. Bamba, Mo Wagner, Wendell… Fultz, Suggs, Anthony… I have no idea who’ll be better in the long run from either group
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    Sharpe looks impressive in the video, how tall is he? With some muscle put on, he could be something. I would take him over toothpick boy, u know, Chet. Those who would pick twiggy, how can you not see Porzingis, Isaac, or Bamba’s history? How many games have they missed? We need dynamic players that can stay on the floor, period end of discussion.
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    I don’t think Cole and Elfrid are similar on offense. They are both above average rebounders for point guards, but Cole is a much better deep ball shooter. Elf was literally afraid to shoot jump shots when he was here.
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    Ugh. That'd be a waste. It'd be one thing if they were stars, but both guys actually need reps to develop.
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    By the way, Chet is the only “big” from this draft that I’d be interested in. The other guys don’t look like needle movers to me. Just the regular Derrick Williams, Jahlil Okafor, Marvin Bagley, Jabari Parker types
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    drafting for need instead of bpa is always a great idea
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    Before we drafted Isaac I said he was injury prone. As soon as we drafted Isaac I said he looked injury prone. Isaac is injury prone. He's a great player, but I'd take someone not as good that can stay in the game most of the season over him. That being said, Chet is a twig, He looks injury prone. One time of someone like LeBron or Zion running him over and he's done for the season. The NBA is a men's sport. We have to stop drafting skinny kids that are potentially injury prone, and guys that we can hopefully teach how to shoot. When we drafted Bamba, I preferred to reach for SGA, or Sexton. In the 2nd round I wanted Mitchel Robinson. Imagine if we would have gotten SGA and Robinson? Is Melvin Frazier even still in the NBA? Franz was the steal of the draft!!!
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    As you can see i coined this back in october...
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    No sooner do we write off Mo in this forum and then he does this
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    Lowe was actually expecting more than the classic 3&D at the start of the season, and in the last article suggest that other priorities (vd Cole, Wagner) has taken away props from him. https://www.espn.com/nba/insider/insider/story/_/id/32420384/lowe-five-most-intriguing-players-nba-season
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    He'd play the 4 to start with at least. He's a pretty good mover and he processes the game quickly and he's so long whereby even if he's not always the fastest he can make up for it with his positioning and length. If you watch some of his blocks the offense can do everything right, make Chet commit and drop the ball off to the low man and then still get rejected at the rim. Let's say he's a fraction of a second slower comparatively in the NBA he's still probably managing a contest. I don't think Bamba would thrive in playoff basketball where I do think Chet (after a couple of years in the league) has the potential to, precisely because of their differences. Chet plays with a lot of energy, he has enough lateral quickness to handle some late clock switching and he has a lot more to offer on offense besides a stationary catch and shoot guy.
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    I’m 100% with you. Mo Wagner is still young and has plenty of upside. My gut says he’ll be here longer than the other Mo.
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    I agree. What's the harm in giving Mo Wagner more time on the floor? He might be better than we think, and even if he isn't, obviously Lopez isn't the future. I had the same question about Gravett. Are the Magic afraid some of these guys will turn out to be as good as some of the players we're playing now and therefore they'll have difficult personnel decisions? Why are we giving Hampton time at PG instead of Gravett? BTW, Mo Wagner had the best +/- on the team last night at +12. All the starters and Bamba were in the negative double digits.
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    As someone else said about Chuma, he’s meant to be a 3 and D power forward. Given that he’s in year two and playing on a team that’s a mess of a roster right now, we can afford to be patient with him. Bamba, meanwhile, is in year four and still can’t consistently make a positive impact. It’s time we move on, imho.
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    Cole reminds me, also, of Elfrid Payton. He is a streaky shooter like Payton was. Elfrid would turn it on when he wanted to then disappear for a stretch of games. When he was traded to the Phoenix Suns, Elfrid cut his hair to please their fans, but that didn't help him. The fans wanted him gone because he was streaky.